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Welcome to today’s podcast, where I’m joined by a man I’ve met a few years ago, in Chang Mai, we met, I think. So it is none other than the man behind SEO Autopilot. I nearly got that pronunciation wrong. It’s Elias Livadaras. I was more worried about the pronunciation of your name Elias, but welcome. Thank you very much for coming on and hopefully sharing great words of wisdom with us. But it was Chang Mai we met, is that right?

Chang Mai SEO Conference, for anyone who’s looking for a good conference, go out there. But yeah, so Elias, you’re Athens in Greece and you are the man behind the SEO Autopilot tool. So, obviously it’s great to get someone like you on, who owns the software, who understands automation. And I think for any of our listeners out there, this is going to be an interesting topic as to what we can actually automate or what we can actually do with SEO Autopilot. So, a couple of quick questions about the tool in general, first and foremost Elias, is what’s the background behind it? What’s your background? How did this all start?

Background of Elias

Yeah, so I’ve been doing SEO for the past 12 years. Of course back then, there weren’t so many tools that an SEO could use to automate the SEO procedure. That means that for example, if you had to create 1000 backlinks, you had to create 1000 accounts, you had to solve 1000 Captchas, you have to verify 1000 emails and stuff like this. So, that takes a ton of time, as you may understand.

So, there were some tools that, they were on the market after some point that they were more popular. They were more popular back then because things were a little bit different in the SEO industry. You could just throw a couple of links in, you ranked like crazy. But now, with the algorithm changes, it is extremely difficult to rank websites just with a couple of links. You need to focus on quality. So anyway, all those tools back then were exactly what they said. They were link building tools. They just allowed you to build links. They were great, they worked great, and they were solving the time management issue. Okay. You were extremely fast. You could build thousands of backlinks in no time, and that worked. However, now that SEO, it’s much different, has changed a lot. The market needed SEO software, not just a link building tool, not just a tool that will help you get thousands of backlinks. The market, the SEO industry needed a tool that actually can help you acquire high quality backlinks from high authority sources. And this is where the idea of SEO Autopilot began because I was using those automated tools. However, the problem was that they were focused as a programmer perspective, not as an SEO perspective. So as an SEO expert, I wanted to use a tool, I wanted to have a tool in my hands that it is based on the SEO perspective.

So, I was lucky enough, I was extremely lucky enough to find two of the best programmers in the world, in my opinion. And they were living just two blocks from my house, from where I live. It was amazing because everything, the God of luck, was giving me signs that you must do it. Okay. So I had the idea, I had the knowledge and my guys, my partners, they put together all the magic and we have created SEO Autopilot.

So how long has SEO Autopilot been on the market for, for everyone to buy?

How, how long it is on the market?

It’s two and a half years now.

Two and a half years. Because, this is just a personal opinion of mine and I might be completely wrong with that, but not that many people in the UK have probably heard of SEO Autopilot. I think is one of those tools that is not out there as much as it probably should be. I’m flabbergasted there it’s not as much as it … and I might be wrong with that statement, but it’s just that, where I talk, I’ve never heard anyone ever mention it as one of their tools, which is baffling given some of the absolutely amazing stuff that the tool does, which is obviously why we want to talk about it today. But was there a different target audience? Were you more focused on Europe or Asia? Or am I wrong? Are there a lot of UK users of this tool?

Yeah. Look, by using SEO Autopilot, what the tool basically does, as we said, is to help you acquire high-quality backlinks exactly on SEO Autopilot. So, the way the tool works is, it is working for all search engines. Okay. So, that means that it can be used by literally by anyone, literally by anyone that has a website. It does not matter if he wants to promote the website in the UK, or Germany or in the United States. It is based on, it’s on every search engine. So, okay even for Baidu or Yandex. I’m not talking about Bing because for Bing it’s like a kindergarten if I’m not mistaken. Okay. That ran only one campaign and your ranking Bing. It’s obvious, it is super easy with SEO Autopilot.

Using SEO AP for GMB’s

We have a three hours webinar at our YouTube channel which is focused on local SEO and local Google GMB. For example, if you want to rank a website on a Google map listings it’s super easy to do it. If you want to rank on Google again, it is super easy. So yeah, it is a basically it can be used by anyone that has a website and about the country of promotion. Exactly. It is super easy to rank on local maps.

Yeah. So, one thing that I’d love you to do, if you don’t mind, is … I know your tool, it’s not just a link building tool, you can pretty much do any type of SEO, implement any SEO strategy you want, using SEO Autopilot, but I’d love you to share your dashboard and just show us a couple of basic things that people are using your tool for. That would be amazing, just to see what the dashboard looks like and then obviously to see some of the simple and easy things to implement right off the bat.

