NinjaOutreach Affiliate Program Review

If you have been searching for an affiliate program that allows you to increase your side income and that’s specifically designed for marketers and small business owners, today’s review might be just for you. We’re looking at the NinjaOutreach affiliate program and everything it entails, from how much you can earn with this opportunity to what rules you need to abide by. 

We’re also including some alternatives in case you feel that this program might not be the right choice for you. 

NinjaOutreach Affiliate Program Review

What is NinjaOutreach?

The best way to describe what NinjaOutreach does would be to call it a social engine that can help marketers get in touch with influencers on two main platforms — Instagram and YouTube. The trouble with outreach is that it can take a lot of time and effort, and sometimes even a lot of money, if you’re hiring people to do it. 

That’s where NinjaOutreach comes along. Any NinjaOutreach user can create an effective marketing campaign just by filtering through hundreds of thousands of influencers (if not more) so as to find the exact one that matches their business’ needs. 

The same tool can be utilized to extract email addresses, which can be very helpful for getting in touch with these people directly. You’ll be glad to know that this tool also includes a built-in CRM that can help with a variety of things, from leaving notes or using filters to accessing the rights of each member of the team. 

In a nutshell, it is a quite complex tool for Instagram and YouTube outreach that anyone activating on these two social media networks can rely on for their marketing goals. 

What exactly can you recommend to your audience?

Before we move on to the plans that you should talk about in your content or recommend on your social media pages, we would like to note that this service comes with a 7-day free trial. 

Therefore, your referrals will simply test out the product first without any risks and only then will they commit to paying for it. This makes your life a lot easier when it comes to recommending the main selling product to your audience. 

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As for the subscriptions themselves, there are quite a bit of differences in terms of pricing. We’ll address the yearly paying models because those are more advantageous to any prospective buyer. 

The first plan is designed for beginners and it is called Flex. It is billed at $155 per month and it includes Support, one seat, one connected email, up to 120 million influencer search, and up to 500 influencer outreached per month. As for the number of emails that you can send out with this basic plan, it goes up to 1000, which isn’t too beneficial. You are allowed to create up to 5 campaigns and export and import data from other tools. 

The second plan is called Silver and it is billed at $255 per month. You basically get the same features as in the Flex plan, but the number of influencers you can contact per month is increased to 1,000 and the number of emails that you can send out every month is 10,000. 

The Silver Plus plan comes with 3 seats, 4 connected emails, 4000 influencers you can contact through the platform, and you can send out up to 15,000 and create up to 100 campaigns. This plan costs $459 per month. 

The brand is definitely open to creating customized plans if agencies and marketing firms are looking to have access to a lot more features, so you can also note that in your content if you feel that your followers might resonate with that. 

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As for integrations, you’ll be glad to know that NinjaOutreach can integrate with any of the following platforms: 

  • Zapier
  • Zoho
  • HubSpot
  • Infusionsoft
  • MailChimp

Joining the NinjaOutreach affiliate program

When it comes to joining this program, you’ll be happy to know that it isn’t self-managed. Before you even submit an application, you should take some time and make sure that you read the terms of service. 

You are not allowed to promote any type of violence, discrimination, or engage in any illegal activities, not to mention that you’re not allowed to use any means of boosting your traffic or having your affiliate links clicked on (including direct PPC). You are, of course, allowed to promote your content through PPC, but not your affiliate link.

What’s interesting about the terms is that they also stipulate that you are not allowed to use any design, including the logo, that belongs to NinjaOutreach or create a similar one. 

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How much can you make with the NinjaOutreach affiliate program?

Let’s see if this is a high-earning affiliate program, especially since this might be the main reason you’re reading this article. To make things simple, we’ll say that you can earn 20% out of every order placed through your affiliate link, whether that is for an annual or a monthly subscription.

But the best thing about this program is that you will earn 20% in recurring income for all of the plan renewals, whenever they happen. So, even though it might not seem like a huge commission right from the beginning, the fact that you have a chance of scoring that earning later on, too, is definitely an advantage. 

Payment methods and thresholds

While we couldn’t find any specific information as to how long the tracking cookie is, we will go with the assumption that it is clearly longer than the 7-day trial. 

