Best Luxury Affiliate Programs

When it comes to affiliate marketing, everyone knows that there are two ways of going about things. You either sell a lot of lower priced items or you sell fewer ones, but they are very expensive, which means that they can bring you a lot of money. 

In today’s article, we’re looking at the top luxury affiliate programs out there. Whether they’re in cars, fashion, flights, or travel experiences, these programs are among the best (based on their commissions and cookie durations), so check them out below! 

What is the best luxury affiliate program?

Luxury Garage Sale

As its name suggests, this store specializes in authenticating and reselling big brand items such as Channel, Louis Vuitton, or Gucci bags and accessories. There are a variety of other products available, too, and they range from shoes to clothing and jewelry. 

As for their affiliate program, we’d say that it’s pretty decent. The value of the items that you will find here is quite high, and every sale will earn you 5% in commissions. The only issue is that on items that cost more than $5,000, your commissions will be 3%, not 5%. 

The cookie lasts for thirty days, which is pretty much a standard of this niche. On the downside, you cannot join this program through a network like Radius or Impact, or even ShareASale, so you will have to apply via email. 

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is one of those luxury brand affiliate programs that everyone needs to check out at one point or the other. The reason we claim this is that their commission rates range from 7% to 9%, which is excellent. 

As for the cookie, it also lasts 30 days, as is the case with so many other programs we have showcased in our article. 

If you decide to promote their products, you’ll have a quite generous inventory consisting of bags, vintage items, as well as home decor accessories and even watches and jewelry pieces

The Real Real

The good thing about this program is that it can be joined and managed through Impact, an affiliate network we might have mentioned before. The Real Real is excellent in that not only does it sell a variety of big brand items, but the cookie actually lasts for fifteen months. 

That means that you will be able to earn commissions even one year and more from now if somebody clicks on your affiliate link. Also, the comissions differ depending on what type of customers you refer to their site. 

For example, returning customers will get you a 5% commission, while new ones will make you a commission of 7%. You also have the option of earning $5 per sale — if that makes you feel more comfortable. 


MyTheresa specializes in selling brands such as Jimmy Choo, Prada, and Gucci. There’s not too much to add with regard to the company other than the fact that their inventory is quite generous, so you will be able to recommend to your audience anything from shoes to clothing items and accessories. 

Also, their affiliate program is quite decent since the commission rate is a fixed 8% on every order, and the cookie lasts for 30 days. Moreover, you can join this program through a network like Rakuten or CJ Affiliates, which makes everything a lot easier if you’re the affiliate of several other programs, too. 


The luxury brand watches that can be found on this website tend to cost a lot of money. In fact, the average order is more than $10,000, which means that the commission rate of 2% to 4% is going to be more than decent at the end of the day. 

The cookie length is the standard 30 days that you can come across when becoming the affiliate of other programs listed in this post. If you’re having any second thoughts about this, just keep in mind that the lowest amount of money people are likely to spend on this site is $2,500. 


This one is more or less similar to MyTheresa, meaning that the website sells a variety of luxury brand items, but they are focused on kids’ fashion. 

There is a MeliJoe affiliate program that you can manage through CJ Affiliates. What makes it definitely worth considering is the 10% commission on every purchase and the 30-day cookie length, which is quite decent. 

JR Dunn Jewellers

This site sells a lot of luxury items, such as watches, earrings, diamond rings, and a variety of other accessories for special occasions or special people. The good thing about their affiliate program is that it can be managed through ShareASale, which gives you the opportunity to have more control over how much you make.

Also, the commission rate is a fixed 3% on every qualified sale, and the cookie lasts for fifteen days. While the cookie could have been better, given the value of the products sold on the website, this luxury affiliate program is still worth considering. 

Oberoi Hotels and Resorts

This one is a pretty standard luxury travel affiliate program, in that you will earn 6% on each referred sale (and the average value of every booking made through the site is about $500, which can make you $25). The cookie lasts for thirty days. 

Besides the hotels, the site also deals in selling things like travel experiences. They also have a variety of special offers available, and they’re known to update them on a regular basis. 

Money Metals

Investing in coins is a pretty good way of saving money for retirement, for example, and lots of people are looking into it these days. That’s where Money Metals comes in. The company specializes in selling both gold and silver coins.

As for this affiliate program, you can expect to be paid a commission of $16 for each referred sale. The cookie lasts for 30 days, which isn’t so bad, especially given that some of the programs we’ve described here have lower cookie durations. 

Saks Fifth Avenue

This is a pretty interesting luxury affiliate program, too, since the average value of most accessories and clothing items you will find on this site is $2,000 or more. What we don’t really appreciate about it is that they have different commissions based on the country you operate out of. 

For example, US-based affiliates will get 3% in commissions, whereas UK-based affiliates will earn 5% in commission for every order. The cookie lasts for two weeks regardless of your location, though, so at least there’s that. 

On the other hand, this is among the few brands that were never hit by a recession, at least in the past two decades. This means that a category of people is definitely going to consider the products listed on this website and you have to somehow convince that category to shop through your affiliate links. 

Puffy Mattress

Although you might not expect this type of company to be showcased here, the truth is that mattresses and beds are very expensive, which automatically makes them a part of the luxury category. 

But this one is different in that the mattresses are even more pricey, but its features make them some of the best currently being sold in the United States. 

If this is a category of products that you can actually recommend to your audience, you should have no doubts about doing so. The commission rate that you can earn for every sale is $300, which is outstanding. 

Even better, the cookie duration is 180 days, which means that for half a year, you can still earn commissions from the clicks on your affiliate links. 

