Scala Hosting Affiliate Program Review

If you’ve been looking for fresh ways of monetizing your content, whether you run a blog or website or you create videos or other types of visual content for social media, you’ve ended up in the right place. 

We’re putting together a review of the Scala Hosting affiliate program for today’s article and giving you all the information you need — from how much you can expect to earn with this opportunity to whether or not there are any caveats you should know about. 

Scala Hosting Affiliate Program Review

What is Scala Hosting?

It goes without saying, but every time you might be interested in using affiliate marketing as a way of creating a new income stream, you should first do your own research and only then start recommending services or products to your followers. 

So, what does Scala Hosting do?

As its name suggests, the company offers products mostly in the hosting area, with some of the most popular ones being WordPress hosting, web hosting, managed Cloud VPS, as well as email hosting. But there are several additional ones such as domain names, domain reseller accounts, as well as self-managed Cloud VPS. 

There are some pretty nifty additions in terms of technology, too, such as the SPanel, an all-in-one hosting platform, an SShield Security System, which is supposedly capable of blocking up to 99.998% of attacks, as well as an SWordPress Manager, which does exactly what it is supposed to. 

You’ll be happy to know that some of the services offered by Scala Hosting have been deemed as being the best or top rated ones by various online publications. For example, PCMag said that their managed VPS hosting is ‘impressive’ whereas TechRadar called their email hosting service one of the best of 2022. 

In other words, as a Scala Hosting affiliate, you shouldn’t encounter too many difficulties when recommending these products to your audience — because this is a brand that people might have heard of before. 

What services can you recommend to your audience?

Let’s take a look at the pricing of the plans offered by Scala Hosting so that you get an idea of how easy it will be for you to suggest that your followers try out their services. 

The Start plan is the lowest priced one and is billed at $29.95 per month at the time we are writing this article, although the standard price is $46.95 per month. This one includes 4GB of ram, 50GB NVMe SSD, unmetered bandwidth, as well as 2 CPU cores. 

The Advanced plan comes with 4 CPU cores, 8 GB of RAM, 100 GB NVMe SSD, and the same unmetered bandwidth. This one is billed at $80.95 at the time we’re writing this (the discounted price is $63.95 per month). 

It goes without saying that both the Business and the Enterprise plans are more expensive, but they come with more generous features. The Business costs $138.95 per month and comes with 8 CPU cores, 16 GB of RAM, and 150 NVMe SSD whereas the Enterprise plan costs $196.95 per month and includes 12 CPU cores, 24 GB of RAM and a whopping 200 GB NVMe SSD. 

Every VPS setup can be customized depending on the users’ needs in terms of CPU cores, RAM, as well as SSD storage. You can pick between different builds and have your setup specifically tailored for a variety of goals, whether that be general purpose, site popularity, storage optimization, or CPU optimization. 

There’s a very useful calculation tool available on the Scala Hosting website that you can try out depending on how you customize your plan — and if you’re a completely new user, you might be able to receive a discount (which is something you can also advise your audience to check out, too). 

Joining the Scala Hosting affiliate program

Based on the info we came across, it seems like the Scala Hosting affiliate program is self-managed. That means that you are not going to encounter it on any separate affiliate network, whether that be Impact Radius, FlexOffers, ShareASale, Awin, ClickBank, or anything else you might have ever used before. 

This aspect can be a bit of a pain for affiliate marketers, especially those that have very large followings and multiple websites — you shouldn’t have to waste time going onto different individual sites just to check out your conversions and performance. 

On top of that, joining several different affiliate programs individually can be a pain because affiliate managers have to look at the information you submit and make sure you actually have a website and check its stats, if not ask you for even more information. 

So, to join the Scala Hosting affiliate program, you’ll be asked for info such as your site, your first and last name, your affiliate username, the ways in which you intend to promote ScalaHosting services, and your PayPal email. 

Technically, you are supposed to get your answer in less than 24 hours’ time, but since this is a pretty good affiliate program, there can sometimes be delays so expect to get your reply in under 3-5 days. 

How much can you make as a Scala Hosting affiliate?

Here’s where things start to become really interesting. When you choose to promote Scala Hosting on your blog or website, the minimum earnings you can expect are somewhere around $50 to $80.

From what we have gathered, the only types of services that will actually bring you commissions are the VPS hosting and web hosting plans. The earning model is tiered, meaning that it is largely based on the number of new customers you refer to the brand every single month. 

For example, for 1 to 3 new customers that get the VPS hosting plan, even the most basic one, you can be paid $120 per purchase. If you manage to refer 10 people per month, your commission rate will be increased to $200 per sale. 

