How to Start a Fashion Blog

If you’re passionate about fashion, in general, or you are just looking to create a blog about clothes, shoes, or anything else in this sense and generate a side income with its help, this is today’s article’s topic. 

We’re going to go through some essential steps on how to start a fashion blog and get paid, so keep on reading to learn just how to do it. 

How to start a fashion blog

Find your purpose

There are two ways to start a fashion blog and make money with it. You can either create a fashion website, whether it’s a magazine-style one or not, and use it for e-commerce or dropshipping, or you can merely create a blog where you focus on creating content and monetize it through other methods.

The reason we started with this is that knowing what you want can save you a lot of trouble in the future. E-commerce businesses are far harder to manage than blogs, and that’s because you have to deal with customer support, shipping out the packages, updating the prices of the products on your site, and a variety of such technical details.

Even dropshipping can be complicated if you don’t use the right merch providers and delivery options. By contrast, with a blog, you will merely look for sponsored opportunities from brands or use affiliate marketing to make money. 

In general, the purpose of a fashion blog is to update people on the newest trends, create detailed reviews of products, educate people about fashion, and build a community. It’s also a great way of creating a personal brand, so you could use it later on in your portfolio. 

Work on a content strategy

Many fashion bloggers get enthusiastic and forget that to create a successful online blog (and business), they have to do some planning. You should create a list of topics and then use a tool to find keywords, look at your competitors, and decide on how you’re going to go about things content-wise. 

Since your blog isn’t going to get ranked otherwise, you should also use SEO to your advantage, read as much as you can about it, and create a budget for guest posts and other means of getting backlinks. 

Choose a domain and CMS

The name of your fashion blog needs to be something catchy so that people can easily remember it. Once you decide on it, you can purchase it and get hosting (we recommend Siteground), but then you have to choose a CMS, too. 

While some bloggers might want to use Blogger or other platforms, the truth is that WordPress is the most powerful CMS out there, and for good reason, too. There are many plugins that are compatible with it or designed specifically for WordPress, and they can all help you work better. 

Once you’ve picked the right CMS, you should get a theme, install the necessary plugins, and then work on the rest of the plan. 

Think about how you’re going to market it

Knowing your audience will assist you in finding out how you can make your blog rank faster and better, and also how you can keep in touch with your site visitors. You can build a community using Facebook groups, Pinterest (which works great for visual content, typically displayed on fashion blogs), and a variety of other social networks.

You also have the option of organizing giveaways and getting people to subscribe to your newsletters, in which case they’d automatically find out whenever you publish a new article. 

Commenting on niche forums, other blogs and using guest posts to your advantage are other marketing methods you should rely on. 

Decide on how you want to monetize it

As tempting as Google Adsense might seem at a first glance, the truth is that you aren’t going to make a lot of money just by displaying ads on your blog. Sure, there are Adsense alternatives, but there are other ways of generating money, too. 

Affiliate programs are a great way of making a side income from your blog, and getting accepted into such a network isn’t difficult at all. Some even have automatic approval processes put in place, so that’s one less thing to worry about. 

Walmart, Target, Amazon, and many other retailers all have affiliate programs, so you should do a bit of reading on their commissions, cookies, and payment details before you pick one over the other. For fashion bloggers, Zazzle and Etsy might be two great choices, too. 

Want to find out more about SEO, affiliate marketing, and the techniques you can use to take your blog to another level? We offer consultancy online and offline. Get in touch using the button below.


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