Overview of SEO Autopilot

All right, so this is the main dashboard of SEO Autopilot. You can see there are some major tabs over there. The accounts tabs, the profiles, the settings, the reporting system. Okay. The diagram editor and the campaign wizard. So, the accounts are basically the place where SEO Autopilot stores all account credentials that are being created by the tool. The profiles are the emails that SEO Autopilot will use in order to create those accounts. The emails and to make the mail verification process. Now, on the settings, there are some general settings about the display for submission. Some email verification delays. Of course, you can use proxies. We recommend using US-based dedicated proxies with SEO Autopilot. Dedicated proxies work best. Now, there are some third party APIs that someone can use like a Captcha solver, a spinner, content source and indexing services. The reporting is one of our great features because if for example, somebody sells gigs, she can run a campaign and then just export the links and white label them, put his logo or his website and send them directly to his clients.

There is the diagram editor which, is in my opinion, one of the most important features on SEO Autopilot because here, you can create your own strategy if you don’t want to use already created strategy. You can create your own diagram and you can implement your own strategy. However, there are a lot of pre-made diagrams and strategies here that, all right according to your project, according to the competition of your needs, you can use them and have great results.

Campaign Wizard on SEO Autopilot

In this point, I want to tell your audience that there are two possible ways to create the campaign. Either with the campaign wizard, which is extremely fast. In three minutes, you can create an advanced campaign and you can start getting backlinks in no time. Okay. With the wizard, we separate website types as a new website, middle-aged websites, and established websites. Then, you click next, you select your strategy. Okay, When I mean strategy, I mean the diagram that you want to use. Basically the link sources that you want to get high-quality backlinks. Let’s say that you choose this one. Here, you put your money aside, your keywords, select the account profiles, the content you need. If you want to use multimedia stuff like images and videos, on the options you just select how many days you want the software to run, or if you want an instant posting, and that’s it. You click okay, you click save and you’re done.

Advanced Campaign Creation


However, there is the advanced campaign creation. You give a company name, for example, you select your diagram. For example, let us select this one, the Medusa. We click on next, and this is the advanced dashboard. Here you put your money aside, and this is where SEO Autopilot is different from other software. So basically here, you can select which types of keywords of anchor text you want to use. You know that anchor text, the diversity is super essential in SEO for many reasons. The basic reason is that always when we do link profile creation, always we want our keywords, our link profile to be created in a supernatural way. It means that then our links, our anchors must be diversified. So here, we select our primary keywords, the percentage of our primary keywords. For example, if we want to work on a 10% keyword density, we’ll put primary keywords, 10. All right, so that means that every 100 keywords, 10 of them will be our targeted keywords, which will be super safe on our campaign and on our link profile creation.

About the generic keywords, I click here, more info, visit the website, you can put it to 20%, whatever. The branded keywords, you can use of course your branded keywords, for a partial match or LSIs, or those kinds of keywords. You can also tell the software to use a specific percentage for your campaign. And on the bottom here, there are the link variations, which means that you can select plain URLs. The plain URLs are the naked URLs or the clickable links. It is only the link without an anchor.domain with anchor means that from your money site list that you place here, the software will have the domain as anchor but it will link to an inner page of your website. And the text URLs, which is what it says. If it’s a URL but in a text format, it is great for diversity.

Of course, you can use all of them at the same time, so it’s a campaign you create. Your link profile will be super, super diversified and as you move on to your campaigns and to your link profile creation, you can start increasing the percentages of your targeted keywords, which means that your rankings will be faster, but your overall link profile will be safer and will be more natural. Another great feature is the link matching feature. For example, let us place here. Let’s say that this is our money site and we have also an inner page, and we have a keyword one. Our homepage is optimized for keyword one and our inner page is optimized for keyword two. So okay, what we can do here on SEO Autopilot is to select the link matching and tell the software that for our homepage, you will use only keyword one and for example, generic keywords. Okay, and for the second the URL you select only keyword two. So this feature is a present only on SEO Autopilot and this is one of the most important features that you can’t find it in any other SEO software. The anchor text diversity, the link diversity.

Also, there is a feature, the authority links feature, that if you place your any keyword there, then SEO Autopilot will add an extra backlink to an authority source like CNN, Huffington post, New York times. That means that you give value to your posts. Either those are all web tool platforms, or web tool profiles, or PDF uploads, or whatever you choose.

You can see here for example on the web tools, SEO Autopilot supports all major web tools like WordPress. I mean, you can see that all properties that you can get backlinks from are of high domain authority.

Okay. In this point, it’s a link group and when we mean by link group we mean link sources that you can get backlinks. Okay. Web tools are one link source. Authority links, it is another link source. Authority links are like profile links on super high authority websites, MySpace. Okay, social bookmarking, high quality. Social bookmarking, not low quality. I wouldn’t say that, but I would say lower DA, like a below 15 are all those social book markings. PDF uploads, Edu websites, Wiki websites, forum profiles, web tool profiles that are at least 10 to 11 different link sources that someone can acquire high quality backlinks on SEO Autopilot.

