SEO Agency Glasgow

SEO Agency GlasgowLooking for an SEO Agency in Glasgow? What makes you want to use a Digital Marketing Agency? Is it because an agency based in the city centre charge more money? maybe because they have a big fancy office?

In my opinion, the digital agency model is dying. Customers are becoming more aware that using some of Glasgow’s big SEO agencies does not always provide results. The amount of clients who have used the bigger digital agencies that in turn end up coming to a much smaller agency who offer a more personalised service is a lot more frequent than you probably think.

I have a small team of staff who help me daily, a copywriter, admin staff and a member of staff who helps with some of the SEO stuff as well as someone who helps manage clients and reporting. Our team is made up of people who are required day in day out to provide our overall digital marketing strategies to clients. Running our agency with a small team works better for us, we don’t need to take on hundreds of clients and have 5 admin staff who talk to clients all day every day.

There are clients who probably need a big agency to service their needs and expectations, this type of client like to talk a lot, email a lot and have a lot of interaction with the agency and agencies have the staff in-house to support that way of working.

Other clients simply want to pay for a quality SEO service and allow the agency to get on with it. It is that type of client we serve well, who have page 1 rankings and a successful marketing strategy that brings them in business.

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There are many agencies in Glasgow and all over who are actually just a bunch of sales staff, who are sat there selling the dream and you can bet that almost all of the work that they take on is outsourced to other companies or freelancers. The agency will sit there charging you for the freelancers time and all the other add-ons, client communication, big fancy office and all the other stuff they provide you with is all being paid for by you, the client.

Most clients who want SEO want it done in the most cost-effective way possible and that simply isn’t possible with a big agency. The prices of SEO from a company like ours to using a digital agency is probably at least 3 times more expensive if you are using one of the bigger agencies.

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Is the SEO or service any better? I would have to say that we do work for a number of SEO agencies and have done for years so the work you get at an agency is likely to be done by a smaller company who specialise in SEO, meaning that the service you are paying for isn’t going to be better using the agency. The only real benefit to using an agency is that you get more communication and sales talk from them.

If you would like to see what the costs are like by using our SEO services, just fill our my contact form or call me on 0141 280 2411 and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.