Restore a Website from Wayback Machine

As part of your link strategy, you might use expired domains, put the old sites back up and use them as part of your backlink building strategy, people do that, create PBNS using all the old stuff from the Wayback machine to build up a cluster of web assets and use them as part of their backlink profiles. However there might be a number of other reasons you might want to restore a site from the Wayback machine, maybe your site went down, your web designer vanished off the face of the earth or something similar.

Dont worry you can get your website back its no big problem and there is a tool that can help you do all of this very quickly and easily.

Archivarix Review

I decided to give Archivarix a try to see if this worked as I’ve recent years I’ve used a number of tools and it hasn’t always pulled all of the information or images, and at times CSS files were missing but Archivarix does the full job and clearly have a great system for being able to rebuild sites from the Wayback Machine.

What I love about the tool is you can pull a website back from the Wayback machine, or you can take a copy of a live site, so basically I could take a copy of any website that is out there at the push of a button.

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But what I feel is really good is the ability to turn it into a CMS using Archivarix own CMS platform that will allow you to edit and use the site on a regular ongoing basis without having to go into HTML files and all of that stuff.

Archivarix Pricing

You can take 200 files from any website free of charge, but after that, there is a cost, a couple of examples of costs

  • A website with 385 files would cost you around $1 a file can be pages, css files, images and so on
  • A website with 25,000 files could cost around $18 dollars

So in terms of pricing, it is really cheap to use and works very well.

What would you use Archivarix for?

Well. the most common thing would be to use this tool for PBN’s, grabbing an expired domain and then repurposing it to use it for its link value would be one way of using this tool. Many people use PBN’s and expired domains to get that competitive edge over their competition and the key to this whole process is keeping your costs down and being able to work at scale and Arvhivarix allows you to do just that.


This is a tool that anyone using PBN’s should be using, the fact its all semi-automated makes our job so much easier, and with technology growing all the time we want to make sure that our processes are as slick as possible and this is a new process you can slip into your PBN build SOP’s and begin to roll these sites out at a speed that suits you.

If you need more help with expired domains and restoring a website using Wayback Machine, feel free to get in touch – we have several different plans available.