Best Pinterest Tools

Did you know that there are lots of Pinterest tools for business, scheduling, and even image creation? Sure, most people have heard about Canva, especially since it’s so easy to use, but there are many more similar tools out there. 

If you want to take your Pinterest experience to a whole new level and increase your website traffic and the number of followers you might already have, check out these great Pinterest marketing tools! 

Best Pinterest Tools


We decided on this one as the first on our list as it is basically an all-in-one tool that can help you with everything from analytics and content discovery to scheduling your posts on Pinterest. 

Tailwind lets you schedule your Pins at specific times throughout the day so that you can get the best traffic, reach, and engagement. It also comes with a SmartLoop feature, analytics, as well as an option to team up with other Pinners that like the same things as you do. 

Best of all, this is one of the few tools out there that are actually recommended by the social media network itself. The downside is that it only works with Pinterest and Instagram, so you aren’t going to be able to utilize it for your other social media accounts. 

The pricing starts at $9.99 per month. 



If you have been looking for an all-in-one social media management tool that you can use for a variety of networks (from Pinterest and Instagram to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook), Buffer might be the correct option for you. 

Like Tailwind, Buffer is one of the few tools out there that have been recognized as a Pinterest partner, so that should give you a clue as to whether this tool actually works and offer good value for the money. 

In terms of features, you can use it for scheduling, analytics, and for pinning anything from anywhere on the internet — naturally, you can also add your images manually, if that’s what you need. 

Like any other tool that we’ve showcased here, it comes with pros and cons. From the latter, we’d like to note that they do not have a free plan available, so you can’t really test out the Pinterest management features before signing up for a paid plan. 

The free plan does give you 3 social channels but Pinterest is not one of them. In terms of pricing, the Pro plan costs $15 per month — which means that Buffer is around $5 more expensive than Tailwind. But it does give you 100 scheduled posts per month for this money. 


We’ve mentioned Hootsuite in some of our previous posts, and for a good reason, too. It’s effective, easy to use, it doesn’t cost a lot, and it can help you manage your social media accounts through the same platform. 

It is worth noting that it does cost more compared to Tailwind, which makes it more suitable for teams and agencies. The Professional plan costs $39 per month, while the one designed for teams is priced at $99 per month. Larger plans for business do exist, and they tend to cost a pretty penny ($520/month). 

However, there are a lot of pros to at least considering Hootsuite since it’s so user-friendly. There’s also a (rather limited) free plan available, so if you’ve just started a blog, you might want to give it a shot. 


There’s no doubt that SocialPilot is one of the best Pinterest scheduling tools out there for the simple reason that it can really make a difference when it comes to growing your follower base. 

With it, you can do anything from scheduling video, classic Pins, or GIF ones. You can also have a look at your analytics to track how your Pins are performing. Moreover, the tool even lets you create customized images, which definitely comes in handy for this social media network. 

But there’s a caveat – it’s not free; in fact, it might seem pricey, especially to bloggers. A professional plan costs $25 per month and one designed for a small team can set you back around $42 per month. Larger plans are available for agencies and enterprises. 

Is SocialPilot worth it? We’d say that it is since it also comes with a content calendar, as well as a URL shortener. 


This platform is quite rich in terms of the things it can help you with. For example, you can use it to upload several pins at the same time, and they also have an extension made for browsers, which enables you to pin right from your site. 

Their photo editor is also worth taking into account as it allows you to create quality images easily and conveniently. Of course, Viraltag also comes with detailed analytics for tracking your activity and keeping tabs on your follower numbers. 

Sprout Social

This is a pretty useful tool for your whole Pinterest marketing campaign, which means that it can help you track your activity and the number of followers you gather, what difference your scheduling has made, and other such things. 

You can also use Sprout Social for creating pins, not just for tracking your performance. There is a free trial available, so you can give it a shot before choosing a plan. The standard one does cost $89 per month, which doesn’t make it the cheapest tool around. 

The Professional plan costs $149 per user per month, and it lets you manage as many as 10 social profiles. It also gives you detailed time analysis and response rate reports. 

twitter marketing - socinator


We might have mentioned Socinator in some of our other articles simply because it’s packed with lots of helpful features for managing your Pinterest marketing campaign. 

To give you several examples, with Socinator, you can auto-publish posts, schedule them throughout the day, take a good look at your stats and reports, and also auto comment for times when there’s no time for you to do that. 

