Best Home Decor Affiliate Programs

People buy a lot of things, but the truth is that absolutely everyone in the world purchases furniture and accessories whenever they move into a new place. Sometimes, they even do it to change their living space. 

So, if you’re in the home decor niche and consistently write about interior design, we thought we’d make a list of some of the best home decor affiliate programs out there! 

Best affiliate programs for home decor

Home decor seems like a rather small niche, but the truth is that the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can promote. 

As you know DIY is a pretty big thing these days, with lots of people trying to save some hard-earned cash, so that means that you also have the option of promoting products in the home improvement niche — like tools, glues, and anything else in this sense. 

Home decor can also refer to comfort, not just looks, which means that you can also promote mattresses, pillows, and covers. Believe it or not, many of these items are quite expensive, and lots of people are actually willing to invest big bucks into a very comfortable mattress that helps them sleep better. 

The reason for this introduction is that we wanted to note that you can always use your imagination as to what you can write about and promote, but also as to what affiliate programs you should join depending on these factors. 

Belle & June

This one is a fairly large website where people can find several thousand (yeah, you read that right!) home decor items. The average value is a minimum of $200, based on what we found about this company, so that definitely makes things better for affiliates. 

Also, the commission is 12% on all orders and the cookie lasts for 30 days — both of these details make this program worth taking into account. 

Sierra Living Concepts

This California company has a huge inventory and most of the home decor you are going to find on this website is actually handmade. Plus, most people tend to spend at least $500 on everything they purchase from Sierra Living Concepts.

The commission value is 8% on all orders and the cookie lasts for 30 days, two aspects that are a bit better compared to other home decor affiliate programs we’ve described in this article. Also, you can use ShareASale to track and manage everything. 

One Kings Lane

With an average order value of about $200, this furniture affiliate program should be right up your alley. The website specializes in a wide range of products, from actual design services to rugs, beddings, lighting fixtures, and everything else you might have thought of in the interior design space. 

Their affiliate program is more than decent, although the commission is a fixed 5% one on every order and the cookie lasts for 14 days. However, considering that some of the products this company sells are not cheap and the average order value is pretty good, it might be worth looking into. 

Pier 1 Imports

We’re merely mentioned this one here but we’d like to say that the commission values and cookie duration make it less notable. You’ll make just 4% of every order and the cookie lasts for just a week. 

However, the brand is pretty trustworthy and has become quite popular in the United States in the past several years, so you should consider recommending Pier 1 products merely because of the company’s reputation. Plus, you can manage everything in CJ Affiliate with this one. 


We also wrote a separate review of the Wayfair affiliate program, so you should check it out for more detailed information about it. The nice thing about the site is that it’s literally packed with all sorts of items, and you don’t even have to stop at interior design. 

While we couldn’t find any specific info on how long the cookie lasts, we do have to note that Wayfair pays its affiliates monthly and the commission you can expect is a standard 7% on all orders. That’s not too bad, right?

But the best thing of all is probably the fact that you can apply to this program through CJ Affiliates, a network that allows you to visualize all your stats and handle all your payments with as little effort as possible. 

Rug Source

This is one of the best interior design affiliate programs we were able to come across, and that’s because the commission rate is a fixed 20% on all orders and the cookie lasts for an incredible period of 180 days. 

That means that you basically have half a year at your disposal for someone to make a purchase, whether they re-click on an affiliate link or not. 

We’d also like to note that the program can be joined through ShareASale, a network where you can find lots of merchants to which you can apply. Once you are approved, you get access to a number of banners and other marketing tools. 

Brentwood Home

Unlike other home and furniture affiliate programs, Brentwood is something that pretty much everyone needs to promote. It is a huge brand and it’s been around for many years, and lots of people actually say that the company makes some of the best mattresses in the world. 

They even have pet accessories available for sale these days, so they’re clearly upgrading their game. The commission rate you can expect if you become a Brentwood affiliate is a fixed 15% on all orders and the cookie lasts for 30 days. 

Best of all, this one can be managed through ShareASale, a network that makes everything considerably easier. 

Keetsa Mattresses

You might say that this one is pretty much the same thing as Brentwood, but there are some differences when it comes to this interior design and furniture affiliate program.

While the commission is lower, so you will only earn 10% of every sale, the cookie lasts for 120 days, which surely sweetens up the deal. 


This company specializes in home fragrances, diffusers, and essential oils, but the latter are actually natural and pet-friendly, which makes them a lot better compared to other products. 

