Entireweb Affiliate Program Review

If you’ve been looking for new ways of monetizing your content and you have nothing against recommending new services and products to your audience, you’ve ended up in the perfect place. 

In today’s article, we’re putting together an Entireweb affiliate program review and giving you all the information you need – from how much you can earn with this opportunity to whether there are better alternatives out there. 

Entireweb Affiliate Program Review

What is Entireweb?

The simplest way to describe Entireweb would be to call it an alternative search engine. If you’ve been on the Internet for quite a good number of years, you probably have an idea of how challenging it can be to change people’s minds and get them to use anything other than Google. 

In fact, most websites are optimized for Google and Bing these days. There are potentially better options when it comes to search engines out there, and some are known for planting trees or not collecting data about their users (and DuckDuckGo is a good example of this). 

Entireweb is a Swedish company based in Halmstad. We used it a couple of times to see how effective it is compared to Google and it seems more than decent. However, as a future affiliate, you will have a bit of a hard time suggesting that your followers switch to another search engine. 

In fact, many devices these days come with pre-installed search engines. A good example would be Android phones that have widgets added to their home screens that users can rely on to find out anything they need. 

What can you recommend to your audience?

One detail that seems to set Entireweb aside from its competitors is the abundance of free tools that it puts at its users’ disposal. 

For example, there is a free website uptime monitoring service that one can use literally every minute from random locations to test the speed and find out whether or not their site becomes unavailable. 

Some of the most attractive features that are included in this monitoring tool range from multiple locations and custom domains to email notifications, custom HTTP requests and custom HTTP responses. 

And that’s just one example of the multiple free tools that this company offers – there are many others, such as a free SEO analyzer, analytics, widgets, and the ability to submit one’s website to the search engine. 

As you might have guessed, the Entireweb affiliate program isn’t similar to many of the ones you may have come across until now simply because there aren’t any paid products that you can recommend to your followers. Read on to find out how it stands out from the crowd. 

Joining the Entireweb affiliate program

The good news about becoming an Entireweb affiliate is that they use a separate platform for tracking everything in terms of earnings and more – PostAffiliatePro is a name you might have heard before if the game of affiliate marketing is not a stranger to you. 

The platform comes with everything you need for the advertising process, from banner ad tools to smart links and all sorts of integrations. 

There’s also a way to sign up directly on the brand’s own website. You will find a form asking you for basic information such as your first and last name, your username and your own tracking ID, as well as extra info such as your website URL, your company name, and your address. Everything else you’ll figure out after you have been approved. 

How much can you make as an Entireweb affiliate?

Things start to get a little complicated when it comes to the actual way you can earn with this affiliate program. Some sources suggest that it is a pay per click kind of model, where you refer people to the free search engine submission service managed by the company and get paid up to .20 dollars in return. 

The truth is that the value of every click varies a lot from .01 to .20 dollars and there’s no way of making an estimate of what you can actually earn with EntireWeb. On the other hand, the page that we found on the brand’s own website suggests that you get 30% out of every order placed through your affiliate link. 

That’s all great, but what exactly are you referring to if all of the services are free? This is a search engine after all, which means you can simply suggest that your referrals give it a shot to the detriment of Google or whatever they might have been using until now. 

It’s a little concerning that on the one hand, you’re told that you can make 30% out of the value of all of the sales you refer and yet on the other hand, you can earn up to 20 cents per click, not per sale. So it definitely seems like the affiliate program itself does not have a clear earning model to speak of. 

Payout information – What you should know

It doesn’t matter what country you are based in with this affiliate program – you will be paid through PayPal regardless of whether that suits you or not. 

As you might have heard, this can be a bit of a nuisance for affiliate marketers especially because this payment service has been deactivating accounts without even providing a reason. In some locations, PayPal might not even be available, which means some affiliates may have no way of withdrawing their earnings. 

While we’re on that topic, we might as well note that the threshold for withdrawing your commissions is $50, which is ridiculous if you’re getting less than 20 cents per click. 

It could take you dozens of years to reach that limit, especially if you don’t have a massive amount of traffic or you just find it pretty difficult to convert people from using good old Google to Entireweb.  

