SEMRush Traffic Analytics Tool

SEMRush Traffic Analytics Tool

We would all love a more in-depth analysis of where our competitions traffic is coming from, how that traffic is segmented up, whether it’s organic, paid, social or any other way of getting traffic to their website and this is exactly what the SEMRush Traffic Analytics tool does. Its an added cost to be able to access this data but in my opinion, it is a lot more accurate and gives you a lot more data to work with.

While you can, take advantage of the 7 days PRO+CI Add-On trial, which contains Traffic Analytics and Market Explorer. Available until the 15th of June!

Above in the video, it gives you a brief overview of what the tool can do for you, it also shows you what all of the tabs do, so you can visually see the overview of the traffic analytics tool on the video.

What is SEMRush’s Traffic Analytics Tool?

This is a tool I didn’t notice for a while, I always assumed that the traffic that SEMRush suggested you had as a result of your rankings was all that SEMRush had when it comes to traffic analytics, but I was wrong, this tool is very accurate and is worthy of the extra fee they command for this level of data.


Some of the key features the Traffic Analytics tool provides is:

  • Historical data that goes back to 2017
  • Estimated traffic to the competitions domain and subdomains so you can drill down into subdomains
  • Compare data against 5 of your competitors
  • Desktop and Mobile Traffic
  • Traffic Sources, where the traffic comes from
  • Traffic analysis from geo specific areas
  • Visits, bounce rate, average visit duration and much more

Being able to dig into that data will give you a competitive edge and you can plug the gaps your competition are filling that you are not. It is also useful for showing your customers a ton of data and transparency with your approach, as data based decisions on changes you might make to a client’s websites are easier to get approved.

This is a great tool that gives a lot more insight into the competitions traffic than I’ve seen on any other tool or platform, so hates off to SEMRush for making this available.

You can try SEMRush out FREE for 14 days but this is an additional cost for the traffic analytics tool.

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