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Are you on the lookout for Linkedin Marketing Software? For months, I was the same looking high and low for some tools that helped me generate leads on Linkedin. By spending hours per day, I managed to get myself much higher up than I was and I was starting to get some attention on there from potential clients.

What was really frustrating was that there seemed to be the same old faces sat above me, they always seemed to be all over Linkedin commenting, posting blogs and plenty of people were connecting with these people. What was even more disturbing to me was that some of these people didn’t actually look like real people. The face looked semi distorted and they had weird looking glasses on, upon looking closer at the profile they even had some terrible email addresses ( the most unprofessional you will ever find )

After spending hours and hours checking out the software I was still none the wiser I checked out all of the well-known forums and all of that stuff and no-one was wanting to spill the beans, so I was starting to ask myself if such Linkedin marketing software was out there.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 10.37.31Eventually, I came across a couple of pieces of software that help the overall process. Linkeddominator is a great tool and can do pretty much everything automatically for you and saves you hours and hours of time and helps you climb up those Linkedin rankings and gets you some decent exposure. This bit of Linkedin Marketing Software doesn’t cost a fortune and will help you get more exposure on this platform.

They actually have plans for this software that allow’s you to pay on a monthly basis, and you can then do your Linkedin automation and have the opportunity to stop it when you like.

With packages in US Dollars they are cost effective and for a tool that does a fair bit of Linkedin Automation which can save you hours of time its worth trying out.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 14.26.15

There are several other Linkedin Marketing tools that will help you, however you must be aware that it is not advisable to do Linkedin Automation using several tools at the one time. Linkedin themselves are very much on the ball when it comes to this software and tries to make sure that their system isn’t manipulated. However with all of the technology that’s on the market today there are people working round the clock creating bots and software that will continue to automate the whole Linkedin process which will in turn save you hours of time per day to do other things.

There are several other tools also now working and end up getting great results, I have had over 8600+ profile views in the last 90 days and you can be the same, I’m currently making a few tutorials on these tools and where you can buy them, I will be sending out a newsletter with the full tutorial for FREE at the end of November so sign up today if you want to know the best Linked in Marketing tools that are currently on the market in 2015, as there are many tools out there that are not developed on an ongoing basis and no longer work that well.


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