Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

Cryptocurrency will always be a somewhat controversial topic, but it is a niche where money can be made not just from buying crypto but also from recommending crypto sellers. 

If you are in the digital space and you think that your blog’s niche would be compatible with crypto, we’d say that you should check out some of the cryptocurrency affiliate programs listed below. 

Some of these companies actually run their affiliate programs through networks such as CJ Affiliate or Impact. This means that if you own several different sites in different niches, you will be able to apply to different programs and visualize all your stats in one place. 

Best cryptocurrency affiliate programs

One thing we’d like to note about most of the crypto traders we have come across while doing research for this article is that some of them do not pay you in any way other than with crypto. 

This could be a drawback for people who want actual money. However, there is always the option of you beginning to trade crypto, too, and sell whatever you make if that’s what suits you. 


This is perhaps the best-known cryptocurrency affiliate program especially since it has been around for several years now. It supports most cryptocurrencies in the world right now.

The nicest thing about this program is that it pays commissions of up to 50% of the value of the purchase. Binance pays its affiliates only through cryptocurrencies, though, so that’s worth considering. 


This one should definitely be jotted down your list because it’s one of the few cryptocurrency affiliate programs that we have found offer a lifetime commission. This basically means that you can make a small, albeit consistent side income for as long as the referral remains a Coinmama user. 

On the other hand, the commission rate is just 15%, so it is slightly lower compared to that of other programs. Even so, since you will be earning it for the years to come, we’d say that you should at least mull over joining Coinmama. 

Ledger Wallet

This wallet allows people to store their crypto offline. There are several different models available. In terms of the Ledger affiliate program, what you need to know is that the typical commission is 10%, but this is not a lifetime commission. You only get it once on a qualified purchase — which definitely makes this affiliate program less worthy of your attention. 

They also pay only in bitcoin and the minimum payout threshold you have to reach is .1 BTC. Also, it seems that they only provide partial reports to your referrals, which is not an advantage. 

AvaTrade Bitcoin

This affiliate partner program might be worth considering if you’re interested in one that not only pays you in crypto, but there is also the option of you getting your money in cash. 

Depending on what you choose, you can get revenue share or $250 per referring customer. Needless to say, the ‘cookie duration’ lasts differently depending on what you opt for. 

The service pays you every month, but you do have to reach a minimum threshold of at least $400 to be able to get your money. This is a pretty good program, from what we have seen, and it also provides detailed reports on your referrals’ activity. 

Trezor Wallet

As its name suggests, this service is based on a hardware wallet that makes it possible for you to keep your crypto in a safe space, away from anything like viruses or any other dangerous pieces of software it might otherwise be exposed to. 

The commission rate of the affiliate program is anything between 12% to 15% for every qualifying sale. The value of the commission varies depending on several factors, all of which you will find out after reading the find print of the affiliate agreement. 

The good thing about Trezor is that they pay their affiliates on a month-to-month basis either in crypto or in cash. For cash they use wire transfers, which means that you can get your earnings right in your bank account. 


This is one of the oldest crypto services that we know of since it was founded about ten years ago. They make it possible for people to trade crypto with very low fees and they’re also adamant about keeping their users’ data safe, which is a net bonus. 

As for their affiliate program, they pay 50% of all referral trading fees for 3 months. That really is not bad, especially when compared to what other programs have to offer. 

Also, there is the option of you getting paid right in your local currency, which is another pro to consider. Use the Impact affiliate network to join the Coinbase program. 

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There’s not too much to say about the Changelly affiliate program other than the fact that the commission rate is a flat 50% on all transactions, but what makes it great is that it is offered for the lifetime of a user’s activity. 

On the other hand, you only get paid in the specific crypto that transactions are made in. This means that you can end up with dozens or even hundreds of cryptocoins in your account and then you have to exchange or sell them all. 


Now this is one of the best-known investment services out there and besides its viral marketing campaigns, we’d say that it is actually worth looking into. 

If you’re feeling wary about recommending crypto services to your audience as maybe you do not know how your blog readers would react, you can simply recommend eToro stocks to them since the service also specializes in this kind of investments, too. 

The commissions are obviously different depending on what actions your referrals take and even the type of coins they invest in. you can earn up to $600 per trader (one-time commission) but the average value is more like $200. 

The good thing about this program is that it pays through traditional payment methods like Paypal or wire transfers. 


