How to Rank a Video on Youtube

How to rank a video on YouTube

I posted this video on Youtube today with a view to it ranking well for “How to rank a video on YouTube” and within minutes, it hit the top 2 positions for that particular term, and it will rank for a whole bunch of related search terms, too. With video becoming more and more popular, it is important to have the right process in place so that you get as much value out of your video content and that is something many people fail on.

How Quickly Can you Rank a Video on Youtube?

Within 5 minutes of uploading this video and following my process, the video ranked well in the top three positions which is always a good start, but at the time of writing all of the other stuff that I do as part of the process have yet to kick in, so we will see how well the video ranks on Youtube over the next few days. But as you can see on the screenshot below, it’s a great start for sure.

How to rank a video on Youtube

What Tools were used to Rank well on Youtube?

The only paid-for tool that I used here was Tubebuddy which gives me an idea on tags and stuff like what to add to the video, which I find simple and easy to use. This tool is not a requirement, it’s simple to add tags, I just feel that this tool gives you ideas that you might not think of at first hand to add to a video – so it’s well worth the $20 bucks per month. There are no other tools required as such other than some budget for paid social, microworkers and a few other bits and bobs, but again you can be creative and utilise other ways to drive traffic to your videos.

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What actually helps a Youtube Video Rank?

In my opinion, good use of titles, tags and the description are obviously important factors, but other things like video watch time and how long a video was watched for are clear indicators to Youtube that this video is important and relevant. Now anyone can go out and buy some fake video views and as far as my testing goes these are quite easy for Youtube to spot and this doesn’t work that well anymore. So how do you get a decent amount of people watching your video and to engage and remain on that video for the full duration?

Microworkers: You can pay people to watch your video for a really low cost – you can get a human being to watch all of your video and simply pay them, so a great low-cost option to begin to get traffic onto the video you promote.

Organic Social Media: So if you are making videos, you are also likely to have social media, so when you launch the video on Youtube, promote it on your social channels. This again will get you instant traffic and this method is free of charge to you, so make full use of that traffic and get them onto your video.

Paid Social: You can use paid Facebook, Quora Ads and I’m sure there are a few other paid options too, typically Facebook promoting your video to an audience like India is a cheap low-cost option that will get you a lot of traction, so throw some paid social budget behind the video — How much is up to you but again, this gets people onto the video and they will watch the video if it’s of interest and that will get your stats up.

Mailing List: If you have a good mailing list, this is also a great option to get some FREE traffic onto the video, utilise all of your assets, and this is again something I use to get more eyes on the video.

Using Keywords in the audio on the video

I firmly believe that alongside all of the metadata on YouTube coupled with mentioning the keyword on the video itself and making that video super relevant to the topic is key. People laugh when you say Youtube can potentially figure what’s being said on the video, but give it a try if you’re trying to do some Youtube SEO — this video is evidence that this strategy actually works.

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But the key component in it all is making the video look viral from the get-go, all of the free options, email marketing, social media traffic and so on coupled with some paid options to get a quick surge of people onto the video is also going to show YouTube that this video is important. These are the key steps that I do to make a video rank quickly on YouTube.

Examples of the Paid Social Spend

Quora Ads at the moment is working out at 12p per click

Facebook Ads is working out a lot cheaper at 4p per click using the audience trick where I go after the cheaper locations to drive traffic onto the video.

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