Fastest WordPress Hosting?

Which is the Fastest WordPress Hosting?

We all know that site speed is an important factor in having a website. Not only is site speed a potential ranking factor, the benefits to customers, I think if you have a website that loads sluggishly or really slow and you’ve got multiple users on there, but you’re also going to drop customers. I think that common sense would tell you that that is the case. So you see a lot of people now talking about the fastest WordPress hosting that’s out there, and, for me, speed is important; one, because I believe it’s a ranking factor; two, I want people to be able to land on any of my websites and be able to find the pages loading quickly and hopefully grab their attention and I think that’s the main goal for any website out there is to make sure that you make money and keep clients happy.

Finding a Fast Hosting Provider

So a fast-loading website is obviously going to help that because now, over the years, I’ve changed hosts and providers. I started out with a kind of low-cost shared hosting account, upgraded to a dedicated hosting account, and I’ve always wanted to try and get that element of speed out of my website. For years I’ve been quite happy with a dedicated hosting account that worked really well, my WordPress website was loading relatively quick and everything was all good. Now I was paying over a hundred pound a month for that dedicated hosting account, and I was also paying for an SSL certificate and stuff like that on top of the hosting package. Now, it’s not all about what you pay, it’s obviously the infrastructure of the server. You know, I’m by no means a server specialist but there’s always going to be room for improvement and different technology and everything else within servers and what one company sees as a small profit margin may be massive to another person.

Don’t go for the cheapest option

So it’s not always based on price so paying a hundred-plus pounds per month isn’t always going to get you the fastest WordPress hosting. So tried and tested loads of different places. I’m not going to mention names because it wouldn’t be fair to me to do that, but a couple of months ago I came across WPX Hosting. Now I’m not going to sit here and say that it’s great and then give you an affiliate link. I’m not doing this for affiliate commission. It is genuinely the hosting account that I currently use and the reason that I use that is that I’ve done testing on it and although it is not a dedicated hosting account, it certainly outstrips the speeds of the dedicated hosting account that I had. Now the dedicated hosting account I had, it was probably one of the best on the market.

WPX Hosting Fastest for WordPress?

Now why did I consider WPX Hosting? I kept hearing people talking about it, kept seeing blog posts about it, and I thought, “Do you know what? My site, I’m not 100% happy with my website speed. Let’s try this out and see what happens.” Now at the time of making this video, I’m still paying for my dedicated hosting account and I’m also paying for WPX so I will have a screen of both of those. So I’m not doing it because of an affiliate deal, there’s certainly no affiliate links in this article and it’s all about genuinely what is the fastest WordPress hosting.

So WPX Hosting, what struck me with these guys, it’s a chap called Terry Kyle who’s been in the shoes that we’ve all been in where he struggled for site speed and couldn’t really find the perfect solution. If you read up on the WPX Hosting website, you see that this business was born out of frustration when Terry was looking to get good hosting. So that one part of the business strikes a chord with me and, if he suffered that and went through the research and everything else, then he’s probably in a good position to offer a better solution. But it all comes down to testing and what I’ve done was changed everything over to WPX, including their WPX Cloud, I was using Cloudflare previously, and set it all up very quickly and easily. It worked a treat and the speeds of it were outrageous and, as I say, it’s not a dedicated server, but it gives you the speed of a dedicated server. It betters the speed of a dedicated server.

Now that in itself is all I really care about. I’m not interested in anything else other than, the one thing that I would concern myself was does WPX Hosting offer a server in the UK, which is where I’m based. Because Terry is based over in America, I just automatically assumed it would be American servers. But no, they do have servers in the UK and, as I said, the cost of it is outrageously valuable. You know, I’m not going to say it’s outrageously cheap because that’s not correct, but the cost of WPX Hosting is relatively cheap. You get free SSL certificates, you can host your website in the UK, the support is there and, you know, the support for any website is invaluable. I think any issues I’ve had, and I haven’t really had many issues with WPX, they have been answered very, very quickly.

Amazing Support for Website Hosting

So they do have 24-hour/7 support and they do have a massive knowledge base on their website as well, which is what you want, just be able to go onto the website and though you may have a few teething problems or whatever it may be, as and when you move over, but they can be very quickly ironed out and get yourself onto a very fast-loading platform for your WordPress website. In terms of my testing, and I’ve tested a lot of different hosting accounts over the years, I would 100% say that WPX Hosting is the fastest for WordPress that I’ve tried and tested. That said, I’ve not tried and tasted every hosting account out there, but I think across the industry and the people that I follow they have all used WPX Hosting and they have all tried and tested a lot of accounts. So I certainly think that WPX Hosting is one to have a look at.

So, as I say, have a look at it, there’s no affiliate links here or catches. It’s genuinely just one of the fastest hosting accounts that I have signed up for in recent times. As I say, I get people asking me every day of the week, “Who do you recommend for hosting?” This is one of the ones that I’m recommending at present and, as long as that continues to work, then I have no qualms at all in recommending people for good services.