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We’re continuing our series on some of the top-earning affiliate programs out there with a new article on some of the best self help affiliate programs. For all of these, we will specify both the commission rates and cookie lengths you can expect. 

Self help is not the easiest niche in the world, but if you can manage it, you will enjoy some passive income. 

Top Self Help Affiliate Programs

The notion of self help can actually be very broad. It could just as well be online courses that assist people in improving or building skills from scratch, but it could also mean spiritual material that enables them to have more trust in themselves. 

There’s also quite a fair share of self help products that are a bit different, such as those offered by companies that provide therapy and counseling. 

This is our way of telling you that you should try to rely on your creativity when becoming a self help affiliate and that you should avoid limiting yourself to a specific type of product or a specific category. 

Without further ado, here are some excellent affiliate programs for self help. 


This is perhaps one of the top choices in this niche and the reason for that is the 40% commission rate. The cookie lasts for just 30 days, so it could have been slightly better, but given the rate, we’d say that it’s still decent. 

One thing we have to note about this brand is that it is geared toward women, so it largely focuses on their self-improvement by giving them great advice in many accounts — their marriages, their education, or anything else they may be looking to a whole new level.

You’re allowed to promote Amare through social media and email marketing, so that’s a plus that we wanted to note here.

Hay House

We might have mentioned this affiliate program in some of our other articles and it’s always a good idea to check it out if you want a decent rate and a pretty good cookie length, too. You’ll make a commission of 50% on all orders over a period of 30 days after someone clicks on your affiliate link. 

The website sells a wide range of products, from courses and other digital materials on topics such as parenting, health, and relationships.

While you can’t use a network to manage your performance and stats with this one, their affiliate team seems to be pretty good and it will undoubtedly help you if you run into any issue whatsoever. 

Hypnosis Downloads

Hypnosis isn’t for everyone, especially the skeptical individuals who are more or less certain that it is not going to help them in any way. So, while you might have a bit of a hard time promoting these services, you might at least give it a try. 

And the reason we’re suggesting Hypnosis Downloads as an affiliate program in this sense is that they are offering a 35% commission rate on all orders and more importantly, the cookie lasts for a whole year. 

Sure, we’ve seen better tracking cookies, but this one is still unmatched by so many other programs we have mentioned on this page. The downloads are pretty neat, too, since they are developed only with the assistance of actual hypnotherapists. 


This one is slightly different from some of the other self help affiliate programs that we have described in today’s article in that it is largely focused on helping people improve their self image and perception on anything from their physical features to their personal relationships.

The materials can also assist people in finding out more about their spirituality and how they can improve it. On top of that, the courses are also aimed at folks who are having a truly hard time taking up sports and exercise so that they can get healthier. 

InnerTalk is one of the self development affiliate programs that are managed through ShareASale. So, if you already use this network, you shouldn’t have a hard time joining this one, too. 

The commission rate you can expect is a fixed 20% on all purchases and the cookie lasts for 90 days — which is not bad at all. 

Jonathan Parker

Subliminal programs and guided visualizations might not have been the top self help affiliate products to promote on your blog that might have first crossed your mind, but there are a lot of individuals willing to try them in an attempt to improve their life.

We’d say that the best thing about this program is that it is managed through ShareASale, which makes it a lot easier for you to look at your statistics and improve your performance. 

The commission rate is 20% on all qualifying sales. Also, the cookie lasts for 45 days, so it’s pretty good. Still, we’d like to note that most folks spend about $50 to $60 on the website, so you’re not going to make a fortune with this one. It will be a nice way of diversifying your income, though. 

Marriage Fitness

If you think that some people in your blog audience might be interested in salvaging their marriage and the connections they have with their partners, this one should be right up your alley. 

Marriage Fitness is a brand managed by Mort Fertel, and the website has a lot of products available — from ebooks to courses and actual consultation hours with this specialist. 

What we found quite interesting about this program is that the commissions aren’t what you might have expected. Instead of earning a percentage of what your readers spend on the site, you’ll get paid fixed sums of money per specific products/offers. 

For example, if someone gets the ‘Full Day House Call with Mort Fertel’ offer, you’ll make a commission of $200. The ‘Marriage Fitness Tele-Book Camp’ can make you $125, so it all depends on what your audience picks. 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any info on the cookie length, but we will say that this program is self-managed, completely free to join, and that it uses for tracking commissions and managing payments. 

Open Forest

Open Forest is another example of self care affiliate programs whose cookie length remains an enigma. However, we still thought you might be interested in checking it out. 

