ODYS Review

ODYS Review

You can see on the above video what ODYS. Global does, basically, they provide aged domains, or done for you affiliate websites, this is perfect for a number of reasons which I will go into in more detail below.

But ODYS basically stands for ” Our Domains Your SEO “.

Many SEO‘s are amazing at what they do, but its the time spent finding quality domains that can be a bit of a pain, we all know drop catchers or guys who get the premium domains simply do this all day every day so what’s the point in even trying to compete with a premium domain catcher? ODYS can provide you with premium domains in a wide range of niches and the inventory is always changing.

In fact at the time of writing, you can get a $100 bonus for signing up, which you can use for an aged domain.

Now the above link will give you the ability to register for an account, it does not guarantee you will be accepted if for any reason they think you are not going to be the right type of customer for their service.

Premium Domains for Affiliate Websites

You will see me speaking a lot about buying and selling websites or doing more on the affiliate marketing front, we all want to make sure that we diversify our income streams and affiliate marketing is a great way to do that. But with anything, we always want a head start and that’s why most of the time I’m looking for a premium aged domain. Taking advantage of an aged domain gives you a ready-made backlink profile to work with and shaves off all the stuff you need to do at the start to build up your domain metrics. You will save time using a premium domain name. But you will also save a lot of money too, if you go and check out a domain you like, work out the cost of building that backlink profile and you will see that more often than not you will save a lot of money by going to ODYS and grabbing one of their premium domains to get started with your affiliate marketing campaign.

Pre Made Affiliate Websites

If you are anything like me and you just want to go quickly with your SEO efforts and avoid the tedious side of getting a site built, then ODYS do offer pre-made affiliate websites. They are using their knowledge and experience to give you well-made affiliate websites. I see myself more of an investor and would rather come in and get an aged domain with a site ready for me to implement my strategies on.

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I typically come in, get my team to start following my processes and in turn, we can scale up websites quickly, I’ve no time to be messing around with WordPress templates and all of that stuff. I simply need that part done for me and you can get this done at ODYS by people who understand what your trying to achieve and have helped many others before you get to where they want to be.

Scaling up affiliate websites

Years ago I ran my own agency and I absolutely hated managing people, clients and all of that type of thing and was desperate to get involved in the affiliate marketing space.

Many of you will also be in the same boat, whether you want a side hustle, you want to diversify your income or you work in an agency and you want to branch out and go solo and work on your own projects you will all need to scale up your affiliate websites.

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People will tell you that affiliate isn’t the right option for you, but believe me, affiliate marketing works very well. It isn’t just about the monthly revenue you make, its the 30x resale value you can get for your affiliate projects.

Getting started in affiliate marketing

In order to get started, make sure you have nailed your processes and are confident that any money you invest in an aged domain or done for you website won’t be wasted, then jump over to ODYS and sign up, collect your $100 bonus and then look at the inventory and find a domain that works for you. Take action and get started in affiliate marketing, the reason most people fail with this type of thing is the lack of time they spend on their projects, they simply dont take action.

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Who is ODYS Global?

ODYS Global has been around for a while, an internet marketing company who specialise in Premium Domains and Done for You affiliate sites, helping people kickstart their affiliate marketing campaigns by offering a nice marketplace where you can check all of the inventory that’s available.

What does ODYS stand for?

ODYS stands for ” Our Domains Your SEO ” they are a premium domain seller, and people in the SEO industry use their skills with their domains or done for you sites to build up their affiliate marketing portfolio.

Find out more about how domains can take your website to another level, plus heaps on SEO in general by getting in touch and opting for one of our plans.


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