Kinsta Affiliate Program Review

If you’ve been searching for new ways of monetizing your content and you’re lucky enough for your niche to match topics like digital marketing and building websites, including web hosting services and comparisons between them, becoming a Kinsta affiliate might make sense for you. 

If you want to find out as much as possible about the Kinsta affiliate program, including how much you can expect to earn, how you can be paid, and more information that you should be aware of before even considering this opportunity. 

Kinsta Affiliate Review

What is Kinsta?

This company has been around for close to a decade now and during that time, the brand has tried to change the game for web hosting all over the world. 

Some of the services offered by Kinsta range from App hosting to WordPress Hosting and there’s also the option of customers choosing Database Hosting if that’s what they need. 

Based on the info that we found about Kinsta services, they also seem to offer pretty good customer support, which should set your audience’s mind at ease — they’ll be spending their hard-earned cash in the right place, after all. 

What services can you recommend to your audience?

As previously mentioned, there are three main types of services that you can suggest in your content if you become an affiliate for Kinsta — managed WordPress Hosting, Application Hosting, as well as Database Hosting. 

The prices of all of these services can vary a lot and also based on the features included in the packages. For example, the Starter plan for the Managed WordPress Hosting package is billed at $35 per month and it includes up to 25,000 visits per month, up to 10GB of disk space, free SSL, CDN, and staging, as well as free migrations. The company takes care of everything in terms of the WordPress installation process, too. 

As a comparison, the Pro, billed at $70, offers 50,000 visits, two WordPress installs, up to 20GB of disk space and the rest of the features we have mentioned for the Starter plan. 

One of the most generous plans sold by Kinsta is called Enterprise 4 and it includes as many as 150 WordPress installs, up to 2,500,000 visits per month, 250GB of disk space and more. 

As for the Application Hosting packages, they range from $20 for the Standard to $36 per month for the CPU Optimized plan and more, depending on every customer’s needs. While we’re at it, we thought we’d mention that the pricing is very customizable, so in case you need more of one thing and less of another, you can definitely talk to support and get your plan to be a perfect match for your needs. 

The Database Hosting plans range from $18 for the Database 1 subscription, which includes 1GB of storage, 256MB of RAM, and 0.25 CPU to $3,250 per month with 60 CPU, 240GB of RAM, and 100GB of storage.  

Kinsta affiliate program signup

If you are a very seasoned affiliate marketer and you don’t really like self-managed affiliate programs, we have some bad news for you — this one is also self-managed, so you’re not going to encounter it on any separate affiliate platform. 

But signing up really is a breeze, so you do not have to go through a lot of hassle with the application process. The most basic information you are going to be asked for ranges from your first and last name to your email, your PayPal email, as well as a password, of course. 

Once your application is approved (and expect to get an answer in a few working days’ time), you will gain access to the very user-friendly dashboard that Kinsta has set up for its affiliates. 

You have complete control over your affiliate link and some of the info that you can also consult in the dashboard ranges from your payments to your referred customers and visitors to your settings and the promotional materials available. 

Some resources are also available, so be sure to check those out too if you’re having trouble telling how exactly you’re supposed to use your affiliate links and everything else. 

Kinsta affiliate commission & more

So, how much can you earn as a Kinsta affiliate? Well, it only depends on your performance. But the really nice thing about the program is that you shouldn’t expect to make just one commission per sale — this is one of those recurring programs you need to look into. 

Your one-time commission can vary in value depending on how much your referrals spend on the Kinsta website. For example, if they get a service that costs anything between $50 and $99.99, your commission will be $50. If they do the same but spend more, anything between $100 and $165.99, your rate will be $100. 

And whenever one of your referrals spends $1,000 or more in one go, you can expect a commission rate of $500. Sounds pretty good, right?

Well, to make things even better, Kinsta also gives you a 10% recurring for the whole duration of your referral’s subscription. Whether that is a lot or not, you will have to decide for yourself, but considering that the brand also pays you a rate for every sale, we’d say that this program combines the best of both worlds — recurring and flat rates together. 

And while the cookie duration of many other affiliate programs (even in the same niche) is 30 days, the one you can expect with Kinsta is 60 days. In other words, people have up to two months at their disposal after clicking on your affiliate link to make up their minds and become Kinsta users. 

What we do have to add at the end of this section is that the recurring monthly commissions tend to vary depending on the services your referrals picked. With application hosting and database hosting, the rate is just 5% recurring whereas with managed WordPress hosting, it’s 10%. 