I’ve got one other question before you came off of that. If you go back a bit, there was another button next to the link matching button that said video ranking. I would like to know what that is what it does.

Yeah, I will show you a bit here. The video ranking feature, let us select a random video here. What the video ranking feature does, you take the video ID of any kind of video, you go here on the video ranking feature, you paste the video ID and look what happens. SEO Autopilot creates around 80 to 100 different YouTube video URL variations, which all those links can be used for your link building campaigns.

Okay, so that way, all those URLs, with the URL variations will get authority from lower tiers. It’s been stuck directly to the money site, which in this case the money sites are the YouTube video URL variations.

This is extremely, extremely effective for video ranking campaigns. If you want to rank your YouTube videos either on Google, on Google SERPs or on YouTube.

Yeah, interesting. Video is a big thing, I’m going to be doing a lot more of, so I’ll need to try that out. And literally, if someone’s going to set up a campaign like that on a video, how long does it take to see the video your ranking? I know that you’re going to say, it depends. But, on average is that a couple of days, a couple of hours? Because I see people all the time saying, “I can rank a video in 24 hours”.

Yeah, Look, I will share with you a big secret that we had. But now, from I guess January 27th will be available to everyone, and this is our new indexer. It is called the Omega indexer. We are still on beta testing. However, the results that our beta testers are getting are super amazing. We were using this indexer for three to four months now. What I can tell you about the video ranking, because we have specific diagrams about video rankings. They are created this way that they transfer a huge amount of authority from lower tiers directly to the specific video that you want to promote. Okay, so after our campaigns were finished, we were getting all those backlinks created by SEO Autopilot and throw them to our indexer. So depending on the competition, we saw results anywhere from 24 hours until 30 days. Okay, but 30 days for super high competition niches.

Yeah. Also, another question, just in case we forget. You were talking about proxies and them having to be dedicated US proxies. How many proxies does someone need to buy, to run this tool on average? If someone was starting out and they’ve got a couple of websites, and they want to rank a couple of videos, how many proxies are they needing to buy?

Look, I want to explain here that the proxies are not mandatory in order to use SEO Autopilot, but they are recommended. Okay, so yeah, depending on the software usage, I guess it can start from 10 proxies, 10 to 15. Imagine that for our own tests in a case study, we are using 25 dedicated proxies. Somewhere around 27, 29 dollars per month.

It’s just interesting because I know these are the kind of questions that come up. When people look at these tools they’re like, “Ah come on. How much are the proxies? How many do I need?” And obviously, if we can cover that off in this video, it saves people coming to me or coming to you. In terms of Captchas and stuff like that, I’m assuming, in this day and age, you do need a Captcha service going, otherwise you’re not going to get as many things done properly. Would I be correct in saying that?

Yeah. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the free Captcha service. That is why we say that having a Captcha API is mandatory before you purchase a plan for SEO Autopilot. Okay, but I think that the cost is anywhere from 10 to $20 per month. We also here, we recommend the two Captcha because two Captcha from our tests and from what our members are saying, are the best. Okay, but there is the possibility that if somebody wants to invest a small amount of money. There is a one time payment fee but they reduce the Captcha cost to zero after that.

Interesting. Going back to setting up a campaign, if someone was just going to stay up a quick campaign and you’ve got your money site URLs, is this something you recommend people use on the money website or would you send that to PBMs that are powering up a money website? Is this safe enough to use on a money website is what I’m asking?

Yeah. As you know, because we have talked about it quite often, that I am personally, I am an aggressive SEO. I like, I love to do aggressive SEO. So yeah, all of my projects, all of my campaigns that I do or with SEO Autopilot, are pointing to a money site. But, I want my tier one, at least my tier ones, have also a great amount of referring domains. So I put backlinks also to my tier one links. Or, if I want to give authority, to pass authority, or to pass link juice to a guest post or a parasite site, again, I’m going to use aggressively SEO Autopilot.

Yeah, well that was going to be my next thing, because obviously most people out there are buying guest posts or whatever it may be, and you really don’t have to give a shit on that particular guest post website because you paid a hundred bucks for it or whatever. You can obviously push it to the limits in terms of your article and stuff like that. So, that’s obviously something I would be doing personally if I was setting up campaigns and doing that, I would be looking at abusing that.

