Deleting Inactive Facebook Friends

Deleting Inactive Facebook Friends

If like me you have 5000 friends on Facebook you will know you have hit your limit, but how many of these friends are active and engage with the content you are putting out?

So I ran a check and found that 10% of my friends were active and engaged, so that’s 4500 lurkers out there who either dont read my stuff or dont engage, either way when I’m limited to 5000 friends they are talking up valuable space.

So I’m introducing a great paid chrome extension from Dware Labs that you can use to automatically scan for inactive friends and then use the chrome extension to remove these people.

In the video above I show you how easy it is to start freeing up space on your friend’s list to allow you room to get more engaged people on your profile.

Removing Facebook Friends on Autopilot

This is the amazing thing about this tool, you can simply scan your friend’s list, like the image below it will take 20 mins or so to scan through your friends and posts, so dont be impatient and assume that it doesn’t work. Then you can simply select all, or quickly click through the friends you want to add to your remove list and then click start and the chrome extension does all the leg work.

Facebook Purge Automation

I love automation, and you can’t beat it when you can use something so simple to do a lot of the grunt work for you, sitting back while your computer does the legwork really is a great feeling in my opinion. If you can automate many of your processes then do it.

With engagement on social media algorithms determining how much exposure your posts get, its key to do a Facebook purge every so often as you do want more engagement people interacting with your posts, that way the social media platforms see this post as important and show it to more people.

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So clean off those time wasters and lurkers and free up space for people who may enjoy your content more.

If people dont engage with me in a 3 month period then they are gone, its that simple.

How much does this cost?

The Dware guys have a number of tools relating to Facebook so you can buy the whole bundle, I personally was only interested in the Facebook Friend Remover and that’s all I got, it was $97 bucks for a lifetime licence and will allow me to clean and keep on top of my Facebook Purges simply click here to grab the chrome extension or any of the other add ons if you want those too.

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