Link Whisper Review, Best Process for Internal Link Building

Hi guys. So, just going to give you a quick overview of a nice internal linking tool called So obviously for anyone out there who’s wanting to do internal links, it’s a pain in the backside going through and picking your internal links and everything else and no one really wants to sit and do that kind of stuff manually. If there’s a plugin or two or a way of semi-automating that, then great. And it’s obviously something I’ve been trying in the past few weeks and Link Whisper has been the one of choice. I’ve seen people talking about it and thought I’d try it out for myself.

What does Link Whisper Do?

So, what is Link Whisper? It’s a workplace plugin, which as it says, speeds up the process of internal linking, which will help you in turn rank well on Google. So get Link Whisper now. What is the cost of Link Whisper? One website. It’s an annual price that they have. It’s $67 for one website, three websites $97, and 10 sites, $147. And it gives you a full internal link report and all of that kind of good stuff.

Let Link Whisper suggest your internal links for you

So very simple and easy to do. It says there, what kind of link suggestions can you expect? You are going to get links based on the content of your website and you’re in complete control. You can either accept or reject the link suggestions, which I’ll show you in a minute. What if you wanted to move links after you make them? You can remove them. Anyone can do that. Very simple and easy to do. What if you uninstall the plugin or cancel Link Whisper? All your links will remain active. You just won’t be able to do any future ones. And will Link Whisper help you rank better on Google? Obviously not Link Whisper itself, but having a good internal linking structure can certainly make all the difference.

It says here at the bottom, what if you don’t like the link suggestions you’re getting? You can customize the settings to fine tune the types of links that are suggested. You can set certain words and phrases to be ignored and so on. So make sure that you do play around with your settings.

Now I’m just going to show you an article that I published that I’ve not got any internal links on just yet. It’s a transcribed version of a podcast that had with a guy called Jason Barnard. So I’ve installed the plugin, so that’s the content and everything else. If you scroll down underneath the all-in-one SEO and everything else, you will have the suggested links from Link Whisper. So I can tick that. I will link into that internal page there. That sounds good. That sounds good. Why not tick a lot of these? So I’m going to tick them all and then you click update post and then we’ll see.

Now when you install the plugin, it’s just the usual way to install the plugin but going down here, this is where the settings are. So, you can open links in a new tab, ignore numbers, select language, what’s to be ignored, these are all default ones, but you can go in and add to that and you can select whether you do post PGs and various other things on here if you want to. Add internal links there and also says number of sentences to skip. So it won’t continue to just give you the same internal links on… I’ll just make that four, actually. It won’t give you them on the same sentence, so that’s obviously another part of the sentence there, but it’s very simple and easy to use the tool. It will give you a good internal linking structure. And as I say, it’s been very successful for me without playing around with the sentence too much. It’s just out of the box a great tool.

And obviously, if we go back to Link Whisper, we do have two minutes and 43 seconds of video on here, which will tell you how to use the tool, just the exact same way I did there, and you can basically see all your reporting and everything else as well, and you can play around with your settings.

So, a great tool for internal linking and I can highly recommend Link Whisper. And you see there are many others, including Matthew Woodward, who are telling people that this is a great tool to be using and internal linking is one of the most underused strategies in SEO and there are guys out here who make only internal linking changes and see the needle move on the ranking. So make sure that you don’t leave it too much longer and get involved.

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