MyLead Review

MyLead is another affiliate network that you can use to monetize your blog or website. So, in today’s article, we’re looking at all of the features of this platform and what you can expect if you become a MyLead affiliate. 

We’re also discussing how lengthy the signup process is, what offers can be found on the network, and whether or not it is worth joining on the whole. 

MyLead Review

What is MyLead?

The MyLead affiliate network has been around ever since 2014, so it can be seen as fairly new compared to other platforms in the same industry. It is primarily geared at affiliate beginners who are looking for a network that can pay them based on their performance. 

The offices of MyLead Global are currently located in Poland. For the past eight years, the company has managed to work with more than 20,000 affiliates and it now has over 600 available affiliate programs. 

While that might be less compared to what you’d find on other networks, such as ClickBank, JVZoo or ShareASale, for example, we say that MyLead is still worth considering. Is MyLead legit? Yes, it is. 

The brand is completely transparent and if anything goes wrong or if one affiliate or another breaks a certain rule, they can expect to get their earnings transferred to them before their account is suspended. 

What also seems to make MyLead stand out from the crowd is that it offers quite a bit of information to complete newbies. There is a forum on the website where affiliates can go and complain or exchange views on affiliate programs, features, and everything else, and this community-based type of support seems to be quite efficient. 

Before we move on to the rest of the reasons you should consider becoming a MyLead affiliate, we would like to note that the most significant one seems to be the fact that this network pays its affiliates very fast. When you’re strapped for cash, it can be very frustrating to have to wait for a period of two weeks or more to get the money you’ve made from your commissions — and this is quite common with most affiliate networks out there. You’re not going to have to manage the same hassle in this case. 

Signing up

This is another aspect that makes affiliates a bit concerned when it comes to joining an affiliate program or platform, and the reason for that is that some have human verification processes put in place, which is why it can take a lot of time for you to be accepted into a program. 

Well, you probably have nothing to worry about in this sense when it comes to MyLead. They only ask for some basic information in the beginning, such as whether you have a website, how you intend to market the offers you find on their site, and other such details. 

Activating your account is very easy and can be done through an email. Once you give them your personal information, you will get access to the MyLead dashboard, where you can check out everything from the campaigns to the statistics, community, your personal profile, and also contact customer service in case you run into a problem. 

What we’d like to note is that you do have to add your main traffic source, which for most of us, would be our website. Someone will go on your blog or website and check it out to see whether or not it complies with the requirements that MyLead has in place. 

You probably know how much spam now exists on the internet, so it is important for MyLead employees to make sure they don’t allow any suspicious-looking sites to advertise their offers. 

They can get in serious trouble if they do not tackle this extensive verification process, mainly because some of the publishers can pull out, leaving them with fewer offers on the whole. 

How to make money with MyLead partner programs

There are quite a bit of campaigns and categories that you can check out before deciding on what you can promote through MyLead. 

What’s interesting about this platform is that it also dabbles in the adult niche, so if you have a website in that niche, you shouldn’t worry about it being problematic in the sense that it might lead to your account being rejected.

Other categories that can be found here are health and beauty (with their fair share of supplements, cosmetics, dieting products, and herbal medicine), accessories (whether jewelry or for presents), house and garden products (for home decoration, furniture, building household items, and the pet niche), and fashion.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can also recommend appliances and electronics to your audience, and there’s a wide variety of business products and services available, too (such as credit, insurance, loans, and investment platforms).

MyLead also makes it possible for you to tap into famous affiliate programs such as those managed by Norton, Udemy, About You, Canal+, Netflix Investment, and others. 

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Naturally, the commission rates and cookie durations you can expect with all of these affiliate programs are different as MyLead doesn’t have universal rates and referral periods for all of these offers. 

Therefore, you will have to decide which one of these products and services you should recommend based on the likelihood of your audience actually purchasing them and based on the money you can make with them. 

Types of marketing available on the MyLead portal

There are five main ways of earning through MyLead. You are probably aware of most of the marketing models that we will note here, but there is one that you might not have tried in the past. 

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With CPL, you make a commission each time someone signs up or becomes a subscriber of an advertiser’s service. With CPA, you get paid when a person performs a specific action, which can sometimes mean convincing people to make a purchase. 

PPI refers to actual software that your audience needs to download/install on their device, whether that be a computer or laptop or a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. 

