Pixlr Affiliate Program Review

If you have been trying to find new ways of monetizing your content, no matter the type of content you tend to produce or the kind of media property that you own, you’ve come to the right place. 

For today’s article, we have prepared a Pixlr affiliate program review. We’re giving you the most important info you should be aware of about the company and the service itself, how much you can get paid through this opportunity, and anything else you might need to know. 

Pixlr Affiliate Program Review

What is Pixlr?

First off, we should note that you should be interested in promoting Pixlr only if you are in the right niche. If you are not, there’s no point in trying to join the program since this is a service that works as a photo editor, one for animation, as well as design. 

There is a free version available, which is a good thing considering that people are always looking to test a product before spending their hard-earned money on it. 

How does Pixlr work and what services can you recommend to your audience?

There are several different apps that are available on the website – some of them are free with limited capabilities, but for any extra features, users need to pay a very decent subscription. 

The products that can be found right now are the following:

  • Pixlr X
  • Pixlr E
  • Batch Editor
  • Remove BG
  • Photo Mash
  • Stories

Some of them work on mobile devices, too, such as those for editing stories, the Remove BG feature and the Photo Mash. 

Let’s take a more detailed look at what all of these services are about. Pixlr X is an editor and a template designer, but the best thing about it is that, similarly to what Canva has to offer, for example, it works for a variety of social media networks. 

There are various preset templates that people can refer to whether they are influencers or they just want to customize their own photos and digital memories. Some of these templates over anything ranging from TikTok videos to YouTube thumbnails, Facebook stories or posts, and Instagram posts and stories, to the standard physical art such as flyers, posters, invitations, postcards, business cards, and more. 

Pixlr E works in a somewhat similar way and comes with pretty much the same features when it comes to the social media posts that we have referred to, but it is more a design maker rather than a photo editor in itself.  

Both Remove BG and Photomash Studio are somewhat reliant on the background removal feature, the difference between them being that the second is a little more complex and can be used for branding and marketing, too.

The Batch Editor does exactly what its name suggests. With just a few clicks, users have the ability to crop, resize, or apply all sorts of filters to their images without having to individually work on all of them. 

How much does Pixlr cost?

Now that we have gone through all of the products that Pixlr puts at their users’ disposal, let’s see what Pixlr has to offer in terms of payment. 

You’ll be surprised to know that this service really doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The model does consist of monthly subscription plans, but the price is very budget-friendly. For the Plus, users need to pay just $0.75 per month to get unlimited saves on whatever they work on on the platform and see no ads whatsoever. 

How much is Pixlr Premium? Well, it is only slightly more expensive, being billed at $4.90 per month. There’s a 30-day free trial with this one, too, which definitely sweetens the deal. This Premium plan comes with access to the entire Pixlr Suite, templates, and assets, without any ads and obviously with the same unlimited saves available in the Plus subscription. 

Finally, there’s an even more generous plan available, which is priced at just $9.91 per month. This one allows users to gain access not just to the entire Pixlr suite, but also to a team member and collaboration tool that’s perfect for design professionals working together on various projects. 

Becoming a Pixlr affiliate

While some other companies are keen on managing their own affiliate programs separately, which is why they don’t want to work with individual affiliate networks, Pixlr has made the decision to work with ShareASale. If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing game for quite a while now, you probably know that this is one of the largest and best-known platforms out there. 

ShareASale will handle everything from giving you your Pixlr affiliate link to providing you with the Pixlr guidelines you need to know about so that you don’t risk getting booted out of the program. The network will also be in charge of the payment and showing you all of the stats you need in order to take your performance to a whole new level. 

How much can you earn with the Pixlr Advanced affiliate program?

Since this is what every potential affiliate needs to know, here it is — you can make 25% out of whatever your referrals are paying for their subscription. Unfortunately, we could not find any details according to which this is a recurring commission, so you shouldn’t expect to receive it every month. 

On the upside, you do get a $10 bonus when you make your first sale and according to the company, there are other bonuses available depending on your performance. 

As for the tracking cookie duration, you’ll be happy to know that it lasts for two months instead of the one that most every brand that has an affiliate program uses right now. 

Payment information

All of the payments are managed not by the brand itself or the company that owns it, but by ShareASale, the network where the program can be found. 

