Envato Affiliate Program Review

If you’ve been looking for new ways of monetizing your content and you’re out of ideas, joining the Envato affiliate program might be a good idea. It’s a great match for folks in the digital marketing, SEO, tech, and development industries, so if you have a blog or website in these industries, you should maybe give it a try. 

For more information on how much you can earn with this opportunity, check out the review below!

Envato Affiliate Program Review

What is Envato?

Envato can be described as a huge marketplace for anyone interested in purchasing and using digital products, specifically those that have a bit to do with art, editing, or website development. 

As a future Envato affiliate, you should be aware that there are quite a bit of things you might need to do research on, but more info on that in the following section. 

What services or products can you recommend to your audience?

The categories that you will come across on the Envato website range from Elements to EnvatoMarket, which isn’t subscription-based. There’s also a service called Placeit, designed by the same company, which assists individuals with creating videos, social posts, as well as professional designs. 

The three types of services that don’t necessarily pertain to the Envato Elements affiliate program or the Envato Market affiliate program are Envatotuts+, Mixkit, and reshot. The first allows people to take their skills to a whole new level by studying with the help of tutorials and courses. 

The second, mixkit, is a very handy tool especially for social media managers or influencers as it basically has heaps and heaps of free assets for video content. And finally, reshot offers a plethora of free illustrations and icons. 

Naturally, since these resources are free, you’re not going to be able to earn anything by recommending them to your audience. However, if you do suggest that they get the Elements or any product from the Market, you can make a small percentage of that sale. 

To give you an idea of how much these products cost, we looked at some of the eCommerce templates for websites, for example, and the prices range from $69 to $129 and beyond. The cost depends on the functionalities of every template and how easy it is to work with. 

Most are mobile-optimized and some even come with a nifty drag and drop builder, therefore speaking to the needs of folks that don’t have a lot of experience with building websites. And naturally, since they’re going to be paying for these products, they’re much harder to hack compared to free WordPress templates. 

If you’re interested in the Envato Elements affiliate program, the subscription costs just $16.50 per month and comes with millions of creative assets (as claimed by the company itself) with unlimited downloads and the ability to cancel the plan at any time. 

The Elements subscription has anything from graphic and video templates to web templates, music audio files, and stock photos. We’d also like to note that the company is offering a 30% discount for students. 

How to become an Envato Affiliate

First off, one of the best things about this program is that it can be found on the Impact Radius platform. This is a widely known network and it works seamlessly and tells you everything you know in terms of stats and anything else you might be interested in when it comes to your performance. 

You need to join on the Impact website by filling out a form with basic information such as your name and personal details like your username, email, and anything else in this vein, and your company information – your website, the country you are based in, your address, phone number, the type of business model you have, and so on. 

Because there are several different products that Envato sells right now, you actually have different programs. As an Envato Elements affiliate, you will be addressing designers, developers, and other professionals that require these tools. 

As a Placeit by Envato affiliate, you’ll market to small business owners and DIYers. And finally, as an Envato market affiliate, you’ll once again appeal to videographers, designers, web developers, influencers, and more. 

Once your application is submitted, you’ll get your Envato affiliate link and also be able to check your Envato Market affiliate earnings. 

How much can you make as an Envato affiliate?

Since there are basically three different programs to speak of, there are also different commission rates that you can expect. With Envato Elements, you make up to $120 on annual subscriptions billed once and up to $60 on monthly subscribers. 

With Placeit, you can earn 50% on one-time transactions, $20 on new monthly subscribers, and $50 on annual subscribers. 

Finally, with Envato Market, so with the version where people buy whatever product they prefer, you get a share of 30% out of the sale. There’s no recurring commission in this case, which could be a bit of a drawback.  

Payment information 

There are two main ways of getting your earnings with this program – you can opt for either PayPal or Electronic Funds Transfer, a method that is only available for banks in specific locations around the globe. 

As for the withdrawal limit, you can opt for $10, in which case you’ll be able to withdraw your commissions at any time, or something like $50, in which case you’ll have to wait for a particular day of the month to get your earnings. 

The Impact platform is in charge of processing the payments, so in case you run into any problem with receiving your money, you will have to address the issue with the network, not with Envato itself. 

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Envato affiliate program alternatives


We’ve written a whole separate review of the Canva affiliate program, so if you have some time available, we suggest that you give it a read. This one works through the Impact Radius platform, one of the best-known and established networks currently available. 