They also offer you the ability to add video pins, auto follow, and auto-create boards, which can be helpful for anyone who wants to use Pinterest to their advantage. The auto-follow back feature is also worth writing home about.

Socinator also gives you the opportunity to find the right users for your platform, based on a number of keywords and pins and even URLs they might have shared in the past. 


While it isn’t nearly as complex as some of the other tools that we have included on this list, Woobox can prove its worth in some situations. If you want to create a Pinterest tab on your Facebook page, Woobox can help you do just that. 

This way, you can spread out your followers across several different platforms and increase your website traffic, too. You will have to use additional tools for the likes of scheduling pins and creating images, though. 


Crello is a tool specifically designed for Pinterest and it can help you create exciting and visually appealing pins. They have a number of templates already pre-built, so if you don’t want to waste too much time on your image creating tasks, Crello is the right place to go. 

There is a free plan available and it lets you get five designs per month, as well as access to over one thousand premium images and over 50K static and animated templates. 

The paid plan costs $7.99 per month and gives you additional features such as the ability to invite your team members and work on the same designs alongside your coworkers or friends. You can also remove the image backgrounds with this plan. 

Ninja Pinner

What’s interesting about this specific tool is its pricing. Unlike others, which force you to pay for a monthly subscription to enjoy their features, this one lets you pay once for the whole year — and the cost is quite budget-friendly. 

Managing one account with Ninja Pinner costs just $28 a year, which is considerably cheaper than the cost of some of its competitors. Doing the same for five accounts costs just $40 a year, which yet again, is an unbeatable price. 

But what about its features? Well, this tool comes with pretty much anything you might want, from auto-follow and auto-unfollow to auto-comment, scheduling, and auto-repin. You can also track your growth and usage, which makes it one of the Pinterest analytics tools to consider. 

Auto Post to Pinterest

As its name suggests, this tool does exactly just this — it posts on your behalf on Pinterest. But it’s definitely one of the Pinterest automation tools to at least mull over since it’s user-friendly, convenient, and lets you get your work done in a timely fashion. 

It also gives you a clue as to which times are best in terms of posting your pins. 


This one is perhaps the most basic tool in this selection as it lets you create a collage, take a screenshot of a website, and turn the images into Pinterest-friendly ones with just several clicks. 

You might also want to know that there’s a convenient and easy-to-use PinThemAll Chrome extension, too, so you can do all that right while browsing the Internet. The tool also lets you pin a text or quote over an image and even share music on the social media network. 


Probably the best thing about Canva is that it comes with a pre-built Pinterest template. There are literally thousands of designs you can browse through and even the free version gives you access to a lot of them. 

Best of all, you aren’t going to have to do any additional work in terms of modifying your images as you can combine them, add graphics and text to them, and save them in the 2:3 aspect ratio, which is ideal for Pinterest. 

Pinterest Analytics

As basic as it might sound, the truth is that Pinterest Analytics is quite handy — it gives you a clue as to what engagement your Pins have generated, how people interact with your content, and even trends and conversion insights. 

You do have to set up a Business profile on Pinterest to get all the benefits. 


There’s not too much to say about his tool other than it assists you in discovering the right boards to post your pins to. As you probably know if you’ve been on Pinterest for a while, doing so can take some time and effort, and they both could be used elsewhere in a more productive way. 

You also get a number of filters that allow you to separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of the boards you want to add your pins to. Finally, it can be integrated with other tools such as Tailwind, which we have already described in this selection. 


If you’d rather manage your Pinterest activity right from your WordPress website, then this plugin should be right up your alley. It can assist you in driving traffic to your account (and site) and in growing your number of followers. 

The plugin costs just $9 per month (but $99 per year) and it can be used on several different websites. The setup process is a breeze and it’s got all the features you might need, from mobile-friendly pop-up designs to customization, analytics, and much more. 

On the other hand, it can’t be utilized for scheduling or publishing Pins or engaging with your audience, which could be a serious drawback for some users. 

Finding the right Pinterest tools for business

As you might have noticed from the plethora of tools we’ve described, few of them are actually all-in-one marketing tools that can help you with everything. 

We’d say that Tailwind is perhaps the best option you have at your disposal if you’re focused on growing your Pinterest audience, checking out analytics, and also scheduling posts. It’s also one of the cheapest, but if you are on a budget, you can combine several different tools to do what needs to be done. 

In the end, finding the right tool definitely depends on your specific needs and what you want to achieve with Pinterest. Do keep in mind that some folks might be put off by automation, so actually engaging with your followers might be better overall. 

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