As for the payments, the way it works is that NinjaOutreach retains your earnings for a period of up to 60 days until they are matured and have been approved. The payout does happen once every 30 days (on the first of every month), though, but all of the sales need to mature for two months. 

As for the minimum payment threshold, you need to have made at least $100 in commission before being allowed to withdraw your earnings. The only payment method available is PayPal, which can bother some affiliates, especially those whose PayPal accounts aren’t in good standing. 

How to promote NinjaOutreach to your followers

As per the terms and regulations in the document that we mentioned earlier, you are allowed to promote NinjaOutreach services in a variety of ways, whether that be creating articles about outreach, reviews of the service itself, or even video reviews on YouTube. 

You are even allowed to include your affiliate link in an e-book, if you want to write one. Forums and discussion boards are allowed, but you have to consider that it would be much better if you were to use your own platform rather than resorting to someone else’s. 

Social media is accepted, especially since this is essentially a social media marketing tool — you are allowed to share your affiliate link on anything ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn.

It’s also worth noting that before becoming an affiliate, you should first try to analyze the type of traffic you are getting and whether or not it actually makes sense for you to submit an application in the first place. The reason we’re saying this is that not all people online might be interested in reaching out to influencers. 

Another good application of the software is link building, so if you run a blog or website heavily focused on digital marketing and SEO and there are people in your readership interested in buying links or getting them through manual outreach, NinjaOutreach might be very handy. 

In fact, we’d argue that you can achieve a variety of things through this type of product, including getting brand names mentioned on podcasts or included in resource pages. You can talk about all of these techniques in your content on any platform that you are currently using. 

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Pros and cons to being a NinjaOutreach affiliate

When it comes to any affiliate program that we have reviewed up until now, there are both advantages and disadvantages that you need to give some thought to. The pros seriously outweigh the cons in terms of NinjaOutreach, and the reason we’re saying this is primarily the commission rate. 

Surely the 60-day waiting period could have been much shorter, in that a lot of other options do not ask their affiliates to wait for two whole months before allowing them to withdraw their earnings. There are plenty of choices out there where this happens for just one month, for example. 

On the other hand, if you have nothing against waiting for two months, we suggest giving a go to this program. The 20% out of the monthly subscription can mean quite a bit, especially when it comes to more generous plans that can cost more than $400 per month. 

In case you run into any problem, it’s also rather reassuring to know that you can communicate with a dedicated account manager. And finally, the fact that the payments are always made at the beginning of the month is another pro to consider. 

We’re not exactly crazy about the fact that the only payment method is PayPal, but given that so many digital marketing affiliate programs resort to this service, we can’t say that it differs a lot from what we’ve seen with other brands. 

NinjaOutreach affiliate program alternatives


While it isn’t as well-known as other tools that we might have mentioned in some of our other articles, Prowly is actually quite effective when it comes to online PR. And even though the tool is basically made for PR, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for other purposes, such as link building, too. 

It also shines when it comes to discovering new media contacts or creating or sending out press releases. Prowly can also be utilized for keeping track of your PR efforts, so it does resemble NinjaOutreach to some extent. 

As for its affiliate program, there’s not a lot to say about it. First off, the cookie lasts for a whole year, which is way longer compared to what other programs have to offer. Secondly, you get paid a $200 commission for every new subscription, and the best thing is that there aren’t even any limits when it comes to how much you can earn. So you could be making thousands of dollars in commissions and Prowly would still pay you fairly via wire transfers or PayPal. 

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We’re mentioning this one here because it is similar to NinjaOutreach, but we will note that there are quite a bit of differences when it comes to how much you can earn. As you know by now if you’ve taken the time to read the whole review, you can earn a recurring commission for every referral you send to NinjaOutreach.

The same goes for Postaga, but the difference is that it’s not a percentage, it’s a fixed rate — and it’s not one that will make you rich. Unless you refer a lot of users to the service, that is. 

The commission you can expect for someone who gets the Pro plan is $20 per month whereas the one for Agency plans users is $60, so it’s not so bad. You get paid this commission for the lifetime of every single customer. 

Final thoughts

So, should you join the NinjaOutreach affiliate program? Only you can answer this question, but we would say that there are a bit of factors to take into account, such as how satisfied you are with the earnings and the fact that the commission is a recurring one or the fact that the only payment method is PayPal. 

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