Best Health Affiliate Programs

If you run a blog in the health niche and if you regularly write about wellness, fitness tips, and even supplements, you’re probably looking for several more monetization options. 

There are lots of health affiliate programs out there and making the difference between one and the other can be quite tedious. We’ve grouped some of the best health and wellness affiliate programs in the section below so that you don’t have to go around looking for them on your own. Read on to find out more!

Top Health Affiliate Programs

Physicians Choice 

This one is perhaps one of the best health supplement affiliate programs out there since it basically assists people in finding natural alternatives to their otherwise traditional synthetic medication. 

Their dietary supplements are made from excellent ingredients and they speak to a variety of consumers, ranging from people looking to shed a few pounds to those that just want to feel better on the whole. 

One of the best things about this program is that it gives you 20% in commissions generated by recurring sales. Besides, the cookie lasts for sixty days, which is more than decent compared to some of the other options listed here. 

The Lost Book of Remedies

If you’ve ever recommended books to your audience, this one might be the right up your alley. It’s an ebook written by Dr. Nicole Apelan that lets people know how they can use the power of plants and herbs to deal with chronic pain and a number of other conditions they might have. 

The program can be joined through ClickBank, so if you already use this network, you aren’t going to have to deal with too much hassle.

Perhaps the most significant reason to consider The Lost Book of Remedies is the commission rate, which stands at an impressive 75% of each sale. The cookie duration is 60 days, so that’s worth considering, too. 


Everyone’s heard about Fitbit before, at least if they care about their health in general. Even if not everyone might own one, most people have already looked into getting such a bracelet for measuring their physical activity and cardiac health, too.

Compared to other affiliate programs, this is far less impressive since the commission rate is just 3% of every sale. Plus, the cookie lasts for just fifteen days. 

However, we decided to add this option to our selection as you’re probably going to have less of a hard time recommending Fitbit products since the brand is already so well-known across the globe. 

Smart Nora 

Smart Nora is probably one of the best health and fitness affiliate programs out there, especially if you also recommend to your readership a variety of other devices aimed at improving the sleep experience of people, in general. 

But Smart Nora is different as it is an amazing inflatable device that automatically detects when someone snores and instantly adjusts their sleeping position. It takes a week for the device to track a person’s snoring and sleeping patterns, though. 

If you begin recommending Smart Nora, you can earn 6% in commissions per each sale. The cookie duration is just 30 days, though, so do keep that in mind. Plus, it is quite a limited niche.  

Just Thrive

If natural health is your niche, then Just Thrive is a great affiliate program for you. They sell a wide variety of products from pre- and probiotics and antioxidants to pet health supplements. 

While the commission rate is perhaps less impressive compared to that of other programs described in this post (10%), something that should convince you to join this program is the cookie duration as it is a whopping 6 months. 

Also, the brand has grown a lot in the past several years and they have been recommended by influencers time and again. 

Tyent Water Ionizers

As the name of this program suggests, it involves selling a product that removes the impurities present in tap water. Drinking tap water is extremely economical and also eco-friendly, since you aren’t going to be producing any plastic waste; however, it can be packed with contaminants, and Tyent Water Ionizers remove them. 

As for the affiliate program, the commission stands at 5% of each sale and the cookie lasts for sixty days. We’d argue that this is more than decent, especially compared to other choices listed in this article. 

Plus CBD Oil 

Although some folks might still think of the CBD niche as being a rather controversial one, the truth is that these products actually make a difference when it comes to alleviating chronic pain and the symptoms of anxiety. 

Plus CBD sells a whole range of products from sprays and roll-ons to gummies, oils, and balms — so you’ll be able to recommend at least several to your audience. 

You can do so through Share A Sale, a network that we will describe in one of the sections below. Since these two factors are the most important ones when it comes to choosing one affiliate program over another, we’ll tell you that the cookie lasts for 90 days (!) and the commission rate stands at 15%. 

Diamond CBD

Since we’re on the same topic, we decided to include another option for recommending CBD products. 

This one is great for a number of reasons, but the two most significant ones are the cookie duration (90 days) and the commissions, which stand at an average of 30% for each sale (so they’re better than those offered by Plus CBD). Plus, you can get paid by bank or wire transfer or cheque. 

In terms of the products you will be able to recommend to your audience, you have nothing to worry about in this sense as they sell anything from CBD gummies to essential oils and CBD bath bombs. 

They do sell vape juices, too, which might be a little more controversial. 

KOS Health

KOS Health sells a variety of plant-based products such as superfoods and protein powders, all of which are vegan. 

We decided to add this option to our list as the commission rate stands at 15% and the cookie lasts for thirty days, which should be enough in most cases. 

Market Health

Market Health sells a wide variety of products from supplements designed for wellness and weight loss (but also probiotics for excellent good health) to skin care products and more. 

Since this is a network and a program both into one, you might have a hard time telling just how much you are going to earn per sale. However, it can vary from $20 to $70 and from what we were able to tell, the commission rate is 50% on average. 

The cookie lasts for thirty days and you can get paid through a variety of methods such as bank and wire transfers and cheques. 