But one thing I think is really interesting is the video thing, for me on a personal level. I’m going to be doing a lot more videos this year and want them obviously to rank well, as well. It’s not just about doing the videos, it’s obviously important for them to rank, and I think I’m going to have to start utilizing some of the diagrams and stuff that you’ve got on there because yeah, I’ve just been too lazy with it and not done enough video. So I think that’s quite an important thing to do with SEO Autopilot. But what other things are people using SEO Autopilot for? Are there any other things that people are getting good quick wins out of? Does it do citations like GMBs? Are people just, doing the name, address, postcode thing with SEO Autopilot and getting great results? Is that the type of thing people are doing?

Exactly, exactly. Because as you said, guest posts or paid links are expensive. Imagine that there are some huge news blogs that they ask for seven, $800 for one post. So imagine that this by itself does not say anything because it is all right. You have just bought a post on a big news website. So what? You need to pass authority. You need to create backlinks to this URL in order to take advantage of 100% of it’s power. So you need to give it power. But, if somebody does not use an automated tool, he will be forced to create, for example, 1000 accounts, 1000 backlinks by hand, which would take ages. And this is where the SEO automation comes in. Or, I know people that they spent a lot of money on PBNs, on self-hosted PBNs. If you don’t create, if you don’t build backlinks to your PBNs, then your metrics, of course will be disappeared after a period of time.

So, we have a special diagram on SEO Autopilot for all of those PBN owners that they’re going to send the authority to their PBNs to create high quality backlinks to their PBNs, to increase the referring domains that its PBN has. Then, the result will be that their links on those PBNs will have more authority. So they will pass more juice to their overall link building and to their money sites.

There is also a seven days trial as well that you can get. So there pretty much is a whole bunch of different options for different people doing different stuff. But that that trial, is that trial completely free?

No. No, because of some users, they were abusing the free trial. Yeah, they were getting multiple accounts. That’s why we have added a small fee, $7 for seven days. Yeah, that’s fair. All features are available. Yeah, it’s not locked. All features are available, so everyone has seven days to find out, to see what SEO Autopilot is. Okay, we have a great support team, great support team. We answer tickets from anywhere from 10 minutes to maximum eight hours. We ask for remote access to the support team will go to its member’s machine or VPS and tries to fix the issue in less than two hours, which is super important.

What I wanted to say, if you allow me, is from the things that you were talking before that yeah, I know, we are hear it all the time that I don’t use automation because it’s risky or stuff like this. And this is because some previous tools, or some other tools, they are just using crappy websites in order to just say we have thousands of websites, thousands of domains. Or, some other tool, what they did, they have built their own PBN and they are posting only to their own properties.

Yeah, seems a bit convenient.

Which is a business model. Okay, whatever. But the difference is that SEO Autopilot posts to all major public accounts, public web tools. I want to say to people that they are sceptical about using the automation, that will Google penalize you for a post on a tumbler? Will Google penalize you for if you create a profile on MySpace? Of course not. So those kinds of websites, SEO Autopilot has. Those kinds of backlinks of from high authority websites you can get with SEO Autopilot. They are all high authority and they are authoritative websites. So of course, there is no need for someone to worry if he got penalized or not. The only thing somebody will worry is not to be over optimized. To use only his targeted keyboard with linking because you can get over over-optimized no matter if you are doing manual link building or if you are using an automated tool to do that. This is the only reason.

Yeah. I think a lot of people obviously get scared because they’ve heard of someone getting a penalty but what people are maybe not fully understanding, with tools like yours as well, where you’ve got delay timers and you’ve got different settings built within the tool to make this stuff look like a human being’s doing it. There’s lots of different settings and stuff like that where Google are not able to really whether it was done by a human being of not.

We are real Chrome browser. We are using a real browser to simulate the human behaviour.

Something important is that, we actually have such an intelligent algorithm that it actually follows exactly the keyword percentages. And this is huge because when we say that you can create a natural link profile, you can actually create a natural link profile. The base is on you. It depends on you. If you want, you can tell the software post 10000 backlinks in one campaign, or I want you to create 20 posts per day, or I want you to finish the campaign in 20 days.

Okay. It gives you the flexibility literally, to implement whatever SEO strategy you have in your mind or your project requires.

What I want to add is that, since some legends, literally legends in the SEO industry are using the software and they got super results. But also, some simple people, simple webmasters or I see some guys that, they are in the affiliate marketing industry for less than a year, and they are sharing with the SEO Autopilot. They are sharing their results and their revenues, and when we see stuff like this that somebody posts on the Facebook group, “Thank you guys because I managed to rank my website and I’m now making money. Thank you. You have changed my life.” We got so many posts like this and we are almost three years in the business now, which means that the software actually works because as you said, if somebody got angry or something, you could Google SEO Autopilot reviews and you could see some bad reviews about the software. But, you won’t see any bad review because it actually works.

Want to learn more about SEO? We have multiple plans and courses available and we also offer consultancy. Feel free to reach out using the button below.


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