Best Outdoors Affiliate Programs

If you’re looking to create a new niche site about outdoor experiences, whether from a personal standpoint or just to give people recommendations regarding the products they should invest in, you’ve probably ended up in the right place. 

In today’s article, we’re tackling a variety of decent outdoors affiliate programs and specifying the commissions and cookie durations on each, so that you know which ones you should pick. 

Best Outdoors Affiliate Programs 


Although it might not be what you might expect from this niche, Outdoorsy sells experiences rather than products. That means that folks can rent an RV and hit the road and explore as much of a place as they want — all thanks to this service. 

We’d say that this one deserves the spot at the top of our list because of the amazing commission rate that’s offered to affiliates — every booking can get you $60 in earnings and you benefit from a 30-day tracking cookie, too. 

To make things even better, this one is run through a variety of networks ranging from AvantLink to CJ Affiliate and more. Do keep in mind that the services are available only in North American countries, so Canada and the United States. 


This store carries some of the best-known brands on the planet in the outdoor gear niche — from Patagonia to Black Diamond or Marmot, the site really has it all. With their great customer support and the 100% money-back guarantee policy, this is one of the best websites to recommend to your audience. 

The affiliate program isn’t otherworldly good, but it’s still worth promoting, thanks to its 8% commission rate and 30-day tracking cookie. 


This is one of the best clothing brands in the world right now and there are actually individuals who are hardcore fans and follow every update of the company and the products they design. 

As for the program, it’s definitely worth considering since you get an 8% commission, but the cookie lasts for 3 whole months instead of just 14-15 days or 30 days. 

As usual, if you have an AvantLink account, you’ll be happy to learn that this one can be managed through that network. 


Although it might not seem the best outdoor affiliate program out there, REI is good for something – the brand has been around for close to 100 years now, so people have inevitably heard of it. 

Besides, the website sells a wide variety of products mostly aimed at folks who like to work out outdoors, but the nice thing is that they also have a second-hand category where individuals can purchase mildly used products at discounts that can sometimes go beyond 50% of their original price. 

Getting back to the program, we will say that it has one of the lowest rates we have come across (just 5%). The cookie lasts for just 15 days, so it is not a winner in this sense, either. On the other hand, due to the brand recognition, you might as well consider becoming a REI affiliate anyway. 


This one is fairly decent. The brand offers the same 8% commission that we have seen in so many other programs in the same niche and the cookie duration is the same 30 days. 

The Osprey affiliate program is run through AvantLink, a platform that you can use to track and improve your performance and see what people are clicking on and even what products they are interested in purchasing. By the way, Osprey sells some of the best backpacks for outdoor expeditions out there. 


If you’ve been looking for a program that works through CJ Affiliate, Marmot might be a good option for you. The rate is 8% on all qualifying orders and the cookie lasts for three whole months, which is a clear advantage. 

Marmot sells a wide range of gear and equipment that’s rugged and made to stand both the test of time and the elements, as well as clothing for all genders interested in exploring the great outdoors. 

Camping World

This camping gear affiliate program is managed through Linkshare, a network that doesn’t tackle all the sides of the program per se — rather it focuses mostly on tracking the orders that you can earn commissions for and then handles any problems that might be encountered when processing payments. It also works with Skimlinks. 

There’s not too much to say about the Camping World affiliate program besides the fact that you get a 6% commission rate and a 10-day tracking cookie. 

The good thing is that the website is truly massive in terms of the variety of products you can find there — their inventory is now close to 15,000 items. 

Bass Pro Shops

We might have mentioned this one in our posts about some of the best fishing or hunting affiliate programs. It is one of the best-known brands in this niche in North America, so it works both in Canada and in the United States. 

In other words, while you’re not going to have to go out of your way to get people to place orders on this particular website, there is a drawback that we have to note. The commission rate is just 5%, which is relatively low for this type of industry, and the cookie lasts for just two weeks. 

On the other hand, some of the gear sold on the Bass Pro Shops website is anything but cheap. The reels and some of the rest of the fishing gear can be pretty expensive, so at least the 5% rate means more money. This one’s managed by CJ Affiliate. 


When it comes to affiliate marketing, outdoor products come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and you’ll find no shortage of categories on this website. Not only is it geared toward people who love nature, but it also has a wide range of other products available, from luggage to clothing, fly fishing gear, and all sorts of home accessories. 

On the downside, Orvis is probably not the best affiliate program in this niche. Subsequently, the commission rate you can expect with it would be just 5% and to make matters even slightly worse, the cookie lasts for just two weeks instead of the typical 30 days that you’d benefit from with other options. 

