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If you’ve been working in marketing for a while, you might have tried Hootsuite at one point or the other. It’s considered one of the most effective tools for social media scheduling out there, which is why it has become very popular over the years. 

But does Hootsuite have an affiliate program? That it does and we will showcase most of its features in this article. Unfortunately, at the time we are writing this, you can’t become a Hootsuite affiliate as the company isn’t accepting any new applications. 

That will change in the future, however, so you should become acquainted with what the Hootsuite affiliate program can do for you. 

How does it work?

You get an affiliate commission for Hootsuite each time you refer people to their website, but there are several different methods you can earn and get paid. 

For example, you can earn commissions both for monthly plan referrals (in which case you’d get a so-called ‘first-time fee), but you can also get paid a commission on annual plan referrals. 

There are some requests, of course, meaning that you do have to have enough traffic going to your website, your site also has to be well-designed and you need to have a sizable online following. You can promote Hootsuite both on your website and your social media channels, so there is no limitation in this respect.  


The most significant advantage you will benefit from if you decide to become a Hootsuite affiliate is that it’s an effective and easy-to-use tool and a lot of people have already heard about it.

If you run a marketing blog, for example, you have a good chance of earning commissions through this program, especially if you also promote Hootsuite through newsletters and in your articles. 

The social media dashboard made available by the program makes it very easy for users to handle all their following and networks without even going on them individually to post something new every day. 

Are there any cons?

One of the clear disadvantages is that you can’t really join the program at this time. This seems to be a temporary situation, however, so keep an eye on the Hootsuite website to find out when they start receiving new applications.

There aren’t too many drawbacks to using this affiliate program, and that’s because they make regular payments through Paypal. They used to have a $100 payment threshold, but that is no longer available. So, even if you make less than one hundred dollars in your first two months of using the service, you can still get paid. 

What’s interesting about the Hootsuite affiliate program is that you have to be a Pro user in order to be able to earn commissions. This can be a disadvantage for people on a low budget. 

We’ve also researched what folks are saying about the program and it seems that another complaint they have is the low pay. The issue, in this case, is that the value of a Pro plan, if you do manage to convince someone to sign up and start using Hootsuite, is low anyway, so even if they give you 50% of the value, that amounts to around $3. 

What that means is that, unless you have a really huge social media following and a huge amount of traffic coming in to your website, your chances of making a lot of money with this affiliate program are pretty slim. 

On the other hand, this is a program that is far easier to promote than physical products, and you always have the advantage of affiliate marketing versus dropshipping, for example, which is that you do not directly handle the services or products that you promote

We’d say you should give it a try if you are already in the marketing or social media niche. 

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