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Looking for SEO Birmingham services? If that’s so, you’ve ended up in the perfect place. Although we are based in Scotland, we offer a range of services that are available across the United Kingdom, including online and offline training.

To find out more about how we can assist you with your digital marketing and search engine optimization endeavours, keep on reading! 

Birmingham SEO services

When it comes to hiring an SEO agency Birmingham can be a very competitive place. It’s one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom, and lots of businesses are located here. 

The issue is that you want to stand out from the crowd and let people hear about you using today’s technology and as low a budget as possible. Well, we believe we can help you with that. Here’s what we can do:

SEO management

Whether you have used a Birmingham SEO specialist before or not, we will work on a strategy that is tailored to your specific needs and the kind of business you run. 

Moreover, we’ll provide consultancy for when you need to find out more about what you have to do on your end to improve your search results. We’ll handle the implementation of the strategy that we agreed on and boost your performance in any search engine. 

SEO audits

Since every client wants to know what they are spending their money on, you will receive monthly reports on our end to see how much of a difference our efforts have made for your company.

We will have to perform an initial audit, however, to see how you are doing in terms of the keywords you are targeting and also compare your performance to that of your competitors. 

Once everything is done on our end, you will receive a list of things that we should tend to and we’ll make sure to discuss their priority with you so that we can start with what’s right. 

On-site optimisation

On-page optimisation can make a huge difference when it comes to how Google and other search engines are capable of crawling your website. If you don’t have a correct structure in place, you risk having pages or posts being virtually undiscoverable. 

We’ll make sure that your content is easily crawlable and we’ll organise it appropriately if it’s not. We’ll also tell you what you should do in the future so as to prevent this problem from occurring again. 

Here are some things that we’ll look at in terms of on-site SEO:

  1. Page speed
  2. URL structure
  3. Meta data 
  4. Duplicate content
  5. Silos

Off-site optimisation

We’ll take a look at the links that you might have acquired yourself or those that some of your competitors might have acquired for (or rather, against) you. This can also happen and it’s called negative SEO

If we discover any shady ones, we’ll do our best at removing them so that your website is seen as ‘clean’ as possible in Google’s eyes. 

Outreach and link building

Link building is still a great part of getting your website to rank on the right keywords. We can discuss the methods for acquiring links that we have at our disposal and select the right ones as per your needs and preferences. The number of links that you have pointing to your site doesn’t matter that much compared to their quality.

We also have a variety of outreach techniques that we can use to acquire more links, especially from high-quality resources such as journals and papers and authoritative publications. 

Technical SEO

We’ll put together a technical audit right after we start working together so that we know that Google is perfectly capable of searching, crawling, as well as indexing your pages. 

Local and international SEO

If you run your business in Birmingham and you want people to be able to find your company’s physical address, there are certain measures that we can take in this sense. 

We’ll work on improving your citations and see how you are listed in directories and we’ll make all of the changes that might be necessary in order for the search engines to know just where you are located, your opening hours, what exactly you do, and that you’re the owner of your business. 

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SEO training Birmingham

Are you based in Birmingham and you’d like to learn more about SEO? If that’s so, perhaps you’d like to try one of our SEO courses or get in touch for online or offline training from one of the best Scottish search engine optimisation specialists out there! 


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