CTR Booster Review

CTR Booster Review

Many people will know if you follow me that I’ve been playing around and testing a lot on CTR and engagement signals and over the last 6-9 months I’ve played around with a lot of tools with varying degrees of success. There are many bots and tools out there and nothing will ever replace real traffic that is for sure but bots can come in handy at times for a number of different reasons. In particular, I find CTR Booster useful for Youtube watch time, you can send the bots to watch your videos and get that watch time to give it a little boost, this mixed in with some paid social works a treat for me.

But that would be totally unfair on CTR Booster, it does a lot more than just that so let me explain more on this particular tool.

CTR Booster Features

You can see on the screenshot below the Google search options on CTR Booster:

In the video above I do give you a walk through all of these options, you can mix and match your settings, from total visits, to how many visits you want daily, how many internal links you want to be clicked alongside how long you want the bot to stay on your page for. This is all on top of the search and clicks functionality for your website in the first place.

What are the best settings to use on CTR Booster?

You dont need to go crazy, play around and start off slowly, remember if a search term gets 500 searches per month and you are sending a bot to search for that term 5000 times per day you are going to give Google something to flag up, so do a bit of research and use a bit of common sense. You cant use brute force here to game the system you simply want to give it some signals and clicks. Play around with the settings though and see what works for you and then constantly refine it. More clicks will work better for more competitive keywords, with any long-tail stuff you will find it will rank with moderate settings.

Bear in mind you are also able to give off both mobile and desktop clicks and signals, so worth mixing that up and maybe consider looking at the ratio of that kind of search on your analytics and replicate that.

Do I need proxies for CTR Booster?

The proxies you use are important as people will claim the tool doesn’t work and so on, all of these tools can work and be very effective if you are using the right type of proxies. Think of it this way, if you are searching for hundreds of keywords on 20 different URLs on your website and simply use 10 dedicated proxies then it’s going to leave a massive footprint and won’t have the desired impact. It will simply look like you and your ten friends are clicking on your stuff all day every day and that isn’t something that is going to help you in the long run. We want variety, different locations and that’s why real traffic always works, but if you want to use a bot, you need to make it replicate what real traffic does and that comes down to using different proxies that rotate and ideally these will be residential proxies.

Best Proxies for CTR Booster?

Packetstream.io is what most users of this tool will use, and this works very well you simply buy up some bandwidth and. get going, they have tutorials on how to set it all up, it’s simple and easy and these are residential proxies that rotate and use by a pool of people in order to get that variety on proxies that you need to make this CTR Booster tool more effective. This is the most important step to using this tool, use the right proxies and you will get the right results.

Does CTR Booster work on YouTube Videos?

Yes, it sure does. You can see the options available on the screenshot below:


Again choose the settings that suit you, make sure you get as much watch time on your videos as you need to, YouTube is not only looking at clicks but watch time is a ranking signal on Youtube so ensure that you use CTR Booster to boost your watch time and keep on top of the competition.


A great tool that does exactly as its meant to do, nothing more nothing less grab yourself a copy over at www.ctrbooster.com its a one-off fee and the only additional costs are your proxies and captcha services.

Want to learn more about CTR and SEO? We have several different plans available. Feel free to get in touch today.

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