How To Make Your WordPress Website Load Faster

How to make your WordPress website load faster? It is a common question asked by webmasters all over the world as speed is something every web owner should be on top of. A fast loading website is essential and something that you should continue to strive towards. In the past few months I’ve tried many ways to get my website to load quicker and I will talk you through how easy some of that stuff is further on in the post, but I want to highlight a few points first and foremost.

Tools to Check Site Speed

Increase your page speed

There are a number of tools to check your site speed, I was using GX Metrix as my guide to how well my website was performing. My score was moving up all the time when I was changing different things, however, I did reach out to others on Facebook and ask what type of speed they were aiming for, many said below 2 seconds ( which is fine ) I want mine to be as fast if not faster than anyone else’s.

I was hitting a stumbling block as I couldn’t get my site any faster than what GX Metrix was stating my speed was.

So, I put my site through Pingdom and I was getting 1.68 seconds which was much better than GX Metrix so it was now clear that maybe GX Metrix wasn’t all that accurate and is maybe not the right tool to be using to measure your websites actual speed.

I then tried a few others such as Googles own speed checker and again it showed my website was loading fairly quick and that I had done a decent job of making my site go a lot faster.

Google shows my website as having a score of 94/100 on a desktop. It does have a lower score on a mobile which I will get round to fixing, given more than 60% of my visitors come from a mobile device, I will need to get onto that asap.

Design Quality/Speed Importance

I was asking a few friends and colleagues what they would take, the look and design of a website or one optimised for speed. There are fast loading WordPress templates out there which are stripped of a lot of javascript and other functions and features to enable a much quicker load speed but other people have stated they don’t look as good.

But Ross Tavendale said something which has convinced me to possibly look at a more basic template, he said that if a high percentage of your views are on a mobile device, then the design, fancy sliding banners and everything else wouldn’t show on a mobile device anyway, so look at speed ( whilst have a consideration for design ) and he is right in my opinion.


Plugins/Tips and ways to speed up your website


  • Run some speed tests using multiple tools to see what is slowing you down
  • Install CloudFlare ( CDN ) this helped me massively and costs only $20 per month
  • Use a caching plugin like WP Fastest Cache or W3 Total Cache
  • EWWW Image Optimiser Plugin for lossy image compression
  • Speed Booster Pack  to push CSS to load first and combine JS files
  • BJ Lazy Load to push JS to last to load
  • Also look at the server you are on as this can cause speed issues

By making some of the above tweaks to your WordPress website you will be able to get your websites speed up a fair bit. You may also need to consider a new template for your website, the one I’m using at the moment is 2 years old and could be doing with an upgrade but I need to find something I like before I do consider this, but doing all of the above on a new fast loading template will help improve your websites speed and performance.

Page speed does matter so do get on top of this as soon as you can.

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