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In my SEO Mastermind we always like to try new things, and ranking well for a term like ” Image SEO King ” is something we do just to test out whether people talk a good game or go and take action right away. So the challenge was to see how could rank an image using their own website, or leveraging the power of any other platform within 24 hours.

We all know that Image SEO is fairly easy, but how many people are simply to lazy to fill out the data?

Who is the image SEO King?

The results of the competition will be announced tomorrow and we will see who truly is the image SEO King, I will give them a do follow link in this paragraph and genuinely showcase the results on this page. Its only fair to show who the true winner of the competition is after all.

How do you rank an image on Google?

First off if you were going to go after a term like ” Image SEO King ” which gets little to no search volume, you would need to ensure that you fill out the title, alt text, change the file name, fill out any exif data. But you can do a google search and use a chrome extension like SEO meta in one click to see what the competition are doing with their images. You will be surprised to see many people are not optimising these images that well.

Does the size of the image matter for Image SEO?

You want to make sure that you optimise your images in every way possible, some people will say larger images will be picked up by Google discover, so it depends on what you are trying to achieve. All I will say is that if you have a 3000kb image, and everyone else’s is 70kb and been compressed then I do think you will lag behind. Again look at the image sizes of what’s currently ranking, rather than statements and figures posted at random

Is WebP better than JPEG?

Many case studies have been done by people in the industry and the data would suggest that WebP file sizes are 24-34% smaller than Jpegs and are being used more frequently. There was a WebP comparison study which you can see here that indicates this.

Which websites Can i use for Image SEO?

Twitter is one place that you could place you image on, to leverage the power of the platform, but there are many others too, you want one that allow you to edit the title, alt text and allow you to optimise what you can on there.

Some other sites you might want to consider leveraging for the sheer power of their platforms would be:

  • Flicker
  • Pintrest

And there is a ton more, but these are some of the highest powered platforms other than your usual social media platforms that i would recommend you use first if you want to become the Image SEO King.

I think Pinterest is one of the most commonly used platforms for Image SEO, its certainly the one I have used for the purpose of this image ranking competition, however does it get indexed that quickly. When you only have 24 hours to play this game, it might hold you back.

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