How To Check Your Rankings in a specific location?

Hi guys. So this particular review is for you guys who want to check out mobile rankings on a mobile device in any location in any country in the world. Is there a tool that allows you to do that rather than doing it the hard way? There is a great tool that I’d recently came across with a podcast that I’d done with Cindy Krum. She’s well known in the industry and owns and one of the tools that Cindy has is SERPerator and you can try this for up to five times a day completely free. You’ll see here you can select country, state, city, postcode, street address, search term, the search engine, phone language, and then the two devices that you want to check.

So I’m just going to do WordPress, training, Glasgow. I want to see if I rank well in Glasgow. Now, this is particularly handy if you are doing work for someone in a different country, you’ll want to see what’s going on. So I’m able to scroll down and if I go past the paid ads I can see where I’m positioned there. And I just want to double-check that that’s the same on Google Pixel 3, I would assume it is. Position three, so I’ve got a bit of work to do on that to get back to position 1.

However, it’s a great tool that allows you to search in loads of different countries, loads of different States, loads of different cities. Very simple and easy to do. Run tests and it literally gives you the mobile device which you can scroll through and check out your rankings on a mobile device in any country in the world. So a great tool, in my opinion, and as I say you can use it free for up to five times per day.

Pricing plans. It costs a small amount of money on a monthly basis if you were going to use it on a more frequent basis. If you’re doing a lot of different work for people all over the world then you’re able to keep accurate positions and obviously be able to report on that and everything else and that’s the kind of cost there. So for as little as $29 a month or $299 a year, you’re able to use SERPerator for that price. But, as I say, it is free for up to five tests and it’s definitely something you should have a look at because making sure that… There’s nothing worse than when you’re talking to someone about the rankings and your tool that you’re using, your tool of choice gets it wrong and your client’s arguing with you, “I don’t rank there,” and stuff like that

It is important that when you are working with a client that you ensure that you don’t give them any ammo to come at you with, in particular, do not allow them to come back to you and say your reporting is wrong, as you will then get yourself into a situation that any time it comes to ranking reports that you will be questioned.

Rankings in local areas do change depending on your location, so it is important to use a tool or emulator that provides accurate data.

So, as I say, for accurate positions and everything else, then make sure you do try out SERPerator and they do have support if you’ve got any questions. But, as I say, very simple and easy to use. You’ve got about four or five different things to select there and that’s all you need to do, run tests and off you go.

So Check out Separator and see what you think.

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