Best Jewelry Affiliate Programs

With everything that’s still going on in the world, becoming a jewelry affiliate might seem counterproductive. But life goes on, people get engaged and married and they have kids, so jewelry affiliate programs should still be considered by bloggers that are in the fashion niche. 

In today’s article, we’re looking at some of the best jewelry affiliate marketing programs and also noting the commission rates and cookie durations of each, so keep on reading! 

Top jewelry affiliate programs 

Blue Nile

Having been recommended by the likes of Forbes, it goes without saying that this jewelry brand is undoubtedly one that you can recommend to your audience. The commission isn’t all that great since you’ll earn 5% out of each sale, but the cookie does last for 30 days, so at least there’s that. 

On the upside, the Blue Nile fashion jewelry affiliate program can be joined through Impact Radius, so if you already have an account on this network, there’s no need to worry about anything else. 


This company specializes in a variety of handmade jewelry from bracelets and earrings to anklets and heaps of other accessories. You can join their affiliate program through ShareASale, which saves you a bit of time and effort. 

Amorium is perhaps one of our favorite choices since the commission rates can go up to 30% depending on the type of products that your blog readers opt for. Also, the cookie lasts for 45 days, and we don’t have to tell you how good that is. 

On the downside, compared to other brands, Amorium doesn’t necessarily sell expensive jewelry, so even though the commission rate is excellent, you aren’t going to make a lot of money with it. Still, they even have a 2% commission on repeat buyers. 

James Allen

This is another website that people tend to look at when shopping for wedding and engagement rings, diamonds, gemstones, and many other types of precious jewelry accessories. 

Just to give you a clue as to how popular this company is, it was recommended by the likes of Forbes, BuzzFeed, GQ, or News Week in the past. 

While the 5% commission rate is probably not as good as that of other programs listed in this post, the average order value is higher than $5,000. The cookie life is 30 days, too. 

Clean Origin

The reason this company stands out from the crowd is that when shopping on this website, you can rest assured that the diamonds don’t come from bad sources. And since precious stones have been getting a lot of bad rap because of the way they are sourced, you can trust the brand to offer ethically manufactured products. 

While the commission rate might not be something you should be impressed by since it stands at 5%, the average order value on this site is $5,000. Also, the cookie lasts for 90 days, so it’s probably the longest one we’ve come across while analyzing all of these affiliate programs. 

Brian Gavin

Similarly to Clean Origin, Brain Gavin specializes in selling accessories with precious stones. 

While the 7% commission and the 30-day cookie duration are pretty good, the downside to becoming a Brian Gavin affiliate is that (at least at the time we’re writing this post) you need to do it through their website. You can’t use an affiliate network like Impact Radius or ShareASale or anything other. 


This retailer was founded in the 1920s, and so that’s why most Americans who have searched for great quality jewelry before are probably already familiar with the name. 

The program is managed through VigLink, and the commission is a flat 5.65% on every qualifying referred sale. The cookie does last for just seven days, though, so it’s not as great as that of other programs that we have showcased here. 


We’d say that this jewelry affiliate program is worth bearing in mind since you can manage all of your stats, your click-through-rate and commissions and everything else through the CJ network. 

The brand itself is pretty well-known since it operates over 200 physical stores. There are more than five thousand products on their website, so the sky’s the limit as to what you can recommend to your audience. 

The commission rates can vary from 2% to 7% depending on the type and value of each product while the cookie lasts for one week, which is less worth writing home about. 

Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot is a critically acclaimed accessory company that’s been selling a variety of items ever since 2004. There are many types of products that you can recommend on your site or blog and they range from earrings and bracelets to bags, clothing, and a whole variety of other items, such as clothing and skincare products. 

The reason we have decided to add Stella & Dot to this list is that their commissions are pretty decent. You get a flat 12% on every new customer you refer to the site and 5% on each returning buyer. 

Moreover, the cookie lasts for a whole month. Best of all, you can join this program through ShareASale, so if you already have an account on the network, you needn’t go through any hassle. 


This jewelry brand is mostly popular in the United States, but thanks to their amazing product range and excellent customer service, the company has become quite reputable. 

The variety of products you can find on this website is truly outstanding since they sell anything from earrings and necklaces to bracelets and watches. 

If you are wondering about the commission rate, we’d say that it’s pretty good since it stands at a flat 7% on every referred sale. But the cookie duration is just 24 hours, which automatically reminds us of Amazon Associates — so that’s not so good. 

Rockford Collective

While this company manages its own affiliate program, which could be a disadvantage for affiliates that tend to recommend a variety of brands to their readership, it’s still worth looking into. 

The commission is a flat 10% on each referred sale, but where Rockford Collective truly shines is its average order value, which is $2,000. The cookie lasts for 30 days, too! 