This lifetime affiliate program makes it possible for crypto affiliates to make a side income for years and years to come. The platform itself is pretty effective and user-friendly and it is designed for buying and selling Bitcoins through a variety of payment methods, from Paypal to credit cards. 

You can earn up to 20% out of every referral’s purchase with this program, but you will get paid in crypto from what we found. 


This service is based on the performance of a trading bot that assists people to invest in coins and exchange them across different markets. 

This one is slightly unique compared to some of the other programs we’ve already described, and what makes it stand out from the crowd is that it asks people for a subscription in order for them to be able to use the CryptoHopper services. 

As such, affiliates are paid a 10% commission out of that subscription. However, there is an additional one that you can make and it varies between 10% and 15% on every referral’s purchases. 

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This service makes it possible for crypto owners to exchange or even lend crypto to one another. The reason we noted this cryptocurrency affiliate program here is that while the commission is 30% of the referral’s transaction, you will be able to earn your commissions for up to two years. 

You do get paid in crypto only and they are automatically deposited in your BitBond account. That also makes it easier for you to sell or exchange the coins if that’s what you want to do. 


It’s really no surprise that Paxful is one of the most popular trading services and also the most popular affiliate programs in our selection, and that’s because the brand pays 50% in commissions for every referral transaction. 

The platform itself is pretty great since it supports (literally) hundreds of payment methods, and you can use it to exchange a very generous variety of crypto. 

However, affiliates can only be paid in crypto (no cash option is available at the time we are writing this) and you also have to join the program through the brand’s website, not through a network. 


This service has all the necessary tools that everyone interested in investing in crypto might ever need. They also enable exchange and trading and they support a wide range of crypto. 

What’s good about the CoinSmart affiliate program is that they pay up to $50 per each referral’s transaction depending on the latter’s verification and history of trading. You can also join the program through the Impact affiliate network. 


This British cryptocurrency service makes it possible for people to invest in various types of crypto from the comfort of their home. It sells a wide variety of high-volume coins from Litecoin to Bitcoin. 

It is more or less similar to some of the other programs we’ve listed here in that you can get your commissions either in the form of cash or bitcoin. The rate is slightly lower than that of its competitors — 20% on all referring purchases. 

Also, you can join Paybis through Affise, another affiliate network. 


This one is a slightly different service compared to the rest that we have already showcased in today’s post. It’s effectively based on a bot that can automatically trade crypto for people without any coding. It seems to be quite effective from the information that we have gathered. 

What makes the Coinrule affiliate program worth taking into account is that it pays 30% in commissions for every referral, which is more than decent. Also, you have the option to be paid in either cash or crypto and the program can be managed through FirstPromoter, an affiliate network. 


There’s not too much to say about this crypto affiliate program other than it pays cash and it can be joined through the Impact affiliate network. 

What we do have to note is that you will get just $5 in commissions for all referrals, which means that you are definitely not going to make a fortune with this service.

This one has become quite popular in the past two years or so, especially since they’ve used a lot of marketing to get the brand known. is an incredibly powerful and diverse system, since you can use it for NFT products, trading crypto, but you can also use it as a wallet. 

You can join the program either directly through their own website or through CJ Affiliate. The reason we’re mentioning this is that you can earn differently based on what you decide to join. For example, on CJ Affiliate, you will be paid $20 for every referral/lead. 

On, you are going to be paid 10% of each transaction performed by a referral but you are not going to be paid in cash — you will receive 10% recurring commission in crypto. 


This one is a little different in that people can not just buy, but also sell and even keep their cryptocurrencies on Gemini. The commission rate is not really that worth writing home about since you will be paid $25 for every referral. 

However, one thing that is worth noting about the Gemini affiliate program is that it can be managed through Rakuten Advertising or Impact, depending on which one you prefer. Also, they pay their affiliates in cash, not cryptocurrency (as you might have told by now), which can be a pro for some people. 


This is another quite sizable cryptocurrency platform out there. The commission rate you can expect if you become a Poloniex affiliate is 20% out of all of the purchases made by your referrals. 

Like many of the other programs that we have showcased in today’s article, this one, too, pays in cryptocurrency instead of regular cash. To date, there is no way of becoming a Poloniex affiliate other than by joining through the company’s website — you cannot use a network or any other such system. 

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