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FREE PPC Course for my next 100 subscribers to my blog, then it will cost £49

I have just finished writing and making screencasts for a Google Adwords training course. Adwords, PPC, Paid Search or whatever you choose to call it. It is something that is fairly easy to do given you have the correct tools and knowledge and fully understand what everything means on the dashboard that you have when you set up AdWords.

The training course will be done online and there will be a cost to doing the course but in this instance I’m willing to give the course free of charge to the next 100 people who sign up to my blog via the sign up for newsletter you see on the top right corner, or down below this blog post.

So how will this course benefit you? Well recently I’ve taken on a lot more PPC clients than I normally do because Reach Local went into administration and people want an alternative. Upon looking at the set up of some of these campaigns it is clear that people simply just guess the keywords, throw money at it and hope for the best and some of these people think they are doing well on PPC which isn’t the case. They are blowing money on broad match search terms, landing potential customers onto their homepage, allowing Google to autobid on keywords. These are just some of the most common mistakes that are happening and this was happening with Reach Local and some other PPC specialists.

You may not want to manage your PPC campaign but even if you understand what you need a bit better then it will do no harm. My online PPC course basically goes through what everything is how you can set things up, the tools you can use to do the research and of course you can see exactly what im going on my screen so you have a visual demonstration how to set up and adwords campaign from start to finish.

You won’t have to watch me going on for an hour solid, all videos are broken up so that you can do this course a bit at a time or if you need to go back over a particular part then you simply go to the most relevant video.

The course basically gives you the following:

  • Beginners guide to Google Adwords and how it can benefit your business
  • Set up from scratch
  • Working out your budget
  • Competitor analysis to see what keywords will work and how much they cost per click
  • Best tools used to do this research
  • Adding the keywords to your campaign
  • Adding adds relevant to the keywords
  • Ensuring your clients land on the correct page
  • Walk through the adwords dashboard to talk you through all options on the dashboard
  • Common mistakes other people seem to make
  • Some tips on things you can do that your competition are not
  • Managing your campaign and the bidding process

After you have done the course you will be able to set up and manage your own PPC account. It is very easy and you don’t have to pay people a hefty monthly management fee if you are a small business looking at a small campaign.

PPC management is required all of the time to add negative keywords, manually up your bids where required, adding new keywords, removing keywords.

PPC is not that hard, it requires time and effort to go in on a regular basis to refine the campaign and keep on top of the bidding process but when it is up and running and refined and running well it’s not as much hassle as you think. A few hours per week on a small PPC campaign is sufficient to keep on top of things.

So if you would like to get access to this Google Adwords training course then sign up to my blog and it will be sent out within 24 hours to the next 100 people that sign up. It is a course that I will genuinely be charging for in the future. Or if you need me to manage your PPC campaign for you then feel free to get in touch with me via the contact form and i’ll get in touch with you as soon as I can.



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