Kinsta hosting affiliate program payment methods and thresholds

When it comes to how much you will need to earn in order to get the money transferred to you, the majority of the information that we have consulted in this sense suggests a $50 threshold. 

The downside is that the only payment method available for now is PayPal, and while that makes it possible for anyone around the globe to access the affiliate program, it also comes with its drawbacks. This payment service hasn’t been getting stellar reviews over the past few years and it does have a fairly rough reputation when it comes to deleting accounts. 

So, unless you have a working PayPal account, there’s literally no way of you withdrawing your earnings using any other methods. 

Kinsta hosting affiliate program alternatives


We’ve talked about the Bluehost affiliate program in many of our previous posts, and we have to be honest and say that it is among the best that we have ever come across. The company is solid, the services that it offers to customers are very good, and the program itself isn’t too bad, either. 

The commission rate tends to vary depending on the number of customers that you send out Bluehost’s way. The minimum you can make with the program is $65 and the maximum is $120 per sale (but you’d have to refer a lot of new users to them every single month to get the maximum). 

There’s a $100 threshold and the only payment method available to date is PayPal. 

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This is yet another performance-based affiliate program that you might be interested in if you are looking to suggest web hosting services to your audience. As is the case of Bluehost, when it comes to being a HostGator affiliate, you can earn varying commissions based on the number of signups you achieve every month. 

With just one signup, your commission will be $65 per sale. When you get to 21 or more signups per month, your rate will become $125. 

Even though this program is also self-managed, the good thing about it is that you can pick between several different ways of being paid. Consequently, you can choose PayPal, but there’s also the option of you getting your earnings through check or ACH. 


If you don’t want to receive a flat rate for every sale that you refer to the web hosting company you’re doing a review of or any other type of content on, for that matter, perhaps becoming a Hostinger affiliate might make sense for you. 

Do keep in mind that some of the plans sold by this brand are very, very budget-friendly, so unless someone you refer to it decides to get web hosting for the whole year, you’re not going to make a fortune with their 60% commission rate. 

On the other hand, if you don’t want to join a lot of separate programs and you have dozens of niche websites, you might want to know that this one is available through a variety of networks, whether that be Impact Radius or CJ Affiliate. 

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Liquid Web

We recently created a separate review of the Liquid Web affiliate program, which we suggest you take some time to read if you’re looking into promoting their services to your followers. 

This program is pretty good because depending on the types of services your audience chooses, your commission can be as high as $7,000 per signup. For VPS hosting, the minimum you can make per sale is $150.

Another reason to consider Liquid Web for increasing your side income would have to be the 90-day cookie duration, which is not too common when it comes to this brand’s competitors. 

A2 Hosting

This is yet another separate affiliate program, so you’re not going to discover it on an affiliate platform, whether that be ClickBank, ShareASale, FlexOffers, or anything else. 

While the base commission might seem a little lower for one to ten sales, after just 16 sales per month, you can expect a rate of $100 and once you get to 21 or more people that get their services on a monthly basis, you can expect a rate of $125 per sale. 

There are two main payment methods available, but you will need to decide on one when you submit your application. If you decide to switch from wire transfers to PayPal or the other way around, you’ll actually have to get in touch with an affiliate manager. 

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As a Flywheel affiliate, you will effectively make three times the amount of money that people pay for their first month of being subscribed to their service. In other words, even with the so-called Tiny Flywheel plan, billed at $13 per month, you’ll make at least $39 in one pop. 

If someone gets the Agency plan, billed at $242 per month, your commission is not going to be $242 times three, but you will instead be paid a $500 rate. 

As for the cookie duration, it’s 90 days with this program, too, so that’s one less thing to worry about. 


The commission model currently in use by SiteGround resembles what we have described when noting Bluehost and A2 Hosting, for example. To that extent, for anything between 1 and 5 sales, you’ll make a fixed $50 commission rate. 

The rate increases to $100 for sales ranging from 11 to 20 per month. Also, instead of having to wait for 45 to 60 days for your commissions to be approved, with SiteGround you’ll have to do that for just one month. 

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Final thoughts

All in all, the Kinsta affiliate program seems like a relatively solid choice if you’re looking to diversify your income and your blog or website niche is a good fit when it comes to recommending hosting services. 

The commission rate is more than decent and so is the 60-day cookie duration, but we would have appreciated a little more variety in terms of the payment methods. 

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