While you might not get rich with this opportunity, we would argue that being a Canva affiliate is a good way of diversifying your income, especially how well-seen the brand is. For every user that gets the service for a whole year, you are paid a commission of $36. If someone decides to go for the monthly billing model, you get paid just 15% out of what they are paying for their Canva subscription. 

Template Monster

Template Monster has more than 150,000 affiliates spread across the globe and it is one of the most trusted marketplaces for templates – regardless of the CMS or purpose. 

As a Template Monster affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn up to 30% in commission for every sale performed through your affiliate link. This rate works for both new and returning customers. 

But from what we have noticed, this program seems to be self-managed, so you can’t join it through a separate affiliate platform. As you probably know by now, that can be a bit of a drawback for seasoned affiliates with multiple websites.  There are three payment methods possible with this one – PayPal, bank transfers, and Payoneer. 

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Creative Market

This one is yet another self-managed program that you may want to consider strictly for diversifying your income streams. You get paid a 15% rate on every new customer that makes a purchase through your affiliate link. Returning customers get you a 5% rate, which might not be worth writing home about, but it’s still better than nothing. 

The cookie lasts for 30 days, but that isn’t a surprise given that it can be considered the industry standard these days. 

What we did like about this one is that there’s a very detailed blog post with how everything works, from how you can create your affiliate link to how you can see if someone bought something through it.   

Adobe Stock

Everyone has heard the name ‘Adobe’ at least once before in their life, whether the conversation revolved around Photoshop, Reader, or any other product that this company might have ever produced. But not a lot of individuals might be aware of is that Adobe has a quite nifty affiliate program where anyone can earn rates upwards of $72. 

Different services will make you different commissions, though. For example, Creative Cloud & Document Cloud will make you a rate of 85% commission for the first month’s subscription. Yearly subscriptions in this category will generate a commission of 85% for the first month and then 8.33% for the first year (as a one-time payment). 

For Adobe Stock (which is more or less similar to Envato, the main reason we’re mentioning it here), you make $72 in commissions for both monthly and yearly subscriptions, with single purchases generating the same 8.33% rate we’ve previously mentioned. 

Motion Elements

There are three ways of getting paid if you decide to choose this Envato affiliate program alternative – Skrill, PayPal, or Payoneer. Choose whichever method best suits you. 

As a Motion Elements affiliate, you make 30% out of what your referrals are paying for Motion Elements products. The neat thing about this one is that the cookie lasts for a whole year, so you have plenty of time to score that sale. 

Unfortunately, this one is also self-managed, so you will need to create an account on the brand’s website and fill out a form with a few basic questions. 

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Like Adobe and Canva, Shutterstock has been around for a more than decent number of years. Pretty much anyone that has ever been interested in purchasing art, templates, or stock photos has heard of this company. 

As an affiliate, you can earn 20% out of whatever is sold through your affiliate link, whether that is an image, video footage, music, or anything else that’s currently being sold through Shutterstock. 

There’s a referral program available, too, and that one can make you a flat $50 commission rate when you convince someone to sign up for a FLEX subscription — and they get a 20% discount, too. 

Mojo Marketplace

You can make 30% out of what your referrals are paying for Mojo Marketplace products after clicking on your affiliate link. From what we have gathered, this program is also self-managed, especially since you can easily access it within your regular Mojo account. 

What we do have to note is that the only payment method currently available in this case is PayPal – so if you no longer have an account with PayPal, there’s no sense in you even considering this option. In terms of payments, there’s a NET15 system in place, which is significantly better than what other companies have to offer. 


Even though this one might not be as well-known as some of the other companies that we have previously mentioned, you should try and recommend it to your followers as you can make 25% out of every sale made through your affiliate link. 

Another reason to join is the fact that you get a $10 bonus whenever you score your first sale during the first 30 days after you’ve signed up. We’d also like to note that if you refer someone to 123RF and they make repeat purchases after the first one, you’ll still get a 10% commission out of that. 

And finally, the 123RF affiliate program works through ShareASale, one of the (if not the) largest affiliate networks in the world right now. So, if you’re already using ShareASale, you should consider this opportunity. 

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Final thoughts

So, does it make sense for you to become an Envato affiliate, especially when putting this program side by side with some of the alternatives that we have showcased above?

That is a question that only you can answer. All in all, though, it seems like the Envato affiliate program is worth considering, especially if you’re keen on recommending high-quality creative assets to your followers. 

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