Entireweb affiliate program – Pros and cons

If the information that we have provided until now hasn’t given you an idea of how reliable the Entireweb affiliate program is, we don’t know how else to put it – there are significantly better alternatives out there and they don’t come with such unclear terms. 

Even if the program itself were completely sound and there wouldn’t be so many unknown aspects to it, it would still be challenging to convince people to try Entireweb. 

We’re not saying that alternative search engines aren’t great, especially if they are backed by a cause such as saving the planet or strictly protecting their users’ data so that it is not shared and does not end up in all sorts of dubious places. 

But considering the negatives, meaning the payment method, the threshold, the mysterious commission rate, and the fact that this is mainly a search engine, should make you question whether this is the best option you have available. 

On top of everything, there are some Entireweb affiliate program reviews out there that you can easily come across if you perform a search – and they aren’t very positive. 

Is the Entireweb affiliate program legit?

That is a question that is not easily answered. We’ve gone through a lot of resources while doing research for this article and some point out that the affiliate program is so challenging to earn with that you might as well pick something else. 

Whether that means that it is or is not legit, only affiliates can say. We would argue that there are better options out there and they don’t all rely on the same earning model. 

Besides, the majority of the affiliate programs that we have looked at in the past (and we have reviewed several dozens) have a very clear set of terms and conditions where they specify not just the percentage that you should expect or the actual money you can get for every click or purchase, but also things such as the cookie duration and more. 

In the end, it is only up to you whether you decide to become an Entireweb affiliate. 

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Entireweb affiliate program alternatives


First off, Skimlinks is not a program in itself but more an affiliate network. There are both pros and cons to this Entireweb alternative. One of the drawbacks is that it can take a couple of months until you can withdraw your earnings, especially if you don’t reach the threshold. 

It is impossible to make an assumption as to how much you can earn because the affiliate programs you will find on the platform have different commissions. You can use the dashboard to search for programs in various niches and countries, and also select between earning models – CPA, dynamic, or CPC.

In terms of payment methods, if you are based in the United States or the United Kingdom, you have the freedom of choosing to receive your money through either Paypal or direct deposit. If you’re based anywhere else, you’ll need to make do just with Paypal. The threshold is $65. 

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This one is slightly more similar to what Entireweb has to offer in terms of affiliate marketing. The earning model is also CPC, and as you can expect, you’re not going to be able to get rich with this one. 

There’s also the downside that once you install the code, pretty much everything on your website becomes a link — naturally, that is an exaggeration, but you can’t possibly have a paragraph filled with 20 links, can you? 

On the upside, the ads are entirely customizable, you don’t need to have a specific number of visitors to access the program, and it doesn’t cost a thing. 


This contextual ad network works with both Bing and Yahoo, so at least you’re not restricted to some search engine no one has ever heard of before. 

As is the case with some of the other platforms that we have mentioned, it’s pretty difficult to assess what your earnings will be. However, most of the reviews of Media.net that we came across suggest that it is highly user-friendly and actually works, so you’re not going to feel as frustrated as with other options.

In terms of payment options, you have two available – wire transfers and PayPal. You need to reach the threshold of $100 in order to be able to withdraw your earnings, there’s a Net30 system in place (so you’ll have to wait for your commissions to be approved for a month), but the good news is that you can be paid every month. 

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If you are specifically looking for a CPC affiliate program, Taboola might be another good option to take into account. Apparently, if someone clicks on your affiliate link and watches a video, your earnings for that can be anything between $3 and $7. 

The biggest drawback when it comes to Taboola is that it doesn’t work with PayPal or other forms of payment such as wire transfers. However, they do work with Payoneer, so if you already have an account with that platform, you might want to give it a try. 

The waiting period before you can withdraw your earnings with this program is 45 days. 


This one is a winner if you need to be able to withdraw your earnings without having to wait for a long time – even if your blog doesn’t get massive amounts of traffic, you’ll be happy to know that you can withdraw your commissions when you’ve reached the limit of just $10. 

Another great thing about BidVertiser is that it pays its affiliates through several different payment methods, whether that be PayPal, wire transfers, or cheque. 

All in all, it seems a pretty good option if you’re not completely sold on what Entireweb has to offer right now. Plus, you can join the program regardless of the number of visitors you have every month. 

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