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Do you want to know how to do a website audit using SEMRush? This is a quick and easy process and SEMRush is an aggressive web crawler that does pick up on most website issues. It is one of the first tools I use when someone asks me about SEO for their website. Doing a website audit can tell you a lot about someone’s website and whether they are doing SEO properly and spending time on implementing the right things to their website.

As part of my overall process I do compare this with other auditing tools and check site speed and so on when doing a full website audit, but this particular post is just about how to do a website audit using SEMRush and what to do with the data that comes from the audit.

The below video shows you exactly how to do a full website audit using the SEMRush tools.

To begin with I put a message out on social media and Dave Cain was brave enough to have his website audited.

Now a question many people have asked in the past when I’ve seen others doing live website Audits on SEMRush is, what bot do you use? SEMRush or Googlebot is the answer and for this particular website audit I’ve done both and both do pretty much bring back the same Score.

You can download a copy of Dave Cains two website audits here if you want to compare which one is the best to use.

Dave Cain ( SEMRush Bot Audit )
Dave Cain ( SEMRush Google Bot Audit )

There isn’t too much of a difference, either way, it’s flagging up the same issues in most cases.

In Dave Cains websites case overall the website had a healthy score of 73%. Some basic things were missed such as image tagging, no SSL installed, a few broken links and an issue with the Robots.txt file but other than that the website was in good shape.

The SEMRush tool does flag up all kinds of mistakes on websites though whether that’s broken internal links, external links, 404 errors, temporary redirects, no follow attributes on pages and much more.

Doing website audits can be a very boring job but it’s a key part of managing and monitoring a website as links can break or external links can go down, so you want to do regular audits to keep on top of these things.

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On the 31st of August, i will also be doing a live site audit on the SEMRush webinar which you can register here to watch, where I will be auditing someone’s website live on the web.

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