Keyword Cupid Review

Keyword Cupid Overview

So below is an overview of Keyword Cupid an amazing keyword clustering tool. I recently had Leo Soulas on my podcast and we have an in-depth chat about Keyword Cupid and how it all works, from the outset you think oh here goes another keyword tool, but the reality is it isn’t a keyword research tool, you can upload the data from the likes of ahrefs, semrush or whatever you use and then this tool goes to work.

Keyword Clustering Tool

So it is a keyword clustering tool and it essentially helps you with keyword clusters, but if you are unsure what that is, watch the video above, we do into detail what this means, how the data is figured out and how can then go on and build your power posts & supporting content and you could potentially use this Keyword clustering tool to figure out your internal linking structure.


On-page optimization

One of the neatest things about this particular tool is that it uses AI to analyze your on-page elements. There are a variety of elements that are used by Keyword Cupid in order to provide suggestions, and they range from header tags to contextual links. 

keyword cupid on-page optimization

You can do the same for up to three of your competitors’ pages and compare them to your own. Once you run your report, it will take some time, and then you’ll get an email with your clustering mindmap and Excel version of the report. 

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Report customization

The Google results that you will visualize are going to be different based on the location you do your search from. You can set a specific location, fortunately, and target it on-point. Moreover, you can select a device (tablet, laptop, or mobile) and see how the results are displayed, too. 

keyword cupid report customization

You also have the option of selecting a different search engine, not just Google, so that you have a look at what the results look on those. 

B.Y.O.D Reports

As previously mentioned, you can upload your data from other tools such as SEMRush or Ahrefs. Just create a project, add a name, check all the relevant boxes, and you’re all done. 

keyword cupid byod

We’d recommend that you use the ‘data provider dropdown’ to specify the tool your data is coming from, so that Keyword Cupid gets better with time. 


At the time we’re writing this post, there are three plans available. The Single plan, which costs just $9.99 a month, gives you access to 500 keywords a month and up to 2,000 keywords per report. You aren’t going to be able to bring your own data or customize the reports as per the device or the search engine used. 

Other than that, this basic plan gives you access to downloadable Excel reports, on-page recommendations, as well as the mindmaps that we have previously mentioned. 

The pricier version costs $49.99 a month and gives you 5,000 keyword credits a month and up to 20,000 keywords per each report. In this case, you are allowed to bring your own data using SEMRush or Ahrefs and you can customize the reports based on search engine and device. 

keyword cupid pricing

Finally, the biggest plan available costs $149.99 a month and gives you up to 40,000 keywords per report, 20,000 keyword credits per month, and as many as ten user accounts. By comparison, the Single plan is for just one user while the ‘Dating’ plan is for five users. 

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For all of these plans, you get access to the tool’s Facebook group, where you can learn more about how it works and also have a look at case studies, guides, and advice from Keyword Cupid’s creator and team. 


Although the tool is relatively new, it’s highly complex, and it helps you organize your data and get accurate results so that you can better target your campaigns and even your on-page structure. 

Since there is a 7-day free trial available and the most basic plan costs under $10 a month, we’d suggest you give it a shot. In terms of support, Leo does a wonderful job and helps you understand the ins and out of the tool even though it might seem to be highly technical, at least at first. 

Want to learn more about keyword research and SEO? Feel free to get in touch using the button below – we have several plans available.