Lead Generation Training Course

Lead GenerationI’m now in the process of writing a Lead Generation Training Course. Having done SEO for 14 years now, all I’ve done is generate leads online and make businesses plenty of money using a wide range of online marketing strategies.

There are a lot of people offering Lead Generation as a service. This can done in a number of ways. People say LinkedIn is a way of generating leads and that’s true it certainly works well for me. Others use social media, PPC and many other strategies to generate leads one way or another.

In my experience it isn’t just about generating the leads. You need to find the right partner to work with who can service those leads, have a team of staff who answer the enquiries promptly and have a business structure in place so that you are able to make money from Lead Generation. If you get partnered with someone who is going to pay you per lead and cough up the money you want per lead then you might just have a business model.

Pay Per Lead services is another one of the services that I’ve seen people offering. This can be a great model for someone who is confident that they can generate leads however, there is more to the set up than just finding someone who will pay for the leads and a website that generates the leads.

With Pay Per Lead services you need to be able to track the leads, track phone calls and that requires Lead Generation Software. There are tons of these on the market and a lot of them are pretty expensive and have flaws but if you dig around deep enough you may stumble across some of the better tools and software to set this type of thing up. The Lead Generation software is vital because it tracks the leads and also sends the lead to the customer via email or text, it also automatically bills the client too in most cases so that you have plenty of time to concentrate on generating more leads.

Although my training course primarily covers Lead generation and pay per lead services, it also covers SEO training, SEO or organic search traffic is the area that generates the most traffic, clicks and conversions. Of course other people can generate leads via other sources but SEO is one of the main factors in any businesses marketing strategy so it’s very important that you understand it.

My Lead Generation Course can take hours to go through. With access to my online portal I can set you up with a login within 24 hours of receiving payment and you can start your training and learn how to create a lead generation business from the comfort of your own home.

The course consists of text, screencasts and images to make sure that everything that I’m showing you is easy to understand. In many Lead Generation courses you hear the instructor going off into other things that are not always relevant, the videos and screencasts in my training course are simple and straight to the point which will make sure that you can quickly get to the point and move onto the next module.

SEO and websites change so often that anyone generating leads will need to be on top of their game to ensure they stay ahead of their competitors. There is a extensive information in my training course and it’s constantly updated to ensure quality information.

The course will be available on the 1st of April 2016 and will give you everything you need to know about Lead Generation along with all the software and tools that will get you up and running and making money in no time.

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