CPS (cost-per-sale) is quite clear, in that you will earn a commission each time someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link (or later on, depending on the duration of the cookie). Compared to some of the other marketing models, this one is more complex, in that you are not going to be paid any type of commission, not even one cent, if your audience goes on the site, but doesn’t actually buy anything. 

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Finally, and this is what makes MyLead quite unique compared to other networks, you can also earn commissions by using SMS marketing. This might seem a little dated, but in this scenario, the user would have to send a phone message to a service in order to request the download of an app or game, for example, or join a competition where they can earn lottery-like prizes. 

Promoting MyLead offers

While some networks (including Amazon Associates) have extremely lengthy requirements from their affiliates, such as the fact that they might not be allowed to promote their affiliate links on social media, that is not the case with MyLead. 

You are allowed to share your links on networks such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and you can also use YouTube for the same purpose — there aren’t any limits in this sense. 

However, you will be held responsible if you are found to go against the requirements of MyLead, in the sense that you should not use shady marketing techniques to get people to click on your links. Needless to say, spamming users through emails is not a good idea and might get you booted out of the program. 

In any case, based on the information that we have found, this platform seems to be quite easy to work with. The dashboard gives you all the info you need to understand how you can take your performance to another level or change your content so that it can be more convincing. 

Additionally, if you run into any issue, you can rely on the MyLead customer support. Apparently, the representatives are doing a good job of fixing problems and will get in touch with you in a timely fashion. 

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Payout information

There’s a fair share of payment methods that this platform allows you to use, and the best thing about some of these is that they don’t even have any hefty fees. 

First off, MyLead stands out from the crowd because it allows affiliates to withdraw their money through services such as PayPal, which believe it or not, is something that even the most popular platforms do not allow right now. 

Other payment methods currently available range from Revolut and BitCoin to Wire, Skrill, Capitalist, and WebMoney. This makes it possible for affiliates across the world to have access to their earnings without having to pay outrageous transaction fees. 

The minimum payment threshold is just $20, which is another reason to consider becoming a MyLead affiliate. We’re saying this because you’ll find that on most other affiliate networks, you will first have to earn at least $50 or $100 for you to be able to withdraw your money. 

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Pros and cons of MyLead

There really aren’t a lot of drawbacks when it comes to joining and promoting affiliate offers you will find on MyLead. Some people might argue that because it is heavily performance-based, you might not be able to make an assessment of the money you can make, for example. 

Also, your readers will have to perform several actions in a row to end up purchasing a product and therefore, make you earn a commission — but this is to be expected with lots of other networks, anyway. 

As for the advantages that you will benefit from if you decide to become a MyLead affiliate, there are many of them. For example, the payout methods and the payment threshold are at the top of the list of pros, but so is the fact that there are forums where you can get in touch with mentors and other successful affiliates, who might be able to offer you advice. 

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The dashboard is another good reason to become an affiliate of this platform, in that it is quite generous in terms of the information it delivers you. In fact, you can even download a PDF report of everything just so that you can analyze it later on, when you might not have access to the Internet. 

While there are perhaps fewer offers available on this network, we’d say that some of them are worth considering. 

It is true that not all of the brands that you are going to come across on this platform are world-known, except for maybe Norton, for example, but if you do your affiliate job properly and convince folks to try out new services or products, you aren’t going to have a hard time making decent money with MyLead. 

Frequently asked questions

Do you have to pay anything to become a MyLead affiliate?

No. There are no costs involved whatsoever. This can be important for someone who’s just starting out their affiliate marketing journey and might not have a lot of disposable income. 

Some affiliate networks out there will ask for a fee just to analyze your application, something in the likes of $10, and if your application ends up being rejected, you’re never going to get your money back. MyLead doesn’t ask for any money in this sense. 

What are the rules?

This is something that we’d like to note here and it’s that every affiliate program that can be found on the network has different terms and conditions. You will have to manage the hassle of reading them individually just to make sure that you aren’t breaking any rules and risking getting your account suspended. 

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Final thoughts

So, is MyLead worth considering? Yes. It might not be the largest affiliate network in the world right now and the number of offers might be lower, but it’s never a good idea to use the same platform time and again. 

For example, if you’re a ShareASale affiliate and you accidentally do something against their terms and conditions and your account gets deleted, you will effectively lose any monetization options — unless you also use other networks or affiliate programs. 

MyLead is a decent option when it comes to affiliate marketing, particularly if you are based in Europe or your blog or website audience is based in Europe. 

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