Thrive Market

This member-only shop specializes in natural and healthy products. Most of the products that you can recommend through this program are vegan, organ, and non-GMO, not to mention that they also have a large variety of gluten-free options. 

The Thrive Market affiliate program is slightly different from what you might be used to in the sense that they pay fixed commissions for different sales. For example, if you get someone to join their annual membership, you’ll earn $40. If they get the monthly membership, you’ll earn just $5. 

As for the cookie duration, it’s just 14 days long, but since Thrive Market has become so popular in the past years, you’re not going to have a hard time recommending their products. 

The Vitamin Shoppe

If you’re in the supplement niche, the Vitamin Shoppe should be a good option for your blog. The store sells anything from protein powders and wellness products to superfoods and healthy groceries. They also have a fairly rich amount of natural beauty and skin products, too. 

You can join the program through CJ Affiliates. The cookie lasts for just 7 days, though, but the commissions range from 4% to 10% depending on the exact category of products people buy using your affiliate links. 

Aroma Tech

Even though essential oils have been getting a lot of bad rap in the past years since some of the influencers who promote them aren’t that good at saying specifically what these products do and like to claim that they’re great at everything, they’re still worth recommending. 

Aroma Tech sells both diffusers and a number of safe essential oils, so you can recommend these to your audience, especially if you’re also in the wellness niche. 

The program can be joined through Share A Sale, the cookie duration is 30 days, and the commissions stand at 20%, which is more than decent. 

Barefut Essential Oils

Like Aroma Tech, this one is a store that sells mostly aromatherapy products such as diffusers and essential oils, but also products made for taking relaxing baths. 

There’s not too much to add about this option other than the cookie basically lasts forever. The affiliate program works differently in that you will earn a 20% commission on each first sale and then 10% on any other following orders. 

Organic Basics

This online clothing company is aimed at individuals who want to reach their health and fitness goals, but who would like to wear good, sustainable, and eco-friendly clothes while performing physical activity. 

The commission rate varies from one type of product to the next but in most cases, the rates range from 10% to 15%. The cookie lasts for thirty days which is still decent enough, so we’d say that Organic Basics is at least worth looking into. 

Eco Sleep by Brooklyn Bedding

The best reason to consider this affiliate program, besides the fact that more than half of the entire planet has trouble sleeping in some form or other, is the value of the products sold by Brooklyn Bedding. 

Therefore, even though the commission value stands at just 5%, the average order value is more than $700. The cookie lasts for thirty days, which is definitely something worth writing home about. 

They do sell a pretty limited variety of products, all of which are aimed at making the sleeping experience of people better — such as mattresses, weighted blankets, pillows, sheets, and more. 

When it comes to how you are going to be paid, we’d also like to note that there are several options and they include cheque and bank transfers. 


We did a whole review of the Walmart affiliate program in another article so we aren’t going to go into a lot of detail in this post. However, the shop is extremely well-known and their program is at least worth considering because of this. 

On products in the Health, Baby, Beauty & Wellness, or Sporting Goods niches, you can earn as much as 4% of every sale. But perhaps the most significant reason to consider Walmart over, say, Amazon Associates is that the cookie lasts for 72 hours. Plus, even the commission rate might be better. 

CJ Affiliate

Formerly known as Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate is one of the best networks for bloggers. It’s packed with a wide array of health and wellness affiliate programs and you can also recommend a variety of other products and services. 

Tracking your sales, commissions, and the number of clicks that your visitors have done is also easy with this platform, so we’d say it’s also worth considering. 

how affiliate marketing works - best practices - amazon associates

Amazon Associates

Amazon is the place where literally hundreds of people every day go and get groceries or other types of supplies, whether for themselves or for pets. The biggest drawback to using this affiliate program — and one of the reasons we included it towards the end of our selection — is that the cookie duration is just 24 hours. 

Besides, in 2020, Amazon slashed their commissions, and while they vary from one niche to the next, on health and fitness products, you aren’t going to be able to make 3% of each sale. 

And as you know, most supplements don’t cost more than $20-$30, so you aren’t going to make a lot of money unless you specifically recommend health devices like bracelets for tracking physical activity, pilates reformers, weights, treadmills, elliptical bikes and so on. 

But even so, the commissions are still pretty low so we do not advise using Amazon Associates as your main way of monetizing your website. 

Share A Sale

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the products you can recommend through this affiliate network. 

In fact, we’d like to add that most bloggers and marketers actually prefer networks such as Share A Sale, AWIN, or CJ Affiliates as they make it super easy for them to have a look at the money they’ve made and the programs they’ve joined. 

How to choose the right health affiliate program

As you might have noticed from the short reviews that we did of all of these programs, the two most important factors you have to consider when separating the wheat from the chaff are cookie duration and commissions. 

But there’s also the option of you joining one (or more) affiliate network and selling several different products and services through that, which is far more efficient than having to join hundreds of programs separately. 

We’d also argue that the reputation of a certain brand can be another deciding factor. Recommending Walmart or Thrive Market products can be easier, for example, than having to suggest your readership to buy a product made by a company they’ve never heard of before. 

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