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Local SEO can make a difference if you want more customers (and who doesn’t?) to buy your products or services. For a local business, finding the right local SEO software and making the most of it can make all the difference in terms of their online presence. 

Check out some of the best local SEO tools out there below. 

Best Local SEO Software

Moz Local

Moz Local offers you all of the benefits of local SEO tools all into one. You can take advantage of it by maximizing your reach, sending out correct listings to most search engines, aggregators, as well as apps. 

Based on the info we found about it, it seems that it can help boost your citations and local listings, and also find NAP inconsistencies. The user interface doesn’t raise any technical difficulties, even to people that might be less tech-savvy. 

On top of everything, Moz Local sends out weekly reports in case you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to keep track of what’s happening local SEO-wise every day. The dashboard practically does everything for you. 

It’s even cheaper compared to others as it is priced at $129 a year. 

SE Ranking

We picked this tool as our second favorite because it’s extremely easy to use, so it undoubtedly speaks to the needs of SEO newbies. SE Ranking is a local SEO ranking tool specifically made for businesses. 

se ranking

It includes promotion and SEO analysis, and it offers correct location tracking, keyword suggestions, and in-depth website analyses. It even has a great reporting tool, so you can keep up to everything. 

Bright Local

If you’re looking for simple local SEO solutions in terms of software, Bright Local should be an option that’s right up your alley. It comes with more than enough local SEO features, from the ability to monitor your citations to GMB listing optimizations. 

Bright Local also gives you detailed local SEO audit reports depending on your metrics – and suggests issues that have to be fixed. With this piece of software, you can track customer reviews, local and mobile search rankings, and even social media interactions. 


If you’re wary about getting a subscription and you first want to try a free local search tool, then Serpstat might make a good choice. It provides you with more than enough features, most of which are specifically aimed at small businesses. 

It is more complex than others in that you can also use it for competition research, keyword research, search analytics, and on-page optimization. If you have nothing against actually keeping track of your local SEO keywords manually and regularly, Serpstat should be a great option for you. 


What more could we say about Ahrefs? It’s one of the best feature-rich SEO tools out there, and you can definitely use it for improving your local SEO strategy, too. 

While it is not uniquely designed for local SEO, if you’re a seasoned user of Ahrefs, you can clearly take advantage of it. From keyword research to backlink analysis, this piece of software comes with everything you might need and more. 

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The downside is that, compared to other options that we have showcased in this article, it doesn’t tell you what directories you’re listed in or other such details that you might want to keep track of. Perhaps it should be used in tandem with another tool such as Bright Local, for example. 


This one is specifically targeted at online reviews and local pages. It has loads of features that make it a breeze for you to work with local directories. 


With the Yext Knowledge Manager, you can have a look at a number of insights regarding what people are looking for in relation to your business and what your audience is so that you can target it better. 


As its name clearly tells you, Advicelocal is specifically made for local businesses. The platform makes it easier for companies to improve their online visibility through apps, search engines, and social media networks. 

If you have to rely on Advicelocal as a data accelerator and aggregator, you need to get in touch with the company’s team. They have no specific plans available on their site, but that’s understandable since every local business’s needs are unique. 


Whitespark is a local SEO software that you can use to your advantage thanks to its very generous features — from Local Rank Tracker to Reputation Builder, this tool even allows you to discover new linking opportunities. 

A review checker is also available, so you will be able to conveniently keep up with what people are saying about your business and fix potential problems in no time. Another cool feature is the Local Citation Finder, which allows you to peek at your competitors’ citations. 


You can use Reviewtrackers to grow your presence online organically by asking for and replying to reviews on your company. Reviewtrackers does all this work for you, meaning that it requests reviews from your clients, it even responds to them, and it ensures customer care like no other tool. 


There are a variety of plans available for everyone and you can even ask them for a demo just to see what difference Reviewtrackers might make for your business. 

Local SEO Checklist

This local SEO tool can be used to solve your problems, technical-side wise. You can look at your on-page elements and see what you need to fix, but you can also find whether there aren’t any errors in business directories and citations that you need to attend to. 

Furthermore, this tool allows you to fix anything related to Google that you might find is incorrect regarding your business. You can also take a look at your customer reviews and backlinks. 

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Google Structured Data Inspector

This tool almost works as a local SEO guide in the sense that you get all of the information you need so that you fix it (on-page). It’s particularly useful for pages that might have schema and that you might have worked for in the past – and you don’t know whether it’s being interpreted correctly by the search engines. 


As its name suggests, this tool can improve your local SEO ranking by telling you what directories you’re listed in. It also accurately shows you how you’re listed so that you can see whether there are any mistakes. 

Furthermore, it lets you know what specific category you’re listed in and whether you have any media connections showcased in those listings. 


If you’re on a budget, you can definitely try the Grade.us free version, but we’d like to note that many of its functionalities are available in the paid version. With this tool, you can put together a very simple review page with the help of which you can ask your customers for reviews.

grade.us local seo tools

If you get the paid tool, you’ll be able to check out a review funnel, which obviously isn’t available in the free version. 


This tool comes with a pretty neat feature called Rank Tracker, which has the ability to keep track of the evolution of local-based keywords. Besides the Local Rank Tracking box they make available, CognitiveSEO is a rather effective tool, in general. 

It somewhat resembles other SEO tools in the sense that you can find keywords and track your competition, and you also get access to a Content Assistant, with the help of which you can optimize your posts for better local search results. 


Some say that Synup is the best local SEO software for the money, as it scans your business name and discovers exactly where it is listed. With its user-friendly interface, even newbies can use this tool. 

It’s also a pretty good tool for SEOs that work with local businesses, since it makes exporting all of the report data a breeze. There’s also local listing management available, as well as analytics monitoring. 

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Like some of the other tools that we have mentioned in this selection, Reputation.com offers you plenty of local SEO tips for improving your rankings, from online reviews and business listings to directory management. 

reputation.com local seo software

Reputation.com also creates a reputation score based on the info about your brand that it finds online — and tells you what you have to do to improve

Tribe Local

This local SEO tool makes it easy for you to manage your online reputation and directory listings. Compared to some of the other pieces of software in this list, Tribe Local is a breeze to use, and it also lets you create reports for your business or your clients if you manage local SEO campaigns. 

Also, Tribe Local comes with more than one hundred local listing sites, plenty of premium citations, and it lets you add an unlimited number of extra users so that you can make the most of the tool. Needless to say, you can also manage your reviews and add your business in GMB with the assistance of this software. 


Backlinks and the right anchors can make a significant effort when it comes to your local SEO efforts, so why shouldn’t you try a tool that does just that? Linkio monitors the backlinks that your business has received over time and suggests edits on the anchor texts so that you can make the most of them. 

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Final thoughts

Choosing the best local SEO software can be a pain, especially if you haven’t tried out any other tools in the past. Look for reviews online and see which tool is the easiest to use, and start there. Once you learn the basics, you can move on to something a little more complex. 

If you need help with your local SEO efforts, feel free to get in touch. We have plans for everyone!

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