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If you run a digital marketing blog or website, one of the best ways of monetizing your work and of diversifying your income sources is to check out the best email marketing affiliate programs out there. 

Luckily for you, we’ve come up with a quite extensive list of such programs, and we’re going to describe them in the sections below. 

For all of them, we’ve included information such as the commissions you’ll get and the cookie duration, as these two factors are the most important ones when choosing what to recommend to your audience. 

Top Email Affiliate Marketing Programs

When it comes to affiliate programs and email marketing, the sky’s the limit as to what you can suggest to your readership. Naturally, everyone knows about the likes of Mailchimp and AWeber, but there are many more you should consider, and some of them offer better commissions or longer cookie durations. 


This mass email service has witnessed immense growth over the past 2-3 years, and since it comes with more than enough features that can help anyone improve their marketing strategy, we’d say that it is worth recommending. 

The commission is one of the most significant reasons for joining the Getresponse affiliate program as it’s slightly higher than the rest — 33% on $100 on all paid accounts. 

The cookie lasts for 120 days, which is also worth taking into account. You basically have four months at your disposal to get a commission, that is — unless someone clicks on somebody else’s link in the meantime. 

There are actually two different affiliate programs available with GetResponse — one of them gets you $100 on each sale you refer, and the other is a recurring one with 33% for long-term revenue. Pick the one that best suits your needs and, depending on the audience you have — if thousands of people are likely to get their products and regularly make payments, the second option might be the better one. 

In terms of tools, you have a whole range of banners, videos, and other such promotional materials that can make your work a lot easier. 


This cost-effective marketing automation platform and service comes with plenty of tools and features that you can promote on your blog or website. Besides this, the commission is a standard 30%, which you might get on other affiliate programs, but the best thing by far is that the cookie lasts forever. 

Whether you’re a fan of dealing with affiliate marketing managers or not, we have to note that there are people at Moosend that can help you in case you run into an issue with their affiliate program. 


Compared to some of the other options that we have described in this article, Stripo can be defined more like an email design platform rather than an email service per se. The best thing about it is that it comes with plenty of responsive email templates that anyone can use, regardless of their technical skills. 

As for the affiliate program, the commission is a 25% lifetime recurring one — which is slightly less than what you’d get with other choices –, but the cookie does last for 120 days, which is definitely worth writing home about. 

Given their pricing, we’d say that the money you’d be able to make if you promote this service would be anything between $3 and $550. You get paid every time you make a referral, including when people upgrade their accounts or pay for their monthly subscriptions.  

Managing the sales you have referred to is quite easy given that this service relies on the Firstpromoter’s platform, so you have access to a dashboard where you can keep track of all the signups, clicks, and also payments. 


As one of the largest mass email services out there, ConvertKit has plenty of features worth writing home about, from helping you build an audience with tools like customized email templates, amazing landing pages, and more. 

The commission is a standard 30% lifetime recurring, but the cookie lasts for just 60 days, which is about half of the duration of the cookie you’d get with other programs listed in this post. 

The payments are processed through PayPal. According to some of the information we came across, it seems that you can earn an average of just under $9 for every referred account. 

ConvertKit uses the LinkMink platform for affiliate management, so you will be able to quickly, easily, and conveniently check out your clicks and commissions and manage your affiliate links, too. 


This email marketing service has been around for more than a decade, and during that time, it’s managed to grow its subscribers to a quite impressive number. 

As for the features you can recommend to your readership, they range from campaign management and email list building to pop-ups, automation, and surveys. 

Best of all, MailerLite has excellent customer service in place, which means that they can solve any problem that might arise. 

The main reason to promote their services would have to be the 30% commission you get on each sale you refer — but that is not the only reason as the commission is lifetime recurring. 

The cookie, on the other hand, lasts for just 30 days, so the people you refer the program to have to make a purchase during that time and after clicking on your affiliate link. 


This email marketing solution comes with a variety of features, from signup forms and newsletter automation. While it’s less known compared to the likes of Mailchimp and AWeber, it’s definitely worth recommending to your audience since the commission is the standard 30% (but lifetime recurring). 

On top of that, you should know that the cookie lasts for 120 days (which is great) and that the payments are processed through PayPal, so withdrawing your earnings should be a breeze. 

On the other hand, there is a $100 threshold that needs to be met before you are able to withdraw any money. Still, that is to be expected with most affiliate programs that pay their affiliates through PayPal. 

Constant Contact

We’ve mentioned Constant Contact in some of our previous posts, but it is one of the handiest and easiest to use platforms that currently exist, and that can assist you in working smarter, setting up and managing an online store and of course, managing your email list. 

