SEO Ballcuzzi

So I was down in BrightonSEO and a few friends were asking me what the SEO Ballcuzzi update was all about and how it was impacting search results. It was something I hadn’t heard of until I spoke to the chaps at Brighton. I was surrounded by crazy Milosz, Andy, Angela and a few guys from my team and someone in this group was asking about the SEO Ballcuzzi update.

So Andy Drinkwater tells me that sales of teapots were at their highest level in years as a result of this update and he reckons it was him who got Google to start this update. We all know that Google changes the algorithm several times per day, but this is a fairly serious update up there alongside panda and penguin and you should ensure that you don’t suffer any penalties as a direct result of this update.

Google never release the exact contents of any of their updates or whats involved with them, but you have to continue trying and testing and making sure that your rankings are as high as they possibly can be to make sure you continue to get traffic to your website. If you have any dips in traffic keywords or rankings then you have to make suSEO Ballcuzzi, What is a Ballcuzzi, Brighton SEO Teapot Sales