Long Tail Pro Review

Long Tail Pro Review

Long-tail Pro is one of the older tools on the market and the fact they have stood the test of time shows that they are offering a great option for you when it comes to keyword research and competitor analysis. Now there are a number of keyword research tools out there and they all do a great job to some degree, but when it comes to searching for keywords on a local level or finding long-tail opportunities then LongTail Pro is the go-to tool for that kind of research.

Whist some other tools are poor when looking at local rankings, in every country across the world, as they are using much wider data sets, so because one tool doesn’t show up a long-tail keyword and the search volume for that keyword, doesn’t always mean there is no search for that, the tools simply might not have that data.

That is why its wise to try and test different tools and because I started out doing local SEO for clients and ranking locally myself I  always felt that Long Tail Pro was giving me better data on that local stuff and allowed me to report a bit easier to clients on a local level too.

The interface is simple and easy to use and you can watch my video above which gives you a basic walkthrough of the tool and what it does.

How to use Long Tail Pro?

It’s pretty easy simply enter some keywords into the search bar and find out which keywords are being searched for, so, for example, I’ve used Longtail Pro themselves on the tool to see what people search for when looking for this tool.

You will see there are a number of terms there such as ” how to use Longtail Pro ” and a number of others and that allows me to then be able to optimise my page for a number of different search terms relating to this tool.

So whether its a tool, service or something more locally searched this tool will give you an idea on how competitive it’s going to be, what volume there is in terms of search.

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Whether its 10 searches per month or not, this can be worth going after, as 10 leads or sales can actually account for a decent income depending on what service or product you are providing, so dont always think you have to go after the high searched keywords from the offset. Go and grab all those other opportunities that are out there and get some quick rankings.

SERP Analysis on Long Tail Pro

You can quickly scan a SERP and see whos doing what, in terms of keywords and how difficult the tool determines that search to be, I’ve again done an example for ” SEO consultant ” and you can see the results below.

You will see whos up top and what they are doing, alongside some third party domain metrics to give you a quick overview on that SERP and whether you want to jump in and get a slice of the action. If its too competitive move on and find another keyword that’s your choice.

Longtail Pro Rank Tracker

You can use Longtail Pro to track your rankings, the tool will check your rankings daily and you can simply log in to your dashboard to see what movement you have, whether that’s positive movement or if a few keywords slide you might want to take a look at what’s going on there and try and get them moving back up in the right direction. It is always wise to set up rank tracking on any of the tools you use.


No data is worth ignoring and I think using Long Tail Pro to dig in and get long-tail keywords is always part of anyone’s marketing mix, even if you are an established brand, you can still find longer tail opportunities that convert, I’m always looking for things that are easy to rank for so jump on and try long tail pro and see what keywords you can find to rank for.

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