In terms of the networks you can utilize to apply to this program, you’ll find that it works with VigLink (currently called SOVRN) and FlexOffers

Hyperlite Mountain Gear

We found some confusing info while researching this particular outdoor affiliate program and the reason we’re saying this is that while some different websites claim that the program has a commission rate of 8%, the brand’s own site suggests a 10% rate. 

AvantLink definitely seems to be the network of choice for lots of these programs, and Hyperlite Mountain Gear is no exception in this sense. The average order on the site is $350, which means that you will be able to earn at least $30 for every order placed through your affiliate link.

The cookie lasts for 30 days. To make things better, the company ships everywhere in the world, so the sky’s the limit as to who you can recommend their products to. 

Outdoor Gear Exchange

Outdoor gear affiliate programs come in all sorts of varieties and this one is no exception. However, the commission rate you can expect with this brand is slightly lower (6%) compared to what we have seen in some of the other options showcased in today’s article. 

The cookie lasts for the standard 30 days that you can expect from pretty much any program on the list (with the exception of Amazon Associates, of course). Apparently, and also based on the company’s claims, the average order placed on the site is $130, which means that you’d earn just under $8 for every referral. As you can imagine, that is not a lot. 

At least you can join this one through AvantLink, so if you already use it as a part of your affiliate marketing plan, let’s say that this would be a benefit. 


If you’re looking for outdoors affiliate programs that can conveniently work through networks such as AvantLink or CJ Affiliate, look no further — you have just found another. 

YETI sells a wide range of products mainly designed for outdoorsy people such as fishermen and women and hunters, but they also speak to the needs of hikers and general nature lovers. The coolers that YETI creates can maintain the temperature of the liquids they carry for a more than decent amount of time, enabling individuals to remain well-hydrated even under the scorching sun. 

Now that we got that description out of the way, let’s have a look at the affiliate program. Joining it is pretty easy through the previously noted networks and you can earn as much as 8% out of every qualifying order with a 30-day tracking cookie. 

Before you decide on becoming a YETI affiliate, though, we would like to note that while you are entirely allowed to use all sorts of search terms in your content, when using your YETI affiliate links, you are not allowed to specify the brand name. 


Moosejaw can be considered a reseller of famous outdoor brands such as The North Face or Patagonia. Most people who like to spend time in nature have at least once heard of these big names, so they’ll feel less wary when it comes to placing an order. 

The Moosejaw affiliate program is pretty straightforward. You will earn 8% out of all of the qualifying orders and the cookie lasts for 30 days. 

What’s interesting about this option is that it can work through three different affiliate networks — AvantLink (the rate is lower here though), CJ Affiliate, as well as Impact Radius (all of which we have reviewed in the past, so we suggest checking out those articles for more info!). 

Academy Sports Outdoors affiliate program

It all comes down to what you feel is the right decision with this one because even though it is available through VigLink or FlexOffers for example, it’s got one of the lowest commissions in this domain — just 2%. The cookie lasts for 30 days, though, so at least there’s that. 

US Outdoor

This is a pretty good online retailer to promote to your blog audience just because the company seems to care for its customers quite a bit. They have excellent support and they don’t even charge any sales tax on the first $40 that people spend on their website. 

We’d say that this one might be one of the best outdoor affiliate programs out there simply because you get to benefit from a 120-day tracking cookie. 

The commission is 8% so while it could have been a little better, the fact that you can still earn some money even 4 months after someone clicked on your affiliate link definitely makes everything sweeter. 

On top of everything, the US Outdoor affiliate program is managed through AvantLink or CJ Affiliate, so you can just pick the one that you already utilize. From what we’ve gathered, the brand pays through cheque or direct deposit, so there’s no PayPal available if that’s what you need. 

Outdoor Vitals

This is another outdoorsy affiliate program that you might want to consider joining for several reasons. The first is that the commission rate is slightly better than what you’d find in some of its competitors — 10% instead of 6%, for example.

The cookie lasts for 30 days, so there’s no surprise there. However, the program is managed through the AvantLink affiliate network, which you might already become accustomed to if you have been using it for a while. 

To give you another reason for becoming an Outdoor Vitals affiliate, we’ll note that this brand donates 1% of its entire revenue to sustainable poverty projects across the world. 

Amazon Associates

We left this one toward the end of the list just because it’s not as popular these days anymore. Sure, there are many types of products that you might be able to recommend to your audience from Amazon and out of convenience’s sake, they might want to purchase them through your affiliate link.

The biggest two issues when it comes to using Amazon as a monetization option are the 24-hour cookie duration and the fact that the commission rates are quite low. Even though the company does increase the rates every now and then for special events (like it did for Easter of 2022 for example), that does not make up for the slash in commissions they did in spring of 2020. 

So, even though we do not recommend Amazon as a primary monetization option, it could be worth looking into if you do not want to put all your eggs in one basket. 

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