We’ve written about ShareASale before, so if you have the time and availability to read that review, here it is

From what we have gathered, there is quite a bit of variety when it comes to the ways you can be paid. You can get your money through cheque (sent by either FedEx or standard mail), international direct deposit or local direct deposit, wire transfer, as well as Payoneer. 

The only thing that’s missing from the list is PayPal, so you should think whether that is a drawback for you or not. We would argue that you have multiple methods of circumventing this issue even with a regular bank account or a Payoneer or Wise account. 

The threshold if you’re using ShareASale for your affiliate marketing projects is $50, but it can be set for higher limits if you are looking to receive larger sums of money. There is no way of setting a lower limit, though, so do take that into account. 

Pros and cons of being a Pixlr Editor affiliate

Any affiliate program has both advantages and disadvantages, and it is a good idea to carefully analyze all of them before jumping into being an affiliate for a company.

There are more benefits than drawbacks when it comes to this one. However, even with the fairly generous 25% share that you will be getting out of every sale that you have made through your referral links, the value of the plans is very low – so you can’t expect to make a lot of money with this program.

On the other hand, the fact that Pixlr works with ShareASale makes things a lot easier both in terms of consulting your stats and in terms of how and when you can be paid. 

The 60-day cookie duration is another detail worth writing home about, but with the very little you can earn by promoting Pixlr, you will have to seriously think about whether it makes sense for you to rely on this monetization method or not. 

Does a better Pixlr alternative for affiliate marketing exist?

If you are not convinced when it comes to using Pixlr Illustrator, Pixlr GIF Editor, Pixlr 3D Text, or any of the other services included in the Suite for affiliate marketing, take a look at the following options. 


This piece of software is more or less similar to what Pixlr can do for users, in the sense that there are lots and lots of templates for all sorts of social media networks and more. There’s a huge collection of high-resolution stock images available in case one doesn’t have their own. 

As an affiliate for Snappa, you make 40% out of the subscriptions you convince your followers to get. While the product is very affordable, it does start at $10 per month, so off the bat, you have better chances of making a bit more money. The good thing is that the plans are billed yearly. 


This tool is slightly better known than Pixlr yet slightly less so compared to Canva. The affiliate system is quite straightforward, with marketers receiving 15% out of every sale that they refer to the business. 

For anyone who comes back during the first month after making their first purchase, you get an additional 5% of whatever they buy extra. 


While you are not going to make a fortune by promoting Canva, it is a good idea to look into what this program has to offer, since it is one of the most convenient, versatile, and user-friendly tools in this industry. 

You can make up to $36 in commissions for every new pro subscriber. For more information, check out our Canva affiliate program review


We recently reviewed the Adobe affiliate program. This one might seem a little more complicated because there are so many products and services that you can recommend and there are different types of referral systems and commissions, too. 

With Adobe Stock, your commission will be $72 for monthly and yearly plans, but you can make 85% of plans with 3 standard asset purchases per month. As a Creative Cloud affiliate, you make 85% out of the first month’s subscription value. 


This company is perhaps the largest one in the industry of buying top-notch stock images. If you become a Shutterstock affiliate, you can expect a commission that goes up to $300, especially on first purchases made by new customers. There’s a 20% revenue share on all customers who purchase footage, images, or music. 

Even though this affiliate program is also self-managed, the platform is pretty good at keeping track of your earnings. You can be paid through e-transfer or PayPal, and the second method is not available for the Pixlr affiliate program. The cookie lasts for 30 days. 


As its name suggests, this is not a design tool per se but rather a place where people can go for royalty-free, high-quality images. As an affiliate, you can make 20% out of whatever sales you refer to the business, but this is a recurring commission. 

The cookie lasts for 30 days, so it’s pretty much the industry standard. The good thing is that even if one of your referrals is using iStock already, you can still make 10% out of what they are ordering through your affiliate links. 


This one’s great when it comes to the value of the commission rate since you’re getting 40% out of the value of every sale you make. While you can’t expect Depositphotos to pay you the same rate for every future purchase, what you do get is a 15% recurring commission for any sale for the next three years. 

We couldn’t find any info as to whether the program works through a separate network or not so we will assume that it is self-managed, at least at the time we are writing this article.  

Final thoughts

So, does it make sense for you to use Pixlr for your affiliate marketing projects? That is a question that only you can answer, but we’d say that there might be better options available out there, especially if you want to make a consistent passive income. Still, for diversifying it, this one might be worth looking into. 

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