SEMrush CPC Map Tool Tutorial

Hi guys. Just another quick SEMrush tutorial based on the CPC Map Tool.

You’ll be able to find that under advertising toolkit and it’s the fourth one down under competitive analysis on the left hand side. I’m just trying to get that to zoom in for us.

So it’s just there on the left hand side. So the CPC Map Tool, it’s a new tool. It’s in beta mode, it’s free. So what does it actually do?


So you can select your database first and foremost, that’s the most important thing, and you can select your region. And you’ll be able to see here, we have a nice map, and this is just calculating a rough average cost-per-click across a whole bunch of different industries and seeing what’s the most expensive. And as you would expect, Greater London is the most expensive. Scotland is second most expensive, and then Wales, and then so on, it carries on through the whole of the UK. Now that’s an average across a whole bunch of industries.

CPC map 2

Now, if we scroll further down, you’ll be able to see the industries that we currently have data for. So whether that’s beauty and skincare, or fashion retail, we will be able to see that the report is based on analysis of 13,000 keywords. It gives you the most expensive keywords, the most popular keywords in terms of search volume. It gives you a nice little graph there, where you’ll be able to show clients the average cost per click, and so on.

CPC Map 3

So it gives you an idea of what’s going on, for example, if I change this to Scotland as the targeted area, and I’m working in the legal niche, it’s going to give me a rough idea of the most expensive keywords, the most popular keywords within my location. So you can see the average cost per click and you can also see the average monthly search volume as well. And although the tool is in beta mode, I’m sure when it does get released there’ll be a lot more industries and a lot more information to come out.

This is all just basic to show you how the tool works and the functionality of the tool. But I think it’s quite an important tool if you’re doing paid search because you’re then able to understand and you’re able to show people why your bidding strategy it may be this, that, or the next thing, and I think it just gives you that visual element that you can show clients. So you will have the ability to export all of this information, on the top right hand side here, as normal.

You can also compare different countries, different regions and different industries. So for example, if I want to compare the automobile dealership industry in the UK to that of Australia and Canada, because I’m not sure which one’s the most lucrative for me because I’ve got access to sell cars in all of those locations, then the Canada one is going to cost me the most.

CPC Map 4

So you can, again, grab a whole bunch of data from that and give you an idea of which country, which regions. Again, if I had a supplier for Scotland, the North East of England and Wales, what’s it going to cost me? What’s going to be the most expensive place? North West of England is by far the cheapest, so it might make sense to start there if your costs are low, or whatever.

And it also gives you an idea of industries as well, so you can compare to industries and stuff like that as well. So it’s going to be good to compare and get a rough idea of cost, and whether you should target a specific country, a different region, and so on, and just give you a bit of a guide as to what’s competitive and what’s not.

So that is pretty much what the CPC Map Tool does. If you do have any questions, feel free to shoot up SEMrush. I’m sure their team will be more than happy to help.

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