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So, just another video on a great tool for on-page SEO, it’s called You hear a lot of people talking in the industry about POP, this is what they’re talking about. It’s made by a guy called Kyle Roof who is a very intelligent SEO guy based over in America.

And this tool is like a mini quarter, it doesn’t give you as much detail as quarter, but it’s a great tool if you’re looking to compare your website, your on-page SEO to that of your competition and it’s very low cost. So the place in for it is very cheap so you can get it for pay-as-you-go, $10 for 10 reports or $39 and get unlimited websites you can put through it. And so very simple and easy to use.

And you see those testimonials from a lot of different people on here as well. So as I say there are tutorials and everything else on the website itself, but I’m obviously highlighting to you guys and just want to show you what it looks like.

So what you do is simple and easy to use interface, so you get your projects, contact, user gain, some videos, and you can get that done for your service. Obviously, Kyle recommends that you do watch the videos before you go and play about with it, but it is very simple and easy to use if you guys frequently use tools.

How to start on-page SEO Analysis


So I’ll just start off by clicking view project. So Scrapebox tutorial is the search term I want to rank for and what I will be analysing in this particular example. So the top guy in position 1 on page 1 is Matthew Woodward, you’ve got me, and you’ve got underneath in position 3.

So if I want to see how well that page is doing and you know compared to the other guys, I can run this through the tool. There I’ve already done the analysis already because it does take a couple of minutes to work the tool, but then it comes back here saying that I’ve got a score of 31.50%.

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This is a score on how optimized my page is in relation to my competition. So I can view that, and I’ll obviously go through there and tell me that I’ve got the keyword in the URL, the main tables, the header tags, paragraph tags, the image tags, all that kind of stuff. And that is something that you can use to make sure that you’re on-page SEO is on point and very good local SEO.

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You can obviously see I’ve got a lot of things to be doing with this particular page. It does rank well so you know it’s not a competitive search down but, you know, compared to the other guys that rank well, I can increase the number of exact keywords in my headers too, increase the number of keywords in my paragraphs, and stuff like that as well. So there is stuff that I can be doing to make this page better, so I can go through this and make changes on my website based on what the competition has done.

You can look at variations and start to look at the variations that your competition’s got as well and you’ve also got word count … so reduce your word count and it’s telling me there, but yeah so it’s got current word count and it’s saying target word count, so I could reduce the word count on here, but it’s a fairly big tutorial and I don’t really want to cut any of it out in case it’s useful to people.

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And as I say, what the tool does is compares this to that of your competition, so if I want to add a project here, you call it what you want, I’ll just put my name in, HTTPS, and I put my website in so I’ll just show you how this works. So you can add the project.

You’ve also got fetch keyword variations and you can click US, Canada, UK, South America, Australia, and Europe. So if this is all the kind of options you can fill out here. You’ve also got compared to tools, you can put an up to 10 competitors here, and obviously what the tool does is then goes away, compares everyone who ranks well everyone in this competition that you put in compared to your WordPress page.

So a great on-page competitor analysis tool. Very, cheap. And I’m sure that this tool will continue to develop and stuff as well. You know I’m sure other features and stuff will be added to it, but I thought I’d highlight this tool because doing on-page SEO you know there’s a lot of information out there and there’s a lot of varied opinion on what you should and shouldn’t have. I think this is certainly a great tool if you’re doing some local and more level SEO.

So I would go and try out PageOptimizer.Pro today and see what on-page SEO changes you can make.

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