The courses deal with lots of topics, from managing and curing depression or substance abuse to helping people with their anxiety.  The commission rate is a fixed 10% on all orders.

What we’d also like to add with regard to this program is that it is managed through FlexOffers (which we have reviewed, so check that article out!). There are plenty of marketing materials on there and they range from banners and text links to videos. 

Brian Tracy

This business and personal coach is one of the most successful ones we have come across while doing research on this niche. The affiliate program is pretty good, too, since you can make 25% out of all of the value of the orders placed by your referrals. 

Even better, the cookie lasts for 120 days, so you’ll basically have almost half a year not to worry about. There are lots of products available on the platform, from courses aimed at improving productivity to those geared toward folks looking to better their sales rates. 

Tone Networks

Believe it or not, this one is actually a social network that enables people to grow their skills and think differently about themselves (obviously in a more positive manner). 

The program is managed through ShareASale, so that’s an advantage in itself. As for how much money you can make with this one, every qualifying order can earn you 25% of its value. The tracking cookie lasts for 3 whole months, which isn’t bad. 

Tony Robbins

Robbins is one of the best-known and most sought-after speakers in the world, and for good reason, too. His talks are super motivating and he’s generally a good person that lots of people have much to learn from. 

Thankfully, since he has a wonderful reputation, you will probably have less of a hard time promoting the self help affiliate offers from this website. 

The webinars and coaching programs can make you a commission of 15% out of each qualifying sale and the tracking cookie lasts for 45 days. 

Mend the Marriage

We came across this one while trying to find a number of different options on ClickBank, but the truth is that it is among the few ones that are actually worth promoting. Why’s that? Well… the rest of them, including those recommended by ClickBank itself are shady, to say the least.

Just to give you a clue as to whether you should promote this one, we’ll say that the commission rate starts at 75% of the value of the courses and digital downloads that your audience purchases. 


The nicest thing about this affiliate program is the fact that you can earn as much as 50% of whatever your audience spends on a course sold by the company. The cookie lasts for 30 days, which is pretty much standard for these things, but also nothing to complain about. 

What we do have to add with regard to MindValley is that their affiliate program speaks to people across the world, which means that you will be able to market their products to anyone, regardless of their location. 

Additionally, they rely on manual approval for affiliates, so it could take you a while to get your reply. But this makes it easier for them to separate the wheat from the chaff, so it is to be expected.

This self help affiliate program is managed by Proctor Gallagher Institute, so that should give you a clue as to whether it is worth joining or not. 

There are so many courses that your readership can opt for on this platform and the topics range from the obvious ones dealing with motivation to subjects such as subliminal or hypnosis. There are over 500 materials to choose from at the time we are writing this. 

As for the money you can make, you are not going to be disappointed since the commission rate is 45% to 50% based on the product your referrals choose. Best of all, the cookie length is an incredible 50-year period, so that’s one less thing to worry about. 

Best Self is a brand that sells a lot of products aimed at improving people’s lives, so their range varies from action pads and activity decks to journals and planners. There are also plenty of digital downloads available, and the nice thing is that they are categorized per ideal user persona (children, couples, and more). 

The program is managed by Refersion, which means that you will have to go through a hands-on approval process in order to become a Best Self affiliate. 

As for how much money you can make with this one, the commission rate is a fixed one at 15% of all qualifying orders. 


This brand is clearly geared toward people looking to improve their skills and maybe change their job at one point or the other. The affiliate program is pretty straightforward in that you can make 25% on all offers (and they aren’t cheap!). 

The cookie lasts for 30 days. We’d say that this one is worth considering simply because of how well-known the brand is right now. 


We have a separate review of the Udemy affiliate program so we suggest you give it a read if you have some time on your hands. In general, the commission rate you can expect if you become a Udemy affiliate is 20% on all orders.

Perhaps the only drawback of this one is the cookie, which lasts for just 7 days. 

Amazon Associates 

This one might not have even crossed your mind, especially given that this company has lowered the commissions that affiliates can get right now. 

And given the influence that Amazon has on pretty much everything on the Internet right now and the fact that they are perhaps the most popular retailer in the world, they might no longer need to rely on affiliate marketing at one point. 

In any case, if you’ve been trying to find a self help books affiliate program, considering Amazon might be a good idea. After all, the brand did start out as a seller of books, so you’ll have quite a lot of titles to recommend to your audience. 

One thing that we have to note about Amazon Associates is that you will not be earning any commissions from the ebooks that your audience purchase. Only physical books will make you a bit of money. 

And finally, probably the most significant drawback of being an Amazon affiliate is the cookie duration, which lasts for just 24 hours. 

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