The brand is pretty good, since they have excellent customer support and they also specialize in unique designs for all of their products. 


This website is packed with a whole range of accessories — their inventory consists of more than 9,000 products, so the sky’s the limit as to what you can recommend to your blog readers. 

What’s also interesting about it is that the brand ships to over 64 countries across the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. The program is managed by Rakuten LinkShare and the commission rate is a standard 8% on all orders, regardless of their value. 

With the 30-day cookie duration, we’d say that Angara should at least be considered if you’re looking for several different ways of monetizing your fashion and jewelry blog. 

Littman Jewelers

While you can’t join the Littman Jewelers affiliate program through a network, we’d like to note that based on the information we found about it, the application isn’t a nuisance at all. It takes around 24 hours to be approved. 

The commission rate is a standard 7% on each referred sale and the cookie lasts for 30 days. On the upside, they have their own affiliate managers, and they can give you a hand in case you run into any problems. 

Monica Vinader

First of all, Monica Vinader sells accessories in the United Kingdom and the United States, so do keep that in mind when recommending their products to your audience. The gifts are amazing, but they also tend to be on the pricey side of things, which brings us to the topic of commissions — you’ll get 10% on all of the sales. 

The cookie lasts for 30 days. Similarly to Angara, which we have previously described, this program can be joined through Rakuten LinkShare. 

The good thing about this program is that it gives you access to a variety of marketing tools, from banners and ads — and they also have affiliate managers you can talk to in case you run into a problem.  

Yadav Diamonds & Jewelry

Even though the commission rate of this affiliate program is a bit lower compared to that of others listed here (5%), you might want to know that the average order value on this website is $7,500. The cookie lasts for 45 days, too, which is another aspect worth writing home about. 

Since Yadav has been around since the 1980s and they have physical locations based in San Francisco, we’d say that their affiliate program is worth considering. From what we have gathered about it, though, it can’t be joined through a network like ShareASale or CJ. 


Although this brand’s website looks like it was designed sometime in the 1990s, the company is a pretty successful one. You can join the affiliate program through CJ, where you can look at all of the stats you want to check up on every now and then. 

The cookie lasts for 60 days, which is excellent, the standard commission rate is 6% of every order. Since most diamond earrings tend to cost at least $500, that’s not too bad either, right?

Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa has become a very popular brand in the past couple of years, especially since the company’s marketing campaign involved reaching out to heaps of influencers across Instagram and YouTube. 

The company designs and manufactures jewelry that they then sell without the middle-man markup, so here you can find a variety of fairly priced accessories for all ages. 

The cookie duration is 30 days, which isn’t too bad, while the commission rate is 10%. The affiliate program is sometimes available across a range of networks, but it sometimes disappears, so you have to do your research on whether you can join it now or not. 


We decided to add this affiliate program to the list since it can be joined through ShareASale, therefore making your life a little easier. The cookie lasts for 30 days and the commissions range from 8% to 10%, but the great thing about the site is that the average order is at least $1,000.


Etsy is one of the most popular handmade accessory websites in the world right now and it’s definitely not going anywhere in the future. While the commission rate is a flat 4% on each sale, the 30-day cookie length is a factor that you should consider when deciding to become an affiliate. 

Another drawback is that most of the products that people can buy on the Etsy site aren’t very expensive, so that 4% commission is not going to make you rich. On the other hand, they have a variety of other products besides jewelry available, so any sale is a good one, after all. 

Amazon Associates

If you’ve ever gone through some of our other articles about affiliate programs, you probably noticed that we tend to add Amazon Associates toward the end of all of our selections. 

The reason for this is that the cookie lasts for just 24 hours and the commission isn’t that great, either. In fact, Amazon decided to slash their commissions in 2020, so you shouldn’t focus on this affiliate program as your main source of income. 

However, the jewelry niche has one of the highest commission rates that Amazon Associates offers, and it stands at 4%. By comparison, the pet and home improvement niches have 3% commissions. 

In any case, you can earn commissions on the other products that people order during that 24-hour time span. So if someone gets a luxury watch, for example, but they also order a TV or even laundry detergent, you’ll earn commissions on those sales, too. 

Why should you promote jewelry?

As you might have noticed from the programs we have described in this post, the jewelry niche is a rather generous one. What we mean by that is that not all of your blog readers might afford getting luxury pieces, but everyone might be interested in giving someone special in their life a gift at one point or the other. 

Also, with programs such as the one that Etsy has, you can promote a truly wide variety of products, not just fashion accessories. 

When picking the right affiliate program in this niche, we suggest having a look at the commission rate and cookie length of each, but we also advise you on choosing the one that best suits your personal values. Some of these companies source their precious stones ethically, so that might be an important factor for your blog readers. 

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