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Money Robot

Money Robot is a  high-quality link building software that creates very good quality links from authority sites with good metrics. The software is also the only blogs creator software that is able to create and manage an unlimited number of blogs which is great for running the largest of SEO campaigns.



Money robot pricing

Before I go on to explain how to use money robot lets first talk about the cost involved. There are two different pricing models you can choose from here, the first is a monthly subscription at $67 and the second is a one time purchase at $497. In the long run, the one-time purchase is the better option as you will own the tool forever more. However after reading this, if you’re still unsure if this tool is for you then I would suggest trying it out first of all with the monthly fee.

Money Robot also comes with a 7-day free trial which I suggest everyone uses so you can get a little hand on experience with the tool before you buy anything.


Before you start doing anything on Money Robot you want to make sure you have the appropriate proxies set up. This tool has default ones you can use but for more accurate results I would always suggest having some of your own private dedicated ones to help both the speed at which Money Robot will work at and the amount of content it can produce for you.


To add proxies, head to the Settings section at the top, from there opens up a new window where you can select the Proxies tab.


In here you can then add any private proxies you have. If you don’t have any there are loads of different places you can go to get them. I recommend trying out You can paste them in here using the following format:

Ip address:port:username:password

Make sure you tick the checkbox that says ‘Use my Proxy list’ before you save your proxies.

The other thing you want to make sure you have is some sort of captcha breaking service.

Money robot Captcha

When Money Robot is creating accounts and submitting articles it will be faced with captcha forms, you can do these manually but the amount of time that can take would take a whole lot of time that can be replaced using some software. These are the tools Money Robot recommend, I personally use GSA captcha breaker but any of these tools suffice.

Now you’ve got all of your proxies and captcha breaker set up its time to create your campaign.

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Creating a Campaign

New campaign

Once you’ve gone ahead and bought Money Robot the installation process is pretty straightforward. Now you’re ready, open up the tool and the first step is to create your campaign.

Above is a screenshot of the setup window where you add the following information:

  • Target URLs (Money sites)
  • Keywords that you want to rank for
  • The article titles
  • The article content

The articles section is an important one, for a successful campaign you will want to create a few different articles and then save them in a specific folder, now when you get to this section you want to check the box that says ‘load articles from folder’ this allows you to submit loads of different articles to avoid any kind of duplication.

On the right-hand side you’ll also notice there is a diagram showing you the campaign strategy. Clicking on the dropdown menu above will let you choose what kind of strategy you want to implement depending on how competitive it is.

These are just templates that Money Robot give you to start off with, you can then add and remove tasks once you put it live.

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As you can see your money site is based in the middle with all of the other link types surrounding it such as web 2.0s, bookmarks, social shares etc.

It also shows you exactly how the campaign has been tiered, so from the screenshot above you can see the social shares and likes are going directly to the money site and there are multiple web 2.0 profiles pointing to blogs that then point to the money site.

Once you’re happy with your campaigns set up its time to run it.

If you are running a highly competitive campaign then I would suggest spreading the submission over a longer period of days. There is no specific right answer here but you should allow Money Robot to gradually build the links for the site to avoid being penalised.

Money robot overview

Now that the project is running, Money Robot will start creating social and web 2.o accounts that will then like and share your page. If you are running a campaign with tasks that require articles then it will use the articles that you have saved within a folder.

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You can also create new task individually within a campaign by clicking on the ‘New Task’ button.

New Task

From here you can manually start these tasks putting in each of the settings as you go.


There are a few more tabs on money robot with a few extra features:

My Accounts – In here you can all of your accounts that have been created, where you can the URLs along with the usernames and passwords.

Social – Here you can manually enter your social media profiles and Money Robot will give you daily social shares and likes from their trusted verified accounts. All you need to do is enter your social profiles URLs.

Video – Again similar to the social feature, you add your youtube videos URLs and Money Robot will give you real views and likes on a daily basis.

Traffic – The traffic tab will give you real search engine traffic to your websites, all that is required is for you to enter the URLs and Money Robot does the rest.

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Money Robot is one of the best tools out there for link building. I would never suggest that you rely on a tool to do all of your backlinking but when you need that bit extra for your sites, Money Robot is the perfect solution.

For what this tool does it has a very simple interface that can create a good link building template for you to go ahead and manipulate and a lot of the hard work is done for you.

As it comes with a free trial I would recommend anyone give this tool a try, there are quite a few features on here that at least one of them will definitely benefit your SEO campaign.

Sign up for Money Robot here.

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