The commissions are slightly different than what you would expect, though. Since Constant Contact has a free trial available, they’ll pay you $5 for each user that gets it. Once they upgrade to one of their paid plans, you will get a $105 commission. 

The best thing about this email marketing affiliate program is that the cookie lasts for 120 days, which is more than decent for this industry. 

But what we’d like to add with regard to this particular program is that you have to join it through an affiliate network such as Impact Radius or CJ Affiliate. The payments differ depending on the network. 

If, for example, you use the first, you will be paid through PayPal. With the second, there’s also the option of you getting your money through direct deposits or cheques. 

Last, but not least, they have a number of tools and creative assets that can all help you better market their products. You can also talk to an affiliate manager if you run into any problem whatsoever. 

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This cost-effective mass email service is currently being used by over three thousand companies across the world. Its features range from anything like amazing landing pages and forms to beautiful and, most of all, high-converting emails. They even have a heatmap. 

As for their affiliate program, you’ll be glad to know that the commission is the standard 30% recurring you can expect from other options here, but the cookie duration is 120 days, which is definitely impressive. 

Since SendX is quite affordable, their plans start at $7.49 a month. So, while you aren’t going to be able to make a ton of money with basic users, the fact that the commission is recurring obviously saves the situation and makes this affiliate program worth considering. 


AWeber is one of the largest email marketing services out there, so you will have no trouble recommending their services to your audience. They’ve gained a lot of exposure since they’ve been around. 

The commission you can expect on each referral payment is the standard 30%. The nice thing about the program is that it lets you promote the products a lot easier, since they have plenty of explainer videos on how to do just that. 


This one might be slightly less popular than some of the other affiliate programs that we have showcased here for the simple reason that they offer a commission of $12 on each referred sale. The cookie does last for 60 days, though, so that’s worth considering, too. 

In terms of features, Sendy is quite generous as it gives users anything from auto-responders and list segmentation and management to detailed reports and custom fields options. 


One of the biggest advantages to considering SendinBlue’s email marketing affiliate program would have to be that you can earn commissions even for users who use just the free trial. 

You can earn about $6 (5 euros) on each free trial and up to $120 on paid accounts. The cookie lasts for 90 days, which we’d say is somewhat decent since there are programs on this list whose cookie duration is 60 days or less. 

Additionally, we have to note that SendinBlue uses Tapfiliate for tracking clicks and everything else you might need, so the commissions can be monitored quite transparently and accurately. 

Finally, the payments can be processed through PayPal or direct deposits. 


BigMailer is a cloud-based solution for a variety of businesses. It’s got heaps of features your audience might be interested in and they range from mailing list management and an auto-responder to drip campaigns, web forms, as well as customizable fields.

They’ve even got custom landing pages as well as event-triggered emailing, which can definitely come in handy every now and then. 

All of the payments are processed through PayPal, and you earn 30% of each sale you refer to BigMailer. Once you reach the $100 threshold, you can get paid. 

The cookie duration is average, we’d say, at least for this type of affiliate program, as it lasts for 2 months (60 days). 


The commissions you’ll make if you begin recommending ActiveCampaign products to your audience might seem a little difficult to understand, so here’s what you should know. 

The standard commission rate is 30%, and the cookie duration is 90 days. You do not have to join any network in order to be able to promote the service, and the payments are processed through PayPal on a monthly basis. 

But the commissions are organized according to a tiered structure. For example, if you refer $100 in 90 days, you’ll get a commission of 20%. If you refer $500 new users during that same time span and you have $2,000 in active accounts, the commission is going to be 30%. 


This one is another email marketing service you might have heard before if you’ve been in the digital marketing niche for quite a while. It’s effective, convenient, and relatively affordable, and it comes with all the tools one might need to improve their strategy. 

We left this for the end because the commissions are quite complicated and you will also have to provide proof that you have referred enough users in order to increase your sales. 

For example, you get 20% in commissions until you have reached $1,000 in sales, which is increased to 30% recurring once you pass this threshold. If you get people to purchase ClickFunnels courses and eBooks, you will get a flat commission on each sale.  

Choosing the best email marketing affiliate program

There are three main things you have to take into account when deciding between one program and the other — the commission (its value), whether it is recurring or not, and the cookie duration. 

Everything else pales by comparison, but you should know that you have a much better chance of actually getting people to sign up for a paid plan if you recommend extremely reputable services such as GetResponse or AWeber. 

Then again, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a post about the best email marketing software out there and placing your affiliate links in the buttons of each and every recommendation, right?

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