PPC Training

There are loads of businesses out there who want to be at the top of the search engine immediately instead of waiting for months for SEO to kick in.

With PPC you will be able to get your business at the top of the search engine immediately for your desired keywords.

PPC Training

There are several mistakes that can be made with PPC, the main mistake being that people have this assumption that the general public will search for a specific keyword just because they know their product/service as that keyword. Not researching what the general public are searching for may cause you to be found for general search terms which can cause little or no conversions.

There is also a misconception that once a PPC campaign is set up you can just let the campaign run without refining the campaign at all. Not refining the campaign means that you won’t be looking at what works and what doesn’t which means that you could be spending your budget on keywords that aren’t getting as much clicks as what they should be.

I offer PPC training that teaches you everything in regards to PPC from the initial set up to the management of PPC.

Topics covered

I cover a wide range of topics in my PPC training, these topics include:

  • Setting up a PPC campaign
  • Keyword research
  • Refining your campaign
  • Monitoring your results


I have a number of different learning options available, with you being able to learn online, at my office or I can come out and teach the course to you; whatever you prefer. This gives you complete flexibility and allows you to fit your commitments around learning.

If you opt to learn online then my training course will come in the form of a PDF file, with there being video demonstrations included. I am able to offer Skype calls and email support too, so if you are struggling to grasp a particular aspect of the course then you can get the help that you need to progress on-wards with the course.