How to Find Good Expiring Domains

How to find Good Expiring Domains?

You might want to find good expiring domains for a number of reasons, maybe you want to start out in affiliate marketing and find something with a decent backlink profile to give yourself a head start, many successful affiliates utilise an aged domain for this purpose and by using something that has a good solid backlink profile can give you a decent start.

Now there are a number of ways you can find expired domains, or expiring domains and I’m going to tell you the way you can step ahead of the competition and ensure you are not left waiting at the end where all of the garbage drops.

ODYS Global ( Aged Domains )

So first off ODYS Global are experts when it comes to expiring domains, they have experts looking for good quality aged domains and this is all they do all day every day, so if you dont want to get involved in the rat race of fighting with others on an auction, and dont have the set up to be a drop catcher then you can simply let ODYS Global do all of the grunt work for you. They are simply a market place that has a whole bunch of aged domains across a wide variety of niches that you can simply log in and check and see what’s available and make the purchase.

If you sign up here to ODYS you can get a $100 dollar bonus that you can use for any domain you might want to buy, go and check out their inventory today to see what they have available, and also bare in mind that the inventory changes on a daily basis so dont become disheartened if you dont see something right away.

Check out my in-depth review of ODYS Global here.

Domains do drop daily and they are added to the ODYS Marketplace on a regular ongoing basis.

Domain Auctions for Expired Domains

An alternative to ODYS would be Spamzilla (that’s, which helps you find expiring or expired domain names, too. The interface gives you heaps of details ranging from the topics, the Majestic metrics, Trust Flow, Citation Flow to the Ahrefs DR, backlinks, and everything else.

Spamzilla also tells you whether the domain is for sale and if it’s expired. One metric that I’ve used with Spamzilla is DR. There are big DR sites (83 and more) for $1,000, for example.

spamzilla screenshot

Some of the domains have acquired more than 6,000 domains, so if you were to do that all on your own, it would take you time, effort, and money. So, would such a domain be worth $1,000? In a nutshell, yes, since you’d be paying a lot more on 6,000 links anyway. 

Getting back to ODYS Global, if you can find something completely relevant, you can also pick an aged domain that’s going to allow you to progress further and work from something that already has a great backlink profile. 

These are the two main choices — ODYS and Spamzilla. Other than that, you’d have to go to a drop catcher and you’d still have to pay them several fees depending on the power and relevance of that domain name. These are my tips on grabbing expired domains and some of the things you might want to do with them.

To find out more on how expired domains can help you and other things SEO-related, get in touch. We offer consultancy and have several different plans available.