MSC Cruises

If you’re looking for luxury travel affiliate programs, MSC Cruises should be right up your alley. 

The commission is $100 for every sale, which can be an inconvenience given that the average cost of experience purchased through this site is about $15,000 — but even so, the commission is better than that of what other programs can offer. 

As for the cookie, it lasts for the standard 30 days you can expect from other options, too. 

L’Occitane En Provence

This French company specializes in manufacturing excellent skin products that range from moisturizers to shower gels and everything else. Although the cost of these products aren’t necessarily in the ‘luxury’ category, they are definitely known for their quality. 

The nice thing about this affiliate program is that the products that you will recommend to your blog readership are ethically manufactured. They are not tested on animals, and they don’t even contain any palm oil in them. 

While the 2.5% commission is not exactly amazing, at least the cookie lasts for a month and a half, leaving people enough time to make a purchase even if they are feeling undecided at first.  

Villiers Jets

As its name suggests, this company specializes in private jets for a variety of experiences. In fact, they manage more than nine thousand private jets across forty thousand locations everywhere around the world. 

Since you can expect private jets to cost a pretty penny, if you recommend them to your audience and someone actually makes a purchase, you will receive a 30% commission — which is definitely worth writing home about, right?

Best of all, the cookie lasts for a whole year, so even if someone changes their mind and decides to get a private jet later on, you’ll still receive your 30% commission. 


This company specializes in selling luxury items made for home and lifestyle design. They have an inventory of more than 20,000 products right now and regularly work with several hundred brands. 

The AMARA affiliate program is worth taking into account, thanks to the cookie duration (30 days) and the 5% baseline commission. 

Although it might not seem a lot, especially at first, you do have to consider that these products are not cheap, so you’ll still make a bit of money thanks to the program. Also, it can be managed through Rakuten Marketing, which is another pro. 

OceanScape Yachts 

Yachts are pretty much synonymous with luxury, right? So, as you can expect, this affiliate program will bring you the big bucks, if you get people to actually buy a boat adventure, that is. 

The average value of a yacht experience is about $25,000, and even if the commissions range from 5% to 2%, you’ll still make quite a fair share of money. Best of all, the cookie lasts for a whole lifetime, so that’s one less thing to worry about. 


Who hasn’t heard about Gucci before? It’s one of the best-known brands in the world right now, and it’s been around ever since the 1920s. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any specific info about the cookie duration of their affiliate program, but we did find that they offer a 7 to 8% commission on each qualified sale. 

Since the value of the products sold on their site is definitely not low, becoming a luxury affiliate will make you some money. We also have to add that the Guggi program can be managed through the VigLink affiliate network. 


While we couldn’t find any info about the cookie duration of this program, we did find that the commission rate is a fixed 2% on every order. 

Besides the fact that the brand in itself is very well-known, so you aren’t going to have a lot of trouble recommending it to your audience, we’d also like to note that this program runs through Rakuten, so that’s an advantage in itself. 

Etihad Airways

We might have mentioned this program when we put together our post about the best airline affiliate programs out there — and the truth is that it’s among the best that you can recommend to your audience, at least in this niche. 

With their high-quality services and luxury flights, this UAE-based airline program is definitely worth looking into. What’s interesting about it is that you can manage your earnings and stats through a network, but it differs depending on your location. 

If you are in the United States, you’ll have to use CJ Affiliates, but if you are based in the United Kingdom, you will need to use AWIN. Even those based in India have to use a different network — Optimize Media. 

The commission is a fixed 2% for each completed booking, but the cookie duration remains a mystery as we couldn’t find it disclosed on any of the sources we have checked out.  


This is a rather interesting affiliate program since the company sells luxury items made for homes, patios, gardens, and poolsides. You might not be able to understand the appeal, but the truth is that some folks fork out thousands of dollars on these items. 

In any case, Urbilis makes it possible for their affiliates to earn as much as 8% of every sale. The cookie duration is 45 days, which definitely isn’t bad. 


This company specializes in selling vintage and luxury designer clothing. They’ve been around for several years, and they were also purchased back in 2018, but their history did not affect their success in any way. 

The commission of the NET-A-PORTER affiliate program isn’t a standard one in the least. It varies depending on the category of products. For example, for any items listed in the ‘sale’ category, you’ll generate a 3% commission. But for most of the other products, you’ll earn 6% on every order, except for the beauty category, which will bring you a commission of 4%. 

The cookie lasts for 14 days, so it could have been better, but since this program can also be managed through Rakuten Marketing, we’d say that it’s at least worth looking into. 

Jimmy Choo

If you’ve ever watched a widely known HBO TV show, you probably know that Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite shoe brand is Jimmy Choo. But it’s also one of the reasons she goes into heavy debt — which should give you a clue as to how expensive these shoes can be. 

The 8% commission is definitely worth writing home about, in this case, and the cookie lasts for thirty days, too, which is another pro. We’d also like to note that you can manage your earnings and check on your statistics using the Rakuten platform, in this case. 

Moda Operandi

What’s interesting about this affiliate program is that the commissions are different based on the network you use. For example, with Rakuten Marketing, you can expect 10% commissions, while for CJ Affiliate, they’re going to be just 7%. 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any info on the cookie duration, so you’ll have to do a bit of digging on your own. 


A rather frustrating detail about this affiliate program is that we couldn’t find any particular information about the commissions that you can expect.

Apparently, their affiliate managers deal with this individually, so you’ll have different commission rates depending on what sales you refer and which of them get approved. 

At least one thing is clear — the cookie duration is 30 days. Also, we’d like to note that with this one, you do have the option of using an affiliate network (Rakuten) to manage your earnings and all of the other stats you might be interested in. 

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