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The search term “SEO services in Aberdeen” isn’t always going to be as competitive as what it may be in other cities in the UK, meaning that some local SEO is always a good option for businesses in Aberdeen who are looking to establish an online presence and take advantage of traffic online.

The level of competition for a search term like “SEO Aberdeen” isn’t hugely competitive as we have agencies who like to talk and report more than they do any work. This as a result, makes the market weak to the point where a bit of content and a couple of links can help you rank well in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas.

It’s a well known fact that many businesses generate online leads and can sell products or services online with some smart digital marketing. It doesn’t always have to be SEO, there are a number of different ways you can market your business and it is probably wise to to a mix of different marketing strategies to make sure that you have a nice balance. In most cases SEO will always bring in the biggest percentage of traffic and in my opinion that traffic is the one that converts the most.

In August 2016 I will be up in Aberdeen doing training courses in SEO for local businesses who are looking to learn a bit of SEO for themselves. So the benefits of doing an SEO training course will be that small businesses who do the training course will be able to optimise their website and get ranking for terms in Aberdeen.

I’d say “SEO Aberdeen” isn’t very competitive as it is likely to get up the search engine for Aberdeen, with many of the other niches all being dominated by people who have done the bare basics. There is no reason that anyone in any niche can’t rank well for search terms that bring in some decent business.

The SEO training course I am providing will take place in the 2nd week in August – The date has still to be confirmed. This will provide businesses with the SEO skills that they need to be able to go and do some local SEO on their website(s). There are options where you can do further advanced training however, this course is aimed at those who are looking to learn how to do local SEO and learn the basics.

It is also very useful for businesses who simply want a better understanding of SEO and what’s involved in ranking a website. It’s not as simple as pushing a few buttons but it’s certainly not as hard as some people would lead you to believe. Doing these SEO training days is all about showing people ” How to do SEO ” rather than telling you that you should be doing it. Most people are in business to make money, not listen to the usual smoke and mirror strategies that many agencies and individuals provide their clients with.

If you are interested in SEO and want to attend the training day in Aberdeen then get in touch and we will book you a place on the date which will be confirmed in the next couple of days.

I also provide other types of training days, these are as follows:

  • Adwords
  • WordPress
  • Social Media
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Display Advertising

I will be more than happy to provide training courses on any of the above subjects so if you are interested then let me know and I will happily book you in for one of my training days.



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Craig Campbell

I am a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been doing SEO for 20 years.

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