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Many of you will be looking for more information on Fastbase – an add-on to Google analytics which shows you what businesses have been looking at your website. This tool has been out since July 2016 and you can see who has been on your website from July 2016, now the tool only shows you data as far back as the last 90 days at present meaning that even if you only sign into Fastbase today, you will be able to see this data from the last 90 days.

Previously on Google Analytics, you could see information showing you how many people have visited your website but that was pretty much all you could see in terms of who was looking at your website, there was no other information other than bounce rate, how many pages the visitor looked at and other data relating to how they navigated through your website. Knowing who they were would have been ideal and allowed you the opportunity to do some kind of follow-up.

Now you can see what businesses have been looking at your website and you can go as far back as the last 90 days with this information.

Fastbase provides you with the company name, location and the phone number of the company along with information on who actually looked at your website from that company and depending on that person it will also give you their email address and LinkedIn profile too. The email address and LinkedIn profile are only going to show up providing that person has LinkedIn , in some instances though it will just give you a person’s name and the company phone number if they don’t use LinkedIn and other platforms that are used to verify who has been looking at your website.

There are different packages available as per the below screenshot with the FREE package allowing you to see only the basic details, the paid version shows you a lot more data.

Previously people used tools that were using IP addresses and databases to show you who looked at your website and people were paying a monthly fee to get that data. Some of those monthly fees were as much as £300 per month just to see who has been on your website. I never personally thought that was great value for money and it is likely that these companies are going to have to re-think their offering now that this tool is on the market. It was initially free and at the time of writing, if you want to see more in depth information there is a cost of £29 per month for 1 website.

If you do have more than one website then there are additional costs for this.

Below is a screenshot of what you will see when you log into Fastbase. I have had to blank out much of the information on there as I don’t want to get into trouble for showing everyone’s information. Not every person who looks at your website is a company and as a result will not appear on Fastbase, meaning that the only people who will show up are companies where the information is matched against the database that Fastbase use to show you who has visited your website.


Now you will see on that screenshot in the past few days I’ve had 107 web visitors that have appeared on one of my sites, 60 of them have been companies one of them was who had a look at my site and you can see that I can also get their phone number if I wanted to follow up.

Now if I was to click on the ” Blackpool ” link it will bring up some more useful information and this is where Fastbase really provides value.


Now you can see that this provides the URL, the phone number in some instances the person’s email address. It did provide me with the name of who looked at my site and it also gives you the LinkedIn profile and other key employees from that company too.

So as a direct result of using a tool like Fastbase you are now able to see what company has looked at your website, who in that company looked at your website and their contact information and some of this information is actually free of charge.

This will be a very useful tool to some businesses and will provide a lot of data which you can also download as a CSV file that you can work with to generate more leads for your business.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions on Fastbase and I’ll be more than happy to try and help.


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