How to Add Proxies to Scrapebox

scrapbox 1As part of my Scrapebox Tutorial which will be coming onto the site in the next few weeks I’ve done a few videos individually so that people can see how to do individual elements on Scrapebox.

Now adding proxies to Scrapebox isn’t essential, but with Google and other search engines, they don’t like being bombarded with requests from the same IP address multiple times in seconds. All that happens when this happens is that the IP gets blacklisted and you won’t be able to scrape up the data you require from scrapebox. Which in turn makes the whole process pointless so you should always get yourself some proxies. I personally work with 30 for Scrapebox but there are others out there who work with 50, 100 or whatever, the more you have the more data you can scrape.

So in terms of proxies I buy mine from, however a simple Google search for proxies will show you many of the proxy providers that are on the web. There is literally hundreds of proxy providers out there who will offer you semi-dedicated or dedicated proxies. I would always go for the dedicated option so that only you use your proxies and you are not sharing them with some serial spammer as that is only going to cause you problems. You can always buy proxies for Scrapebox.

With regards the up and coming Scrapebox tutorial, if there are any aspects of Scrapebox you would like me to cover then please do get in touch and ill try and get it added to my up and coming tutorial if relevant.



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