If you feel that your blog readers would be interested in purchasing this, you should probably consider joining the AromaTech affiliate program. Every sale can make you 20% in commissions and the cookie lasts for a whole month, something undoubtedly worth writing home about. 

Baloo Blankets

There are three main things to say about this program, and they are the following. The commission is a fixed 10% on every sale, which is quite convenient since that gives you some reassurance that it’s not going to drop depending on the product type or order value. 

The cookie lasts for 15 days, which could have been much worse. But what makes this program stand out from the crowd is that it can be managed through ShareASale, which is an advantage in itself. 

White Terry

This one is quite unique in that although their inventory is more or less similar to what you’d find on other sites, most of the products are made with organic materials and fabrics. Plus, the company donates some of the profits to children’s causes in developing countries, so you’ll be contributing to a good cause if you become a White Terry affiliate. 

This home decor affiliate program is rather straightforward in that you’ll earn 15% off every order and the cookie lasts for two whole months, which is definitely not bad. 

Home Depot

Everyone in the United States that has ever done some work on their home has probably gone to Home Depot before. Now that people are ordering things more and more online, you should apply to this affiliate program as you’d otherwise be missing out. 

The sky’s the limit as to what you can promote if you become a Home Depot Affiliate and that’s because they have heaps of products, from decorative mirrors to artificial plants, candles, and room dividers. 

The commission rates vary depending on the types of products that your audience invests in. For example, home items are going to make you 8% of the order but appliances and other things that are not categorized as being ‘home products’ are only going to make you 2%. 

The downside of the program is that the cookie lasts for just 24 hours, which reminds of Amazon Associates.

MAT Living

If you’re looking to recommend some nice and high-quality carpets to your blog readers, then this home decor affiliate program should be right up your alley. They have a very, very wide range of products on the site, and they also give you access to a variety of marketing tools once you get accepted into the program.

Since you’re probably interested in how much you can make with MAT Living, we’ll note that the cookie lasts for 30 days and the commission can go up to 30% depending on the types and value of the products and the value of the orders. 


If you feel that your blog audience would better respond to vintage or boho design items, Etsy is clearly the way to go. We wrote a separate review of the Etsy affiliate program, so for all of the information on it, we recommend reading it. 

There’s not too much to say about it other than the fact that the cookie lasts for a whole month and the commission rate is a standard 4% on every sale, no matter the type of product people opt for or how much money they spend. 

Curtain Wonderland

Unlike other home improvement affiliate programs, Curtain Wonderland is a company that sells pretty much what you can tell from their name. They specialize in anything from retractable awnings and roman blinds to drapes, blackout curtains, and window shutters. 

But the trick is that they’ve added various other items to their stock, such as candles, clocks, artificial flowers and a whole range of other accessories in the interior design niche. 

The cookie lasts for 30 days and the commission rate is a fixed 10% on all orders, so we’d say that this affiliate program is worth writing home about. Also, they pay their affiliates monthly, so you shouldn’t have any issues in that sense. 


There are two main reasons to consider this program, too, and they obviously are the commissions and the cookie duration. You know an affiliate program is good and should be joined when you find out that the cookie lasts for 30 days. 

As for how much you can make with this program, the commissions range from 20% to 25% depending on how much a person spends on the site. We only found one drawback and it’s that this website actually specializes in covers, from those designed for sofas to those made for dining chairs. 

As you can expect, this means that the value of the products isn’t particularly high. But we’d say that MiracleSofa is at least worth jotting down on your list since it’s a type of product that you can easily promote in your blog posts. 


This is a pretty large website that currently sells more than twenty thousand different products in the niche of interior design. Compared to other home decor affiliate programs, this one has a pretty complicated commission system. 

The commission rates can vary from 1.5% to 7% depending on the actions that the buyer performs. If they use a coupon code and they are a returning customer, that will mean just 3% in commissions for you. 

We couldn’t find any specific information on how long the cookie lasts. They do pay monthly, though, but the approval process is not automated, so you will have to apply by sending an email to the site. 

Amazon Associates 

We left this for the end because it’s a program that has become less popular over the years. Unfortunately, you are not going to make the big bucks with any Amazon Affiliate home decor sites and that’s because of two major reasons.

First of all, Amazon Associates slashed their commissions back in 2020 and chances are that they will do the same in the following years. The truth is that they do not need affiliates anymore and that’s because the brand is literally huge. 

On top of that, the commissions are quite low and they range from 1% to 8% depending on which exact product your blog readers invest in. On top of that, the cookie duration is just 24 hours, so if a day goes by, you’ll lose any commissions if the person who’s clicked on your affiliate link hasn’t made a purchase. 

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