How Much Does SEMRush Cost?

So before we go onto ” How Much Does SEMRush cost? ” you can try before you buy using my 14-day FREE trial. Try the Pro Account for 14 days: Click Here

But the cost of SEMRush really depends on you, they have three standard plans available

The SEMRush Costs

Pro Plan: $99.95 Per Month

Guru Plan: $199.95 Per Month

Business Plan: $399.95 Per Month

You can get a discount on these plans if you pay for the year in advance, which is always a good option for you if you have the budget to do this as it typically is a fair amount you will save by doing this, but do check the SEMRush website for the most up to date discounts they have available on their annual billing plans.

I have a whole bunch of tutorials for many of the tools that SEMRush has, you can see the full list of SEMRush tutorials here.

Which SEMRush Plan Do You Need?

You can start off on whatever plan suits, SEMRush has the 3 main plans on offer, if you do need more you can get in touch and they can come up with a bespoke plan that suits your exact requirements. The most popular plan for anyone is the Guru Plan, at the moment over 64% of the users begin on this plan, it’s $199.95 per month and allows you to have branded reports, historic data and all the usual features that the pro plan has, this will give you access to the 40+ tools that SEMRush has on its dashboard and will leave you well equipped to be able to do extensive research and begin your SEO campaigns.

Equally, if it’s just a handful of projects you are working on then the Pro Plan will do you just fine, the difference in price is mainly down to the number of projects you are managing and looking to report on, the price will go up the more projects you want to set up on SEMrush.

Is SEMRush Good?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, SEMRush is my personal favourite, I have used it for many years and like the interface and you get used to it after a while, however as an experienced SEO I do also have to consider the data and accuracy of the tool compared to others on the market and I also find that the level of data on SEMRush is also of a high standard.

SEMRush is also good at adding new functions and features so that we are able to dig deeper into the data and easily report on this to clients. There are similar tools on the market that I’m sure offer as much value as SEMRush but my personal choice is SEMRush and I find the team there willing to take on feedback and improve the tool based on other SEO‘s opinions.

SEMRush FREE 14 Day Trial

You can try SEMRush for 14 days FREE of charge using the following link Try the Pro Account for 14 days: Click Here

It will ask you for your billing details as the chances are you will keep SEMRush on as one of your tools after you start using it, and of course, they do want to validate who they are giving FREE trials too, so you will have to enter this data to move on and get full use of the tool during that 14 day period.

Can I cancel SEMrush free trial? Yes you can cancel SEMrush during your FREE trial period, although you have entered your billing details you can cancel and you will not be billed by SEMRush. Just make sure you follow the correct steps via SEMRush in order to cancel your account.

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