If your referrals get the web hosting plan, no matter its value, you can make $50 per sale if you refer between 1 and 5 new users per month. That rate becomes $100 when you manage to refer between 11 and 20 users per month — and if your performance is better, meaning more than 21 users on a monthly basis, you can negotiate your rate. 

So, as you can see, there are lots of ways to earn with this affiliate program and the fact that the rate becomes better as your performance does, too, is definitely an incentive for most affiliates.  

Something else that we have to note here is that as a Scala Hosting affiliate, you get to benefit from a tracking cookie lasting for 60 days. The reason we wanted to point this out is that the industry standard at this point is 30 days, which means that what Scala Hosting is offering is pretty good. 

Payment methods and thresholds

The reason you will be asked for your PayPal information right when you submit the form to apply to the affiliate program is that this is pretty much the only payment option available at this time. 

There are loads of other web hosting companies that do work with other payment systems and we would have liked to see an additional method, such as a wire transfer possibility — if not for any other reason than the fact that PayPal’s fees and requirements are becoming more and more ridiculous. 

In any case, if your account is good standing and you have no issue whatsoever working with PayPal, you should know that the minimum payout threshold is $100. 

Pros and cons of being a Scala Hosting affiliate

When it comes to pretty much any affiliate program out there, there are both advantages and disadvantages that need to be given some thought to even before you decide to join the program or not. 

We’d say that the most important benefit when it comes to being a Scala Hosting affiliate is the commission rate. The fact that you can make up to $200 in one go is a clear advantage, and so is the fact that the tracking cookie isn’t restricted to just 30 days — and that it lasts for 2 months, instead. 

We would have definitely liked this program to be managed by a separate affiliate platform, but this is not a serious disadvantage in the grand scheme of things. What is, however, is the PayPal payment method along with the fact that you need to make at least $100 in earnings before the brand pays you. 

Even so, if you do decide to promote Scala Hosting, rest assured that it’s a pretty well-established company and that the services the brand offers are good-quality. 

Scala Hosting affiliate program alternatives

If, for any reason, you decide that recommending Scala Hosting services to your audience doesn’t make sense for you, whether because of the payment method or anything else, check out these options in the same niche. 


This one is fairly decent but the main problem with the program is that it pays a percentage of whatever your referrals spend on the site. Since some of the services are extremely budget-friendly, with some of the plans being billed at just $1.99 per month, you might not be able to make a fortune as a Hostinger affiliate. 

Even so, it’s pretty decent because there is at least the possibility for you to make more money as you refer more people to hostinger. Depending on how much traffic you’re getting and the number of referrals you have, you might be able to make $1,000 per year with Hostinger. 

The cookie lasts for 30 days, so it’s about half as long as what Scala Hosting has to offer by comparison. 

Liquid Web

The earning model that Liquid Web works with can be a little complicated to explain because you are not going to be earning the same commission rates for all types of products sold by the company. And unlike Scala Hosting, for example, Liquid Web does make it possible for you to earn on a variety of their services, not just their web hosting and VPS plans. 

For some of the biggest plans, such as those priced at $5,000 a month, you can make $300 in one go. The good thing with this program is that you can make a minimum of $150 regardless of the plan that your referrals choose, though. 

Read more: Liquid Web Affiliate Program Review

A2 Hosting

We wrote a review of this program in the past, so if you ever feel the need to find out more information about it, we definitely suggest giving it a read here. But as an A2 Hosting affiliate, you can make a minimum of $55 per every sale — the commission rate is increased depending on your monthly performance. 

Another nice thing about this alternative is that you can be paid either through PayPal or wire transfers, depending on whichever method you prefer the most. The only issue is that changing the payment method can be a little tricky and to get your money through PayPal, you need to make a transfer of at least $1,000. 


The GreenGeeks affiliate program offers you a commission rate of $50 per sale. The rate can be increased to $100 for 6+ sales per month and for more than 10 a month, you are allowed to negotiate your rate. 

On the downside, the only payment method available with this one is PayPal again. From what we have noticed, this program is also self-managed, so in this case, too, you’re not going to find it as an option on any separate affiliate platform. 

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The minimum you can expect to earn by being a Bluehost affiliate is $65 per sale. As is the case with some of the other programs we have showcased in today’s article, your rate can be increased along with the number of referrals you send out to Bluehost every month, with a maximum potential in earnings of $100 per purchase. 

Bluehost also uses PayPal to process payments to their affiliates, so that could be a drawback for some marketers. 

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