Sage Affiliate Program

If your blog or website is in the financial niche and you also have a B2B audience consisting of startup owners and small-sized business managers, becoming a Sage affiliate might make sense for you. 

In today’s article, we’re looking at everything you should know about this affiliate program, from how much you might be able to earn to how you can get your earnings to hit your account and more. 

Sage Affiliate Program Review

What is Sage?

If you take the time to do a bit of research on your own, you might come across several different affiliate programs for brands called Sage. The one we are addressing today is an account software utilized by a variety of people, from small business owners to accountants themselves. 

Sage is essentially a British company that was first built somewhere around 40 years ago in Newcastle. In under eight years since its foundation, Sage became one of the most valuable firms on the London Stock Exchange. 

Ever since then, the company has been on the up and up, switching to digital from traditional financial services, and bridging the gap between accounting technology and regular consumers. 

What services can you recommend to your audience?

The number of services that you can recommend to your followers is truly daunting if you check out the company’s website. They are actually categorized depending on the ideal user, meaning for business management, for accounting, and for human resources. 

The packages are also named differently depending on the features they come with. For example, the Sage 50cloud Accounting one combines the ease of use and convenience of the cloud with the efficiency of the software developed by the company. The plans vary in price from $59.50 per month to $376.25 per month depending on the features included. 

For instance, the 50cloud Pro comes with a series of essential perks such as expense management, job costing, inventory tracking and management, remote access for all accountants and employees, as well as tracking and reporting for projects. 

But the next plan, Premium Accounting, billed at $84.50 per month, includes several extras, such as the ability to track transactions and errors, budgeting tools, and estimations of cost for every part of the project. 

Finally, the Quantum Accounting plan, billed at $376.25 per month, is very generous when it comes to features, and it includes things like role-based security, the ability to manage the inventory from different locations, multiple company management, and even tracking items based on their serial number. 

The People is particularly designed for business managers that want to make sure that they properly communicate with their team while also keeping track of whatever they are doing in terms of goals and performance. 

The Sage Payroll makes it effortless for users to process their payroll in just three steps – all of the calculations are done automatically. The dashboard can be customized to some extent and some of the features that can be expected in this case range from management of core HR tasks to reporting, control over the business finances, as well as employee online access. 

To give you an idea, the Sage Business Cloud Payroll is priced at $23/month per employee. The plans start with a 30-day free trial with the ability to cancel the plan at any time, including after the paid offer has started. 

Joining the Sage affiliate program

The nice thing about this program is that you can join it through the Impact Radius affiliate network, which we have reviewed in the past. This can definitely come in handy if you have several different niche websites and you don’t feel like checking dozens and even hundreds of websites every day just to keep an eye on your performance. 

It’s free to sign up to the Sage financials affiliate program. You’ll be presented with a form that you will have to fill out with some pretty basic information, such as your first and last name, your email address, your company data, your location, your bank location, the currency that you prefer, and your tax information. 

You will also have to provide your website URL, its name, and its description. If you can, provide some very basic info on how much traffic you’re getting in case you feel that this could be a relevant detail. 

Once you’re all done with that, you will submit your application and expect a reply in several days’ time. 

How much can you earn with the Sage affiliate program?

So, how lucrative is the Sage affiliate program? Some affiliate marketers might feel like they’re not going to strike gold with this one, but the truth is that the commission rate is more than decent. 

Sure, it could have been slightly better, such as the rates being recurring over the entire period of the referral’s subscription, but the potential is still good enough. 

Every free trial will get you a commission of $5. A subscription purchase earns you $10 off the bat and for every additional product, you get a commission of 7%. The referral period is 30 days, but you also have to consider that this is the same length of the free trial — which means that people have to get the service ideally before their trial ends in order for you to get your commission, too. 

And while the 7% rate doesn’t seem like a lot, you do have to consider that some of the products are priced at more than $300, so you still have a fairly good chance of making a decent amount of money. 

Payment methods and thresholds

While we couldn’t exactly find if there’s a specific limit for withdrawing your earnings, we will say that one of the most important aspects that makes the Sage Payroll affiliate program worth looking into is the fact that you’ll be getting your earnings directly into your bank account. 

We mentioned that you need to select the currency that you prefer right when you submit your application, so that’s why this program stands out from the crowd compared to so many others that we have reviewed and that choose to pay their affiliates only through PayPal. 

Pros and cons to being a Sage affiliate

When it comes to every affiliate program you might want to check out at any point, you have to consider both the benefits and the drawbacks before choosing to promote it on your property. 

In this case, at least, the pros seem to be outweighing the cons in the sense that it’s both a lucrative financial opportunity for affiliates and the brand is pretty well-known and has been around for more than enough time for you not to worry that you’re promoting something shady. 

The fact that it works through the Impact affiliate network is another advantage, in the sense that you might be able to use the same platform for managing your activity across different affiliate programs, too. You will use Impact to communicate with the Sage affiliate managers, too, so that should put your mind at ease. 

We’d add that getting your earnings transferred right to your bank account is a pro that you shouldn’t forget — because too many programs out there choose to work with PayPal or some other bizarre payment systems that might deter affiliates from wanting to be associated with those companies altogether. 

In terms of the things that could be improved, the commission rates themselves could be slightly better. Of course, the fact that the brand chooses to pay affiliates even for folks who simply try out the free trial is a positive. 

But some marketers could have made with a higher commission rate, not to mention that the cookie duration could have lasted for at least 45 days, since the trial lasts for 30. Other than that, there really aren’t drawbacks to speak of, so you might as well consider it if you haven’t made up your mind just yet. 

Sage affiliate program alternatives

If for any reason, you feel that the affiliate program for Sage isn’t right up your alley or you feel like you would be better suited with a different option, here are some others that we thought you might enjoy. 


This is more or less a similar tool when put side by side with Sage, with the main difference between the two being that QuickBooks by Intuit is heavily focused on the accounting itself and less on the management or HR services that Sage also offers. 

As a QuickBooks affiliate, you can make 10% out of what your referrals spend on the site. The cookie duration is slightly better than what we have seen with Sage, in the sense that it lasts for 45 days instead of 30. 

We would say that it is worth looking into this affiliate program if you tend to blog about personal finance as QuickBooks is a software that can not only help small businesses manage whatever they need to manage, but it can also be utilized by regular individuals to improve their credit score. 


We’ve written a detailed review of the FreshBooks affiliate program, so if you want to learn more about it, feel free to give it a read. This one is available on both FlexOffers and ShareASale, so pick whichever network matches your needs and preferences better out of these two. 

On ShareASale, you can make up to $200 for paid subscriptions. But that rate is lower on FlexOffers ($88), so do consider that the commission rate tends to vary depending on the platform that you choose. 

Another aspect worth noting about the FreshBooks program is that the cookie lasts for a whopping of 120 days, so that’s one less thing to worry about. You can be paid through a variety of methods, from regular bank transfer and wire transfer to cheque. 

Zoho Books

This is yet another program that we have reviewed in the past, so make sure you do a bit of extra reading here if you want to become a Zoho affiliate. You can make 15% out of whatever your referrals spend on the Zoho website, keeping in mind that it is a very complex software, so it also addresses the needs of influencers and small business owners, too. 

The 15% rate is recurring over a period of 12 months, so if someone chooses the monthly plan and they pay for it on a regular basis, you’ll still get your commission. 

If you want to try out Zoho yourself, you get $100 in credits when your referral gets a paid plan, so you can upgrade your account and benefit from all the features. Finally, another reason to give it a shot is the 90-day cookie. 

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The partner program created by OnPay is actually split into two – if you refer small businesses, your commission rate is going to be $40 per lead with a 120-day tracking cookie. On the other hand, if you refer a bookkeeper or an accountant to the service, you get $100 per lead. 

The good thing is that the OnPay affiliate program is managed by Impact Radius, a very effective and convenient platform where you can check out your conversions and commissions and communicate with the brand’s affiliate manager with as little effort as possible. 


You’ll be happy to know that this program works through ShareASale, one of the largest affiliate networks in the world. Much like what Sage has to offer, ZarMoney is a cloud accounting software that makes accounting and bookkeeping a breeze for all sorts of clients. 

As an affiliate, you can make $5 for every lead (in other words, every free sign-up) and $120 for every paid signup, which we’d say is quite beneficial when comparing these rates to those of other programs. 

Based on the information that we found about it, it seems like ZarMoney has a pretty good affiliate team, so in case you have any questions whatsoever, make